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  • 1Andrew H. 2 months ago
    Never seen a scam like this at a so called supermarket. They advertised bottle beverages, ie beer, juice etc.. at an advertised price when you get to the counter and it's almost 20% more expensive because of a "so called bottle deposit" lol.. Hate places that scam people and this is unfortunate 1 of them on this island. Don't know what else they sceme these locals on but won't be going here when I return to this island. Beware

  • 4Dihanroy M. 2 months ago
    The environment and services are good. A wide range of products can be found here, where you'll be able to find most if not all that you're looking for.

  • 5Shernette M. 2 months ago
    Love shopping here! The store is clean, brightly lit and spaciously laid out. Prices are fair and all I need is usually readily available. Wonderful staff is a plus!

  • 5Ruth M. 2 months ago
    Amazing selection. We come all the way from Negril to the Mobay location twice a month.

  • 5Sherona B. 3 months ago
    An amazing supermarket to shop for almost anything you need to feed your family. A wide variety of local and international products 😋 🤤 that really encourages you in the kitchen. A wide assortment of snacks, cheese, fruits canned stuff that I've never seen 😊. Happy shopping 😁🛍️

  • 5Natalie Smellie S. 4 months ago
    Good options for food and other household grocery items. They have a deli where you can get freshly made soup, rotisserie chicken, some wings or a piece of sausage/ham. They also have a bakery for cakes, muffins, cookies etc.... Most staff members are polite however some of the " supervisors" who sit at the customer service desk could take some customer service training.

  • 5Shanika B. 6 months ago
    Experience is always good. Great one stop shop but pricey. Comfortable and spacious. Air condition. Ample parking.

  • 1Camille P. 6 months ago
    7 p.m. on a Thursday and the supermarket only have 2 cashier lanes (Express and 1 other) open with LONG queues of people waiting to check out. What was a quick run in to pick up 3 items turned out to be a 40 minute ordeal.

  • 5JOANNA S. 6 months ago
    It’s so nice to come to Jamaica and have such a super clean, really organized store. Progressive has a ton of stuff and I can get most of my groceries here. I will always prefer the markets for fruit, veg, beans and grains. But for lots of daily needs this is my spot.

  • 3mellisa S. 7 months ago
    Customer service is fine. Have wide range of items. Even some exotic items, and food items to match people from different parts of the world, they also are will try out new items customers come ask for or recommended.Also a points system, where customer can sign up for there card and get points that they can accumulated and use as cash from every purchase. Drawbacks some items tend to be pricey, somethings are not label or not lable correctly, loyalty points run out after a year .

  • 1Andrew M. 8 months ago
    Absolutely poor customer service from the cashier and manager that left me humiliated. Today I picked up a few items and went to T. Manderso (the cashier) to checkout, I paid for one item with cash and instructed her to put the rest on my e-pay card.... T. Manderso specifically told me the system was down and my funds won't release to finish paying off the rest of items, ok fine I told her take the unpaid items out my shopping bag and keep the one I just paid with cash.... After that was done and complete I was qouted a price of $1744 for the item I already paid for. I was confused and reminded her that I already checkout for the item, she began accusing me of not paying for the item. T. Manderso went on to advice I should empty out my pockets for the money that was already sitting in her cash register, that was absolutely the most ignorant thing someone has ever said to me... I requested her manager, her manager wasn't much of any help I should of requested the CEO instead both showed no empathy and delivered ridiculous customer service. The communication was poor and the manger lady had the audacity to take my paid for item out my shopping bag and told me upfront I should pay for the item. Luckily enough the receipt I received earlier was the only thing that helped me out that embarrassing situation. No one deserves to go through that terrible experience at progressive, I will let everyone I know for the sake of their sanity to never shop there again.

  • 4Kerah T. 9 months ago
    One of the best supermarkets in Jamaica. It's clean, spacious with variety of options. They have a deli where you can get a quick, warm lunch. The bakery is also very good. There's also ample parking.

  • 5G. 9 months ago
    Lovely supermarket with great variety of foods and wines. As everything else in Jamaica I find it expensive but it is a great place and I love the location within the Village

  • 1Ixland Services and L. 10 months ago
    The bakery staff are the worst. Went there and tried to get someones attention and these pple deadass stood there watching me say "hello can i get smke help" nov even a glance until a female finally felt i was worthy oioif her time.

  • 4Esther G. 10 months ago
    I have been shopping at Progressive for a number of years now both in the Witter village store and since opening in Fairview. My overall experience of shopping in the Fairview and Witter village stores have been for the most part positive. Staff/cashiers have generally been pleasant and engaging. It is unfortunate that today the 28th October 2022 my experience with one of the casheirs was very negative; unpleasant and challenging. The experience left me feeling traumatised. As the card machine was not working I was taken to another till point to pay by card…before I proceeded to pay I queried the amount with my daughter. We both did a quick check up of the approx 8 items and asked the cashier the cost of one item. Her response was to tell us the amount of that item and then to rudely and agitatedly inform me that she had other customers waiting. When I commented on her rudeness other members of staff were quick to jump in and start telling me I had no right to tell the offensive staff member to not talk to me that way. In me explaining why I was offended, the growing crowd of staff continued to argue in a very unprofessional way with me and even made comments such as ‘mad people’ in reference to myself and my daughter. Their overall behaviour was antagonising and outrightly rude. I made a complaint to the supervisor on duty at the time, ‘Ms Gayle’. I was relieved at her response to my complaint about the member of staff. She was able to defuse the situation by apologising on behalf of the member of staff. I felt this resulted in a positive outcome. I am of the view that members of staff dealing directly with the public should be very aware of the effect their behaviour and attitudes can have on the customers. No customer should have to deal with unprofessionalism. Once again I would like to make it clear that this experience is not a regular occurrence for me at the store and even though it left me feeling unsettled I do appreciate the supervisors professionalism in handling the matter and hope some training can be given to the other members of staff to prevent any further incidents.

