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  • 2R H. 1 month ago
    The Breathless Beach is a long walk away from hotel, compared to St James and Secrets. Breathless Beach had lots of rocks and seaweed, and the other two beaches were much nicer and clear of rocks and seaweed. Very disappointing if you like to walk out of your hotel to a beach. The music at Breathless was better, if you like to hear Hip Hop/ Rap and R & B. Most of the specialty Restaurants are closer to the other two hotels as well. I would pick St James or Secrets over Breathless, if I decided to return.

  • 5Ansley W. 2 months ago
    We recently had our honeymoon in Jamaica and stayed at Breathless Montego Bay. It was both of our first times visiting Jamaica, and we are so ready to go back! We loved it so much that we wanted yto extend our stay! The location of the resort from the airport was great. Not a long drive at all — 15 minutes away depending on traffic. We were a part of the Xhale Club, and it does not disappoint! The rooms are beautiful and spacious, and the views are incredible. Every staff member was so kind, professional, fun, and amazing! Keino from the Wink Bar knows how to make a delicious Expresso Martini and Island Paradise! We called each other besties during the trip because we would always see him! Vanessa (Spoon and Bare Buns Grill) and Shenique (Bare Buns Grill) are so sweet, kind, and fun! We loved seeing them in the morning to have food and drinks before going to the beach! Shenique makes a delicious Dirty Banana drink! Our butlers were Melloni and Nicola, and these ladies were wonderful too! Every morning, they would let us know what restaurants were open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they also let us know of any events/activities going on at the resort and the neighboring resort as well that we had access to. Overall, we cannot wait to go back to Jamaica and stay at Breathless Montego Bay again! We highly recommend this resort if you are traveling to Jamaica!

  • 3Shenna F. 2 months ago
    My first time visiting Jamaica and it was absolutely amazing at Breathless Resort. The room was big and spacious with a jacuzzi on the balcony overlooking the pool. The staff was great! The hostess Donna was so sweet and helpful. She informed us of things to do around the resort and foods to try. Oh I can’t leave out my girl Venessa. She was our server and she worked all over the resort. She was pleasant and made us laugh. Her accent made you want to talk to her all day! Everyone was nice from checking in and taking photos with the on-site photographers to checking out with the clerks. The only thing I didn’t like is the hotel charges for a taxi!! The prices are insane and peer robbery! Try and get a driver while there. The hotel was very greedy when trying to bring locals on-site to braid your hair.

  • 5Eli B. 3 months ago
    Breathless definitely lived up to its name. This resort absolutely took my breath away. The service was amazing, words can't describe how awesome the staff was. The food most definitely was on a different level. The scenery and everything was amazing. Great vibes and great entertainment every night. I highly recommend attending a foam party, so fun. If I had to complain about anything the maintenance of everything in the room could be better. For instance our refrigerator didn't work at all and we had some issues with the lights. Overall highly recommend this resort and I'll definitely be back in the near future.

  • 5Spencer A. 4 months ago
    The hotel was amazing and the staff was very friendly. The service was great and there was always someone to help when needed. The location was awesome, as it was close to the beach and had its own beach reserved if we wanted seclusion from the bigger resort guests. The pool was awesome and the swim up bar came in clutch. Although the rooms had an amazing setup, they could use some work. The refrigerator in our room didn't work, the lights setup on the tablet were out of sync with where they said they were. The jacuzzi tub filled slower than the other rooms, and the balcony lights didn't work. The other room we were with had the light switch on the wall fall out so he put it back in the hole, electrical wires under the shower bench hanging down with a cap on the wires exposed to water and could touch a person if they were to sit on the bench and kick legs back. The entertainment staff was great and were always hanging around the pool, dancing with guests, teaching Jamaican culture, and keeping everyone happy. There were some excursions that were woth it and some that were a waste of money and a day of vacation.

  • 5Jackie T. 4 months ago
    The rooms were spacious and beautiful. Make sure you learn how to work the lights when they drop off your luggage. The staff was amazing, bartender, waitors, waitress, maintenance, tour services, housekeeping, and front desk. The entertainment was good also, their staff gets an A+. Food and drinks were excellent. Go Enjoy yourself.

