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5CPQ+RWQ, Saddar Multan Cantt Commercial Area, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan


+92 301 7654444

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4.00 (519 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Saturday: 9 am to 12:30 am
  • Sunday: 9 am to 12:30 am
  • Monday: 9 am to 12:30 am
  • Tuesday: 9 am to 12:30 am
  • Wednesday: 9 am to 12:30 am
  • Thursday: 9 am to 12:30 am
  • Friday: 9 am to 12:30 am


  • Service options
    • Lunch
    • Casual
    • Dinner
    • Groups
    • Dine-in
    • Delivery
    • Takeaway
    • Breakfast
    • Halal food
    • Small plates
    • Good for kids
    • Vegan options
    • Late-night food
    • Vegetarian options
    • Accepts reservations


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  • 5Ahsan Shona J. 3 years ago
    Awesome taste of Nihari at Multan

  • 5sheraz b. 3 years ago

  • 5Rashid M. 9 months ago
    He is provided the good service. and test is well in food.

  • 5Chaudhry M. 3 years ago

  • 5syed sharf a. 3 years ago
    Good classical and traditional food is served here quick service normal rates magaz nihari is most famous food item here

  • 5Hoorain l. 3 years ago
    Yummy loved

  • 5Kamran N. 3 years ago
    Delhi Nihari in Multan Cantt Bazaar is one of the oldest nihari vendor in Multan. Their beef and chicken nihari, payas and magazh dishes are really good. The rates are extremely reasonable but the place does not have a nice seating environment especially for families.

  • 5Asim J. 9 months ago
    So much tasty. Neat and clean atmosphere. Friendly staff.

  • 5mohaiy d. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) keys (Original) Tasti

  • 5Akbar A. 6 months ago
    Best place for Nihari in the city. The ambiance may tell you otherwise, but it would be behind you when you taste delicious nihari.

  • 5Arslan Ahmed H. 10 months ago
    The best nihari in Multan. Like both chicken and beef. But I prefer chicken bcz beef is too much spicy

  • 5Muhammad Z. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) the best with a lot of multan (Original) best nehari of multan

  • 5Abdul M. 1 year ago
    Chicken Qorma and Brain fry was too good... Delicious dinner

  • 5Salman N. 4 years ago
    Best Nihari place in Multan

  • 5Fahad N. 1 year ago
    Good Taste and price .... Also clean environment

  • 5biochemist p. 4 years ago
    Only nice nihari in the region

  • 5Ziauddin S. 4 years ago
    good point

  • 5Broken C. 3 years ago
    There nihari and chanas are great

  • 5Naveed S. 4 months ago
    Very good taste. And too much economical.

  • 5Muhammad Ajmal K. 4 years ago
    There's nihari is very tasty...

  • 5Qamar I. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Muhammad anasali (Original) Muhammad anasali

  • 5Doctor D. 2 months ago
    If you love desi food, they have the best Nihari and paey are good as well with garam garam roti

  • 5Jhon H. 5 months ago
    Lovely delicious Desi taste. Burger type people stay away please

  • 5Mian Ahmed I. 5 months ago
    Top top taste. A plate is enough for two people if you are not very hungry

  • 5Wasim A. 3 years ago
    Outclass Taste of Nihari in Multan cantt.

  • 5d. 3 years ago

  • 5Waqas J. 3 years ago

  • 5Mr. R. 4 years ago
    Nihari is fantastic, but you're better off finding another place to get roti from. Sitting arrangement is not very fancy, but it works.

  • 5Akber C. 4 years ago
    Excellent roti. No fancy seating but good food.

  • 5E. 4 months ago
    Not a clean atmosphere and their behaviour was not good enough for me.The hype of the taste that build-up was not worthy.

  • 4Zohaib A. 3 months ago
    Excellent taste of Nihari. Never eat such a delicious nehari anywhere in Multan

  • 4Sharafat A. 1 month ago
    its a good place to sit with family and friends. Sitting is okay enough. The service is somehow not so good. The main items with which nehari is served: brown onion was missing, ginger and other veggies were not fresh which are essential for nehari. The taste of nehari is good

  • 4Zohaib H. 1 year ago
    The rate and stuff was superb. Recommended

  • 4Farrukh A. 1 year ago
    Some sort of good nehari in mutant but they have lost their legacy to produce best nehari in town, but as no competitor to challenge then so they are only choice for the peoples of Multan.

