Namanga Border Crossing - Border crossing station in Namanga, Kenya

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FQ2P+RMW, A104, Namanga, Kenya


+254 725 488290

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4.10 (165 reviews)

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  • Friday: (Eid al-Fitr), Open 24 hours, Hours might differ
  • Saturday: (Eid al-Fitr/Eid al-Fitr (Observed)), Open 24 hours, Hours might differ
  • Sunday: (Eid al-Fitr (Observed)), Open 24 hours, Hours might differ
  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: (Union Day), Open 24 hours, Hours might differ
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours


Frequently mentioned in reviews: service (6) side (6) fast (6) people (8) place (8) good (10) Tanzania (10) Kenya (12) border (17)

  • 5Moiz Mohammad S. 3 years ago
    Wonderful. One stop has become very very easy. In few minutes we can get both exit and entry stamps all under one roof. And Visa for foreigners also. But I would like to suggest they keep stand by officers at night hours to help to serve large crowds of people faster.

  • 5Nabakooza B. 5 years ago
    Best border I have ever visited in East Africa. Very spacious and comfortable, the staff were supportive and in a very good mood. No hustles from the middle men. Bravo Kenya and Tanzania

  • 5Morris K. 7 months ago
    The Tanzanian culture is so amazing 😍

  • 5patrick m. 4 years ago

  • 5Lydia M. 4 years ago
    Quite interesting place for uniting East Africa.

  • 5simon n. 7 months ago
    Great service.... It feels good crossing into Tanzania on road... The process is seemless... And Tanzania is already fun 😅😅.

  • 5Ghalia B. 6 months ago
    It's much educative for a starting entrepreneur to compare the market at the border.

  • 5Jyotsna R. 4 years ago
    Excellent service, open 24 hours and of you have a reliable agent, you are good to crossover! Thumbs up to this one stop border post. So proud!

  • 5Julie w. 6 months ago
    This border point has everything put in order. As soon as you enter you line your bags and a sniff dog goes thro them. Then you show your docs and fill a form, get your finger prints scanned, show your Yellow Feaver and Covid 19 certificate and you are good to go. On one side is the Tanzania Exit Office. Then Kenya Entry Off and vice depending on which direction you are going. Outside, a group of Maasai women show beads and other besutiful maasai items like earings. Chains and beaded bangles. The women are dressed in full Maasai regalia

  • 5Khaemba E. 4 years ago
    A good place indeed to be, you automatically realize and feel the transition as you cross the border and hear some good well utterred Swahili words from Tanzanians

  • 5Abdulkadir S. 4 years ago
    So good very friendly place I love it

  • 5Kisaruni Hofmann N. 1 year ago
    Overall well organized. They have a print service. To have ready: - Passport - PCR Test printed (They have a print service, but that costs time, which you really dont want to invest in customs) - Yellow Fever vaccine confirmation - 50 dollars cash for visa (Or do an e-visa 48 hours before (Visitors going to Kenya only))

  • 5qadar f. 6 years ago
    Very conducive enviroment

  • 5vinny b. 3 years ago

  • 5Diana Phelesia (. 4 months ago
    The immigration line from Kenya to Tanzania was long. We took almost an hour at the waiting line. When coming back it was super fast, there was no line at all which was great.

  • 5حبيبتي �. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) God willing, may God bless and only force God One building finishes all border crossing procedures .. Latest style building .. organized .. clean .. swift action .. All services are available ... Procedures are available to enter the building and find the Tanzanian Passport Office completely adjacent to the Kenyan Passport Office Filming inside is not allowed It is better to go down with your things. There is a cargo inspection machine that is done quickly. It has toilets in the western system .. carry a bottle of water with you .. It includes the services of travelers outside the fence .. Restaurants, groceries, currency exchange shops and other services .... General handling is very nice and welcome to Tanzania and Kenya ???? (Original) ماشاء الله تبارك الله ولاقوة إلا بالله مبنى واحد تنتهي من جميع إجراءات عبور الحدود.. مبنى أحدث طراز.. منظم.. نظيف.. الإجراءات سريعة.. جميع الخدمات متوفرة... الإجراءات متيسرة تدخل المبنى وتجد مكتب الجوزات التنزاني ملاصق تماما مع مكتب الجوازات الكيني لايسمح بالتصوير في الداخل يفضل النزول مع اغراضك هناك ماكينة تفتيش بضائع ويتم بشكل سريع.. فيها دورات مياه بالنظام الغربي.. احمل قارورة ماء معك.. فيه خدمات المسافرين خارج السور.. مطاعم بقالات محلات صرف العملات وغيرها من الخدمات.... التعامل العام لطيف جدا وأهلا بكم في تنزانيا وكينيا ????

  • 5George J. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) False False (Original) Namanga Namanga

  • 5roy k. 3 years ago
    Friendly residents, quick and fast attendance from the offices . Amenities are in plenty for a stop over here.