  • 1T H. 4 months ago
    DO NOT STAY HERE! BORING AND DECEITFUL Deceitful Front desk staff are scammers. I booked 2 rooms with the property through my World of Hyatt app. When we checked in at the hotel the price I booked the rooms for was not the amount I was charged. The resort charged me an additional $1100 for an extra person. There were only 2 of us in 1 room. I stated to the manager that the prices don't change if you book for 1 or 2 people. I pulled up two different booking sites and both sites showed her that if you book for one person or two people the price does not change. I also asked her to show me documentation where It says I have to pay for an additional person and she threatened to cancel the reservation if we did not pay. I paid via cc Upon check out, the hotel gave me a statement that had an additional balance of $1100 that stated I MUST pay before I was able to leave the property. I asked the receptionist what it was for and he said it was for an extra person but he could not pull up any itemizations on his screen. I showed him where I paid at check in. There was no record of me paying at check in but my credit card was cleared for $1100. We were held by security and unable to leave until this balance was paid. There was no manager on the property to resolve the issue. After nearly an hr we finally got a manager on the phone who told the receptionist to let us leave. The delay caused us to miss our flight back to the states. This hotel is one of the most boring I've ever stayed at. Don't be fooled by the exciting marketing because this hotel is very boring. All inclusive alcohol was watered down. We drank liquor all day and never got drunk. Food was mediocre and so was the service. This is not a 5 star or Luxury resort. Seasoned travelers will know the difference

  • 4Steve H. 4 months ago
    Rooms could use a bit of touching up. They cleaned the glass shower with something that damaged the glass so it always looked like it had soap scum. Cabinet doors damaged. Most of the servers were excellent but a few really didn't want to be there it seemed. Overall we did love the vacation, foam party on Thursday and white party on Sat were super fun.

  • 5Kinnari B. 5 months ago
    Only for young crowd. Total crazy party place. If you’re a party loving person, this is the place for you. Also it has amazing rooftop infinity pool and view from top is simply magnificent. But if you’re a little bit oldie like then you must checkout other two properties of a secrets. Preferred club customers get access to all the three properties and one must not miss the rooftop infinity pool and view from there.

  • 5Karlandrea B. 6 months ago
    Breathless Resort & Spa is absolutely gorgeous, let alone amazing. The staff made our experience absolutely perfect. Starting from the champagne at arrival, open bar all night long and ocean front room view sets this hotel apart.

  • 3Rob M. 8 months ago
    This is a really beautiful resort. The location is fantastic. Service leaves much to be desired for an all inclusove and so does the food. This is is one of the more expensive resorts in the area and the food is barely mediocre. Portions are very small, wait times very long and service is overall lacking. I went to this property because I am a loyal Hyatt fan, but it was obvious this hotel is not up to the Hyatt standards. World of Hyatt benefits are non existent here and the check on process is not the experience it should be. Staff really don't seem to care much. They do their job, but nobody is even pretending that they they care about your experience or trying to put in extra effort. The rooms bare very modern and beautiful , but a lot of the technology is an annoyance rather than a convenience. The whole room is linked to a tablet and the switches on the walls are more like touchpads. Many of these switches were non functional and it is very confusing how to even turn a light on. We had multiples of the same room and the in room experiences were quite different. Mini bars were stocked differently and not full. Butler service was very slow to respond. Food was terrible for the cost of this place. I would not go back. Also the liquor selection was terrible. Top shelf liquor is non existent here. Glad I used points and not cash. I would be disappointed if I had paid. Well..... I was disappointed in any case.

  • 3Kiara W. 9 months ago
    It was Ok. Food had my groups stomachs hurting the whole week. Everything looks nice in photos but the rooms were a little run down. The mini fridge was broken and empty. The jet tub on the balcony was dirty and didn't run well. The air conditioner was dripping significant amounts of water in the middle of our main walkway in the room. Breathless is the “luxury” side of a two side resort. If you want peace and quiet I would suggest breathless if you want fun and people around stay on the secrets side. Almost all the food is on the secrets side of the resort. The beach access and all the activities are also on the secrets side. The front desk staff stopped being helpful when we declined using the “coupons” that come with the stay. Unless you pay the extra money for the vip package you can not make reservations at restraints or use the golf carts to move in between the resorts. I have stayed at more than a few resorts in different countries and the golf carts came with the resort experience. I would DEFINITELY come back to Jamaica but I would not stay with this resort again.

