TIL Hotels Mtwara - in Mtwara, Tanzania

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Near Port Road, Plot 36, Block 9 Shangani TZ, 63104, Tanzania




+255 692 109 540

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4.10 (128 reviews)


  • 5Joseph N. 11 months ago
    Is good place to stay and having hospitality service there

  • 5neyth u. 11 months ago
    Good for refreshments. Food and drinks

  • 5vijayan v. 1 year ago
    Located in the heart of the mtwara town...close banks...port....sokoni.....good hotel to stay

  • 5Donati S. 4 years ago
    Its a very good hotel with best facilities for refreshments, meals and accommodation

  • 5Maria J. 5 years ago
    So amazing, the rooms, the food and everything around is so darling... I loved it, I enjoyed a looot

  • 5JJ Jv R. 8 months ago
    Very pleasant stay. Food was of high quality, staff friendly and efficient. The room was clean and everything worked perfectly. Lovely bar area and well equipped restaurant. Within close proximity of the port and beach. Would recommend for sure. Truly enjoyed my stay.

  • 5Aflii foundation T. 5 months ago
    Beautiful modern hotel with a nice wooden interior. A quality kitchen and a bar and restaurant with good service. Very near to town and also not far from beaches.

  • 4Patrick H. 2 years ago
    A very cosy hotel. Quiet environment, good food, clean room, hot shower and nearby a local eating point. The price is also very reasonable and if you stay longer try to get a discount on the room rate. The hotel always never disappoints when it comes to service. I highly recommend them.

  • 4Emerick G. 8 months ago
    It's a very nice place

  • 4rwehangira s. 6 months ago
    Yes it is among the best hotels in Mtwara

  • 2Emma C. 8 months ago
    Hotel is very fantastic with the very high hospitality

  • 1Datius N. 1 year ago
    I Don't Recommend the Hotel, too much Noise from their BAR. Sleeping Not Comfortable. Customer care very poor 😢. Birthday party Non weekend day's. Their BAR Make uncomfortable 😳 😬 Sleeping with their Birthday 🎂 party.

  • 1Laurent P. 4 years ago
    This is one of the Hotels. Very cool place and neat environment including the roomswere

  • 1Hawa M. 3 months ago
    The outside look really nice, but the services are poor. Bathrooms are not hygenic and dirty, leaking taps, beddings and towels are way too old. The management needs to look on this and upscale their maintanance, the staff are too slow and forgetful.

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