  • 5Della M. 1 year ago
    Last Sunday I shopped at Fairview Progressive, after checking out I discovered that I my car key was not in my handbag. The lady who had bagged my grocieres went immediately to the manager to report my loss. Luckily someone had found the key, given it to the Hawkeye security guard stationed at the Supermarket entrance. I am so grateful to the person who found the key, the security guard, the lady who bagged my groceries and the manager of the store.

  • 4Michelle M. 1 year ago
    Has some items but Mega Mart has any and everything you would need in one store, especially if you want to buy your own products for your stay, like sheet's & towels along with everything else including alcohol

  • 5Whiterock M. 1 year ago
    Great prices. Generally has everything you need at a supermarket. Could do with a few more cashiers when they get busy. Overall good place to shop

  • 5Dian H. 1 year ago
    Really impressed..wide assortment and variety .Ewell kept friendly staff.

  • 1Rhyan S. 1 year ago
    Very poor customer service, and cake quality are very poor also, attended the store in mobay and purchase a cake, in less than a day the cake started to melt, brought it back to the store and offered to pay to have it corrected, a lady who appear to be a supervisor said they can't correct it, I have to purchase a new one😭. I promised here that I am not pleased and will be doing a review, she said she don't care.

  • 4Alrick M. 1 year ago
    The store had a lively atmosphere shelves neatly stacked, floors clean,staff knowledgeable and friendly, prices competitive,nice experience ☺️

  • 4Latoya L. 1 year ago
    Good afternoon. I have been calling since a day ago to report an issue but I am not getting answered. I need to have the matter resolved. Can someone answer?

  • 4Cordell H. 1 year ago
    Well cleaned, spacious, a bit pricey but manageable. Always feel comfortable shopping there

  • 4S. 1 year ago
    Almost your one stop supermarket for all that your kitchen needs and more. It's conveniently, its spacious. They all offers limited choices in pastries such as cakes (slices & whole) etc. There's also an area inside for your freshly made before your eyes natural juices. Parking is not an issue. It's also convenient for persons with disabilities to shop.

  • 5Michelle “Review Queen” R. 1 year ago
    I was surprised and pleased by the variety of goods that this supermarket had to offer. I was searching for gluten-free flour for a friend and could not find any in the supermarkets that I went to in parts of Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth (not a wide square area) but as soon as I stepped into the flour aisle here, there were gluten-free flours to kill; I was so amazed! Their snack and liquor sections are rather impressive as well with a good representation of local and foreign items. It's such a well-thought-out supermarket and I wish that all of its other locations had these great options as well, especially the ones in Portmore.

  • 5Paulette B. 1 year ago
    A fantastic range of products available including a free from section. Great customer service received from staff members on the shop floor and at the tills.

  • 5krishina c. 1 year ago
    Oh my God I just had this blueberry cheesecake and it's to die for, I love that fact that their variety of product is so wide spread and spacious, Plus there COVID-19 protocol are on point and everyone is friendly and welcoming.

  • 5Sharon D. 1 year ago
    Love shopping here, it's clean and I can found almost everything that I need when visiting Jamaica‼️

  • 4Marlyn Gordon L. 2 years ago
    Great supermarket, wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables-local & international. Lovely pastry offerings..Wide variety of herbs and spices for all your cooking needs..

  • 4Amoy M. 2 years ago
    It's big and roomy,welcoming air and there is always someone whose willing to assist.

  • 4Thinking out loud with Aunty K. 2 years ago
    Very convenient store to shop. Has their own bakery. Order birthday cakes or just purchase a slice. It is a one stop shop for all grocery supplies.. liquor, fruits , vegetables, baby supplies, meats of all kind. You won't regret shopping there.

  • 3Floyd J. 2 years ago
    Great selection of items in a spacious store. Only complaint would be with their loyalty program. I haven't shopped with them for a while, but when I checked my points, it shows as being negative, as if I owed them something. So I have decided not to use that card in the future.

  • 5Bella M. 2 years ago
    Really nice with the exception of the cashiers just like all grocery stores your gonna always find attitude. Very clean and if your out of the USA you can find the majority of what your looking for.

  • 5Jay C. 2 years ago
    If you are in Jamaica and looking for groceries you must visit Progressive Super Market. You get almost everything you need from chips, soda, crackers, alcohol, laundry items, personal hygiene etc. a little bit pricy but since Montego Bay is major tourist town they heavily import from US and so the prices are high. Great sanitizing standard is maintain throughout the shop. Shopping carts are sanitize and temperature is checked at the entrance.

  • 4Alwyn B. 3 years ago
    With clean spacious, and good service. Lots of variety on the spirits

  • 4Zekia K. 3 years ago
    Very nice. They have anything you can possibly need. Fruit, booze, snacks, breads, cereals, dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt), cleaning supplies, juices, produce, personal care, toiletries.... everything! They also have a fresh juice bar. It was closed this trip but serves nice fresh juice!

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