  • 5Bosco N. 2 years ago
    People are so welcoming and loving

  • 5Agnes M. 5 months ago
    Friendly staff and quite helpful, no crowds. Very clean and orderly. Had a seamless process & loved it. Tanzanians are very welcoming!

  • 5william o. 2 years ago

  • 5Amiry M. 3 years ago
    This place is very good

  • 5jeffrey k. 4 years ago
    Cheep foods and drinks at the Tanzanian side ????

  • 5Ledo M. 3 years ago
    The scenery is magnificent

  • 5Nexu's S. 6 years ago
    I love border One day coming

  • 5sammy U. 2 years ago

  • 5Ismail H. 7 years ago
    (Translated by Google) False (Original) Namanga

  • 4JOHN I. 1 year ago
    It is a town on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. The place has several cheap restaurants and night clubs. Food is affordable here too. It is essential to have trave documents going into another country.

  • 4aktar k. 5 years ago
    The modern structures create a great appeal Mountain to the side Security is high Clean environment Relatively fast in clearing however it is a busy entry/ exit point

  • 4Vincent A. 6 years ago
    Its a nice place

  • 4Alyc D. 11 months ago
    It's a hassle free experience provided you have all relevant documents like valid passport, covid vaccination certificate/valid pcr test and yellow fever certificate

  • 4Ameer M. 5 years ago
    New building slow process Great entrance with clean bathrooms Lots of people want to sell you stuff while you waiting for your bus which is annoying. They give you visa on the spot. I wish there was a cafe inside for a coffee break while waiting. Kenya and Tanzania kiosks are side by side. If you are on a shuttle bus, you need to take all your luggage off and through the security check but you are not required if you are in a private car or a taxi.

  • 4mbote n. 4 years ago
    A beautiful place to look at but no much in terms of social amenities

  • 4Joe M. 4 years ago
    Awesome security check services

  • 4Godwin E. 4 years ago
    More faster for traveller

  • 4Asharti D. 3 months ago
    La Apple Lounge serves delicious fish & chicken for lunch

  • 4Kelly W. 5 years ago
    It is orderly, clearence is quite fast compared to the boarder station in Loitoktok. However the officers in uniform terrorize locals for taking photos of the beautiful surrounding landscape.

  • 4gabriel k. 5 years ago
    Corruption still exists when crossing the border, for passing goods and people without proper documentation. But they are effectively arranged with tough security, services are fast and 24/7, bureau de change is available and large enough to accommodate large number of buses

  • 4Quinter O. 3 years ago
    They clear people quite fast so the queues are short most of the time. Very nice views of hills around the area. Very picturesque

  • 3Innocensia O. 4 years ago
    Popular border crossing for travelers moving between Kenya and Tanzania but the Kenya side of the border control seems a bit laxed with sometimes instances of security scanners breaking down thereby resulting in the border control personnel to visually inspect goods and this can be very time consuming. If you need to change currency don’t take an offer from the first person you find, if you get a second opinion you might get better rates.

  • 3John S. 7 years ago
    They have build a whole new border crossing complex. Very nice.

  • 3Christian H. 6 years ago
    Be prepared for a long wait.

  • 3Mike M. 4 years ago
    Does anyone know if US citizens can get an East Africa Tourist Visa at this border post when traveling from Tanzania? Tnx! I was able to get an East Africa visa here, $100USD.... good for Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Don't miss Uganda and Rwanda if you can make it there!

  • 3George W. 4 years ago
    So I'm passing through this border service place. Here is the good, it's clean, the people are fairly friendly, they have security machines to help the process go a bit faster. The bad, disorganized , unnecessary line ups due to confusion. A simple start here sign: STEP 1, then step 2 etc. They also have a lot of staff, that does not lead people. Needless to say proper management of traffic flow is needed to speed things up, a 1hr hold up, can be simply resolved by having signs or staff to great and direct people. Hopefully this small steps can be taken to increase efficiency and better service.

  • 3Mark O. 3 years ago
    Well equipped.

  • 2Shk Mussajee E. 10 months ago
    Tanzanian bider are very slow don't know what is the issue where as Kenyan border is very speedy

  • 2Polina L. 5 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Adventure and only)) More accurately with the local. Do not look into the eyes and do not buy anything. And keep all things to yourself. Be sure to wear pants and tuck them into shoes. Get vaccinated !! (Original) Приключение да и только)) Аккуратнее с местными. Не смотрите в глаза и не покупайте ничего. И держите все вещи при себе. Обязательно одевайте штаны и заправляйте их в обувь. Делайте прививки!!

  • 2Voke c. 4 years ago
    Voke echronnixx Bess

  • 2Abdirizak A. 2 years ago
    No movement for people across the border only truck are allowed to do so after a covid test for drivers

  • 2Søren M. 4 months ago
    Crossing were possible and it did not take very long. Be aware of would-be scammers trying to convince you to pay them toll for any valuables you bring into Kenya. They are especially looking for large bags, and will try to fool you that it has not been checked. They did not look authorized

  • 1Visa K. 6 years ago

  • 1Terry A. 3 years ago
    We had our worst experience here? on our entry to Kenya.

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