  • 4Wali Muhammad Q. 1 year ago
    Delhi Nihari is one of the most popular and best Nihari House located in Saddar Bazar Multan Cantt. People from far areas also visit this Nihari House for Lunch / Dinner. It offers Beef Nihari along with freshly baked Naans, which adds to the taste. One can also take away Nihari and Naans.

  • 4saad m. 3 months ago
    Food is excellent but service is very slow,if you are visiting with a family then they will take ages just to bring one roti. Ambiance needs hell of improvement.

  • 4kashif s. 1 year ago
    Good taste,,nihari, mutton paey,maghz,,channy all in good taste,,in reasonable prices. Best place in cantt for breakfast.

  • 4anamor r. 4 months ago
    Food is good But atmosphere is only for gents

  • 4Z-eshan A. 9 months ago
    They provide one of the best nehari in town. Must to try

  • 4Shahzad A. 3 years ago
    Good taste. Reasonable price

  • 4Usama S. 8 months ago
    1 time breakfast or dinner must. If you are travelling outside the city go for breakfast and start uour journey.

  • 4Waqas 26556x S. 6 months ago
    Multan most famous and delicious nehari is dehli nehari I had visited lot of times and every time they gave a delicious nehari. If u want to eat chicken or beef nehari u can go there without any if and but.

  • 4Faisal D. 4 years ago
    Different varieties are available at reasonable price.

  • 4Rao Asad A. 5 years ago
    Probably the best nihari in Multan. The setup is humble but the taste is marvellous.

  • 4Talha Y. 4 years ago
    Good place for Casual dining.

  • 4Waqas T. 3 years ago
    Tasty Nihari

  • 4Muhammad Naveed A. 3 years ago
    Average Taste

  • 4yolk l. 3 years ago
    Nice food

  • 3bin y. 8 months ago
    Good taste but not enough as i heard

  • 3Nauman S. 3 years ago
    Better taste

  • 3Ahmad K. 5 months ago
    Its taste is normal but setting place and car parking 🅿️ is not available

  • 3zuhaib k. 3 years ago
    Nihari average Maghaz ?

  • 3Haroon S. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Nehari fazool maghz alright (Original) Nehari fazool maghz alright

  • 3Mram F. 3 years ago
    Poor service no parking etc

  • 3Burhan K. 3 years ago
    Unbearable attitude?

  • 3Addi N. 4 years ago

  • 3Junaid M. 3 years ago
    •Taste: 7/10 •Service: 5/10 •Interior/arrangement: 6/10 •Rate: 9/10 (economical)

  • 3Saad A. 3 years ago
    Good taste

  • 3Waqas S. 10 months ago
    Normal Taste, Environment and Service was good.

  • 3Jahanzeb B. 1 year ago
    Food was good, 8/10. Place was just satisfactory 5/10.

  • 3Irfan Ullah Z. 3 years ago
    Nice place for nehari

  • 3faisal N. 3 years ago
    Very good taste but a little bit costly

  • 3Aqib B. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Okay hy bs (Original) Okay hy bs

  • 3�. 4 years ago
    Good Taste for Nehari ,

  • 2Danish F. 1 year ago
    Experienced only once.. not much satisfied with the Nihari taste and cost..

  • 2Mahroz I. 3 years ago
    Good but late serving and cleanlinesa needs more attention with well dressed uniforms ...

  • 2mazher A. 4 years ago

  • 2Muhammad Inam B. 3 years ago
    Good taste of nehari

  • 1Ahmed R. 1 year ago
    Not recommend at all. Tasteless no Spice. Rates are too high as compared to quality.

  • 1Zohaib I. 3 years ago
    Not even close to nihari

  • 1Mohmmad T. 2 months ago
    Dirty, Unhygienic, Smelly and Bad restaurants in town. Chef & waiter staff are nonsense special in hygiene matters.

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