  • 1Jay T. 10 months ago
    My wife and I hosted our wedding at this resort and brought over a lot of our friends and family to celebrate our union. We spent a lot of money as a whole at this resort so it saddens me to have money stolen out of our suite the day after our wedding. Our wedding package included breakfast in bed however, after never receiving this service we went down to the spoons restaurant to get a quick meal. After returning to our room we realized our money was gone and our suite had been completely cleaned by housekeeping. A report was made and we were told that the investigation would take 72 hrs. The customer service has been horrible. We haven’t received any calls from management, no follow up, etc. I do not recommend staying at this resort. I wouldn’t even trust leaving my suit case in the room. Next thing you know your whole luggage will be missing with no answers. Also, we noticed that the sheets had stains in them. We called the front desk and was told that housekeeping was gone for the day so there is nothing they could do about this.

  • 1Glo P. 10 months ago
    If I could rate this resort a 0, I would. As much money as the guests spend to stay here, you’d think the staff could at least be trustworthy. My best friend’s wedding was held at this resort and while her and her husband were out, a staff member that was supposed to be cleaning their room stole money from them. The money could only be found if someone was looking for it. Meaning the person that was supposed to be “cleaning” was in fact going through personal belongings. Their staff can not be trusted and that is a disgrace. What’s even more of a disgrace is the fact that she has been waiting a week for a 72 hour investigation to be completed. She hasn’t been contacted by management or anyone. I would not recommend. This place is too expensive for guests to not be taken care of properly.

  • 5Stephanie S. 10 months ago
    This resort has set the bar for me. Everything was perfect! The room was up to date with modern technology and furniture. The appliances worked . I felt safe and at home while here would return for any occasion whether it be personal , business or family trip

  • 5Jalissa F. 11 months ago
    Beautiful resort! The atmosphere and vibe were spot on the moment we arrived. Traveled with a group of 16 and check in was not bad. Food was okay. Drinks were great. Our experience couldn’t have been better without our driver Sheryl who really showed us a good time. Non stop laughter and we learned so much. She made us so comfortable she almost felt like family. Much appreciation to her.

  • 5Pappy Y. 11 months ago
    This place was really nice. All inclusive. The pools were amazing. The room really nice( big walk in shower) jetted tub on the balcony and king sized bed. The food was good and we also had access to the adjacent hotel and amenities there. I would definitely come back

  • 5Nakia T. 1 year ago
    The resort was simply beautiful! From the time we arrived to the time we left. The staff, amazing, the property, amazing! The beaches, pool, entertainment, nightlife.... I could go on and on but you need to book your trip to really experience all that Breathless has to offer... We'll be back!

  • 5Yuri M. 1 year ago
    This place is gorgeous. Made my first time in Jamaica a blast. People are great. If you really want to have a great time always see Tamara and Samantha. Those 2 made my trip. So friendly and full of laughter, made me feel at home away from home.

  • 5Monicka L. 1 year ago
    This resort is beautiful. The staff, bartenders, and servers are amazing. The atmosphere and entertainment was absolutely top notch. The only downfalls were the checking times (2hrs) and room service food is way below standard. But all of the restaurants were lovely. We will be back. I was there June 20-24. AMAZING TRIP

  • 1N. 1 year ago
    Would not recommend. The black female security guard is rude and harassed us. Bad attitude and very disrespectful. She was only rude to other black females none of the other guests. Erraneous other fees charged. Take your money elsewhere. Not worth it

  • 3Hank E. 1 year ago
    We had Jr Suite, and it needed a little work. The curtain was broken, walls/cabinets chipping, lights switches inop at times and we had problems with the electrical. All the specialty restaurants, shops, the club are at Secrets. I would recommend Secrets or try another one. Restaurants taste ok but drinks were far below average. Service was great! I guess I like a little more action.

  • 3S S. 1 year ago
    This resort is FUN. The entertainment by the pool is second to known. The resort could work on the LONG check in line in the lobby, running out of tablets for every room , making sure the outdoor tub is clean, and running out of certain tequilas or vodkas before 4pm. But it was a fun vibe there for the most part. Food was pretty good as well. It was also great having access to Secrets amenities as well. TIP: Enjoy the pool and beach parties. You will not be disappointed with the entertainment.

  • 5VADEEN W. 1 year ago
    EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!! I cannot find anything bad to say about Breathless, it really does take your breath away. I was all smiles from I entered to when I exit. Big ups to Front Desk Agent Shanice for her welcoming attitude and pleasant smiles, anything that I wanted with my room it was given to me, room service was on time as always , they did not miss anything off my order list. Magnum, the entertainer, OMG, even when the rain was falling, Magnum found some fun games for us to play, food was great! I didn’t have to do much because everyone was making sure I had a good time. I left talking it and will definitely recommend others to try it. I wish I was given a night free because trust me, I’m posting this good review so everyone can see that customer service is TOP NOTCH AT BREATHLESS.

  • 2Omar H. 1 year ago
    As we sat down at 1:40pm.... our food was finally brought to us at 2:30ish... this took way too long. We had to be at the wedding events at 3pm. The crayz part was, we could see the food in the window to be served, but no food was being brought to the table. Trying not to complain on vacation but this put a strain on our time, as we thought we got to the restaurant an hour and a half before the event. The Fishnet restaurant is an inconvenience.

  • 4Brionna C. 1 year ago
    Great rooms, and the resort is beautiful. Food options could be a bit better by overall a nice resort. Music selection should be updated, b it it’s a hotel so yeah. Staff caters to your needs / wants with a smile!

  • 3JAMIKA F. 1 year ago
    Went on a group trip to Breathless. Nice rooms and pool at Breathless. The majority of the restaurants were at Secrets. The beach was at secrets as well. Very short walk to get to both. The resort is beautiful. The reason I give three stars is because 80% of the workers were nasty and rude. Working in the hospitality industry, you service people, it’s your job. It was not just one occurrence, several times during my four day stay workers responses were extremely insensitive, rude and aggressive at time. I must also say, this was on the Breathless side. I had a better experience on the Secrets side. The workers were really nice.

  • 4Tracey E. 1 year ago
    The food was amazing, the best food at any resort I have ever been to. All staff members are very nice and fun to hang out with. We had an amazing trip my only problems we had are below. -Hardly any gluten-free options. -Entertainment during the day was lacking. -Pool was very cold -Hot tub at rooftops tiles would lift up and leave white sticky adhesive on clothes aside from these few things Breathless was amazing, every single room has a breathtaking view the room was beautiful and the access to secrets really gave you bang for your buck.

  • 1I H. 1 year ago
    We stayed at breathless for 5 days and 4 nights. We got the premium service with Butler package. Our first butler, Travis, discriminated against us. We found out that he did that because we did not tip. He didn’t speak to us the second day and anything I asked to be scheduled he did not so we scheduled it ourselves. We asked for a manager the front desk insisted we speak with a supervisor. I asked them why can’t we just receive basic treatment even if we didn’t tip and if a tip was mandatory for equality they should have said that. He assigned us the second butler on our team, David, he knew he had wronged us so he started to do damage control. We gave him 20 dollars and he still failed to schedule the spa service. We asked him that morning at 9 we returned from our excursion at 5. We called the spa and the lady said she just booked the last session right before I called. We should have called earlier but we asked the butler to call while we were gone. I am truly disappointed. Also, we had stains on the toilet, roaches, and hot tub was not clean. We gave them a chance to clean it and make it right. Even the drivers are money hungry! They charged us 130 for. 15 minute cab service. In order to get anything done you got to pay on top of what you were billed for the resort! Sad place!

  • 4Aleah L. 1 year ago
    My boyfriend and I enjoyed our short trip to Jamaica and stayed at this resort over the weekend. When we arrived, we noticed that the resort was gated with a security guard at every entrance, which we liked because it made us feel very safe. We were greeted by the concierge who took our luggage for us while we waited to check in. The entire check in process took about 30 mins, as there were other guests ahead of us, but we were given complimentary drinks while we waited. Our room was ready on time and it was clean, minus a few dents and scratches here and there, and it was stocked with a small amount of towels. Everything electronically worked except for a few glitches in the bathroom light, but we found a work around that so it wasn't a big issue. The shower did not drain well, but they sent a mechanic to fix it within 10 mins and it did not take long to be fixed. We had a nice view of the ocean with a hot tub on the balcony and it was lovely. The restaurants offered strong alcoholic drinks and great tasting entrees. The appetizers were a hit or miss, but since it is all inclusive we just ordered something different if we didn't like it. We loved that we could go to Secrets resort next door and use their restaurants and amenities as well. Breakfast was served at the beach one day, and that was great. There are plenty of options, and if you have allergies or food restrictions, their chef will cook something personally for you that is not on the menu which was very accommodating. The main concerns for us were that the front desk staff weren't very informative and I had to constantly ask for restaurant hours, event times, etc. because none of these were communicated upon check in. I wish we were given a list of activities for each day, as that would have limited my many trips to the front desk for answers to these simple questions. Other then that, we were treated well, the resort had fun lively events at night ,including a themed club each night, the food and drinks were on point, the hot tub and pool were nice to enjoy at the end of a long day, and if wanted to relax and enjoy a quiet day, you could simply walk to their sister property/beach and enjoy their atmosphere instead. I would definitely return with a group of friends next time and take advantage of their day time events as well.

  • 4Mautricia Conley Y. 1 year ago
    Stayed at Breathless Montego Bay and we had a great time!!! The modern suite and view were amazing! The drinks were good, but the food was hit or miss. Our butlers, David and Travis, were absolutely phenomenal! Any and everything we needed, both of them were on top of it. We also got to enjoy the amenities at the Secrets property. The massage at the spa was wonderful and much needed. We will definitely visit Breathless again.

  • 5Ramontica L. 1 year ago
    I stayed at breathless in Montego Bay as a solo traveler. It’s definitely more of a couples or large group type of place but I still had a lot of fun on the excursions and relaxing by the pools. Definitely go on the excursions if you can and rick’s cafe! Their cleanliness was on point and their staff was amazing. Shout out to Trishanna, one of the many wonderful servers!

  • 4Robert S. 1 year ago
    Our butlers we had was Roberto and Melloni. They were amazing! The Resort was speechless and the room was top notch. Also we had Olivia from breathless that was our favorite server. From the moment we sat down she made us feel like we all were family. Such a beautiful person. And happy birthday Olivia!!

  • 5Tammy L. 1 year ago
    My husband and I stayed 5 nights on the Secrets Montego Bay Property. We had a great view at Wild Orchids but the music blared until 2am every-night, We would recommend staying at Saint James or Breathless if you want to go to sleep before 2am. The first couple days were disappointing in comparison to other Secrets Property we had stayed, especially being apart of the Preferred Club. That all changed when we met Opal at Breathless, who asked us how we were enjoying our stay? We expressed our concerns. Opal went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care for the rest of our stay- from our dining experiences to our appointments at the Spa. Opal and her staff were happy and attentive to take care of us, asking for feedback to be sure we had what we needed. A few of Opal's staff including , Olivia, Mario , Derette and Melissa were outgoing, happy, professional and all around awesome! A million Thank You's to Opal for turning a not so great first few days into now one of our favorite vacations! Thank you , Opal for making our stay so special! If you go to the Spa and you should -ask for Mick. He warmly welcomed us at the Spa and gave us a tour. We booked hydrotherapy and a couples massage. The hydrotherapy was nice but Nadia and Marsha were fabulous Massage Therapists! They were so good we requested them again the next day! We had a beautiful room view of the Ocean and enjoyed being so close to the beach and enjoyed the entertainment at Breathless and the drinks and food. Opal made our dining experience at the roof top restaurant, Altitude absolutely the best evening we had together and thank you to Olivia for amazing service! Thank you again for the best vacation ever!

  • 5Keer O. 1 year ago
    I along with 16 guest celebrated my 50 th Birthday….it was FABULOUS throughout the six day celebration as a repeat guest of the breathless chain it is the only way to travel Top shelf liquors and fine dining breakfast lunch and dinner ….The staff is wonderful everyone. BUTLER service is a must have to ensure you don’t lift a finger Craig and Raynard were handsome professional and so good I’m home missing their services

  • 5Stacey M. 1 year ago
    Breathless is amazing they are currently doing some Construction but it’s not affecting the inside which is a plus. I’ve seen some Reviews about the rooms I stayed at Secrets so I’m Not sure about the rooms At breathless . The amenities are amazing the resort was very clean and the staff that work there are amazing. This is the perfect location for a couples trip or a girls trip. The dj at the pool is good and fun and play the current music throughout the day. We ate a few restaurants which were really good. The restaurant by the pool was great. The restaurant in the main lobby was good also we went on Jamaican night. Ya Keisha was our waiter she was amazing like by far the best waiter we have had in years. She was attentive helpful and very welcoming. This is def a place that is a must visit. The rooftop pool is beautiful and the pool party up there was nice also. I’d highly recommend.

  • 4Laura D. 1 year ago
    My husband and I stayed here for 4 days for a friend's wedding. Overall, it was better than expected. We had previously stayed at another resort in Montego Bay that was not great. The staff at the bars and restaurants were awesome. Several of the staff took the time to ask us about ourselves and get to know us which was sweet. The majority of the food I had was good. The lunch spot Fish Nets and the roof top bar had some great options for food. The breakfast was just alright. The room had a nice view of the pool and maid service came every day to clean up and restock. The shower is a little weird being in the middle of the room and exposed. The water pressure wasn't that great. I enjoyed having access to the sister resort Secrets. They had some great food options and very beautiful beaches.

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