€95 Hotel The Royal Plaza - in New Delhi, India

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19, Ashoka Rd, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India




+91 11 4355 5555

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3.80 (9642 reviews)


  • Hotel
    • Free breakfast
    • Free parking
    • Accessible
    • Outdoor pool
    • Air-conditioned
    • Laundry service
    • Business center
    • Room service
    • Kid-friendly
    • Restaurant
    • Hot tub
    • Spa
    • Fitness center
    • Bar
    • Pet-friendly
    • Airport shuttle


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  • 5Rajan T. 1 year ago
    Rajan Tiwari The royal plaza hotel

  • 5seba s. 1 month ago
    Splendid stay. Service was decent. Food was extremely tasty and they have all that’s required for a safe and happy stay. Rooms are tidy and spacious. The whole place looks divine. The garden area swimming area are all well kept. Loved the entire stay and the refreshments offered. The whole place is filled with beautiful marble carvings which Itself shows the beauty of the whole area. They offer spa and treatments.

  • 5David C F. 1 year ago
    The only thing to look forward to during the 16-hour flight to New Delhi is check-in at the Royal Plaza. The hotel is magnificent. The rooms modern, clean and very comfortable, and every meal I've had there has been superb. Delhi is a cacophony of sound, noise, blaring horns and pollution. The Royal Plaza is the oasis of calm and luxury to which you return when you need stress relief!

  • 5satish j. 1 year ago
    Home away home. Hotel the royal plaza Delhi beautiful hotel nice room Beautiful ambience The hotel Staff add humble and helpful aman and Anil purnima

  • 5Bryan D. 1 year ago
    Really great hotel to stay.. staff is really friendly.. rooms are neet and clean.. ambiance is really awesome

  • 5Jatinder K. 1 year ago
    The room facilities in this hotel is too good ❤️❤️

  • 4Ginni A. 1 year ago
    Beautiful property..

  • 4Kunal B. 1 year ago
    Nice interior and decor but service not that great.

  • 4Vipul A. 1 year ago
    We stayed here for 3 days and it was good. The hotel is having nice ambiance and rooms were spacious. We couldn't get a room at a higher floor because they seemed to have closed it due to covid. Breakfast tea is really bad though 😃

  • 3ankur g. 1 year ago
    At this price, what they are offering is not a great deal...Think twice..Before you book standard room.... Though the breakfast was ok ..But expected better. Some the small hotel offer far better breakfast than this hotel.

  • 3Deepak S. 3 months ago
    This hotel seems to have high occupancy due to its low price and its location. The lobby is small but beautiful with venetian art (I guess). Early check in is not advised so plan accordingly. The room provided to me was decent with a view overlooking the Ashoka Road which was the only highlight of the room. Bed was nice, although a pillow cover was found with a hole in it. The bathroom was functional without the hair blower and was looking dated. Seems as if it was recently repaired and touched up in a haste. Towels provided were of poor quality and had to ask for some basic toiletries. I couldn't comment on the additional services provided by the hotel and nothing stood apart for me. My advise for the hotel would be to revamp its image and invest some in its beautification and room maintenance. I might skip this hotel for my next trip to Delhi.

  • 2Advaith A J. 10 months ago
    Beautiful hotel from the outside. The rooms are bad, most of things won't work. Bathroom is not fully furnished. Not a 4-star hotel in my experience.

  • 2Kharbanda A. 5 months ago
    Royal Plaza used to be a great hotel but is now dipping by all standards - the service is average and so is the food. The maintenance of the property is really not up to the mark - the rooms have a smell of being unused and the hygiene and cleanliness is not up to the mark. For the price they charge on all value added services, it’s better to stay away. Really disappointing.

  • 2World plane spotter & Globe trotter I T. 1 year ago
    I stayed in this hotel last year.(2018). Hotel looks great but the rooms are so cramped , untidy, old and mismanaged , because the shower in the bathroom was just fixed quiet low , if shower ,the water would fall over the shoulders and was not even straight , hanging on one nail. Staff need to be trained , when to talk behind about the customers, i came with my fiance, as she is a foreigner. As i left the reception after my check- in i could hear them talking about me. Get some simple manners to act descent guys. Breakfast was only good thing here, that's why 2 stars. I would suggest you to book an Airbnb, that would just cost 50$ a night, rather than spending above 120$ a night here.

  • 2Hasnain S. 3 months ago
    The amount they're charging against the room they're giving doesn't match. The room is tiny compared to the price. You will get much bigger rooms in hotels nearby with the same budget. And most importantly the people who are serving are not helpful at all. I had a pretty bad experience with them. They even locked me out of the room once. The amenities and the structure of the hotel are undauntedly very nice, but they should learn the basic manners.

  • 2Paras G. 4 months ago
    There are some good things, but tons of problems with them. The "Intent" part is missing. People are good, they talk nicely, but services are pathetic. You have to wait for at least an hour to get just 1 water bottle. Also, if you are planning to stay, bring your towels with you. They don't provide a towel in the rooms until u ask for it, and then take another 1 hour to bring it. I have stayed for past 5 days and the same issue happened with me 4 times. Each time I called up after an hour to remind them for their own duties. Food quality is good, restaurant services are fast and reliable.

  • 2Vamsee K. 1 year ago
    Average Hotel. That aside, Infamous Hotel with Morbid History. Previous known as Ashok Yatri Niwas, once owned by India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC). Naina Sahni's remains were Cooked in a Tandoor at Restaurant ""Bagiya Bar-Be-Que" at this Hotel in 1995 by Sushil Sharma.

  • 1Omkar P. 6 months ago
    Worst service for a 4 star hotel. I wouldn't even grade it worth a single star. Horrible service and extravagant prices! Makes us repent our trip altogether. My father got sick drinking their "packaged" water. They're giving out fake labelled packaged drinking water. I would recommend everyone against going here even if they give you a discount. Its really a terrible place to stay in Delhi. I'd just pray and hope the best for whoever is forced to stay here. Save yourself and your family the torture, go anywhere else!

  • 1Subrojiit S C. 4 months ago
    The hotel is a prime location of Delhi. It looks awesome from outside but as soon as you get into the premises is when you get the real flavour Room - horrible Cramped and small for the price they charge. It stinks. Washroom water gets clogged after a bath . Even if you place a request to check it won't be entertained Guest not allowed. Why we are not getting girls in the hotel. What if you want to have a meeting ? Use the lobby which is already super crowded Buffet or breakfast. Always overcrowded. You literally have to struggle to get a place to eat. No proper assistance or help Reception and staff god they have a hotel this big and to check-in they have only one person even if u ask the other person wandering around they don't pay heed It seems all the money the hotel is earning is being utilised for the owners kitty of luxury cars. Sorry but i have never seen a hotel this bad specially at a prime location. Only suggestion wake up

  • 1Navdeep B. 4 months ago
    Room was not clean. Very bad ambiance. Location of hotel is good and hence booked for 1 night stay, however, overall experience was very bad During breakfast service was too poor. No one was bothered about guests. Breakfast Spread was also not good. Poor Table cleaning.

  • 1ANKIT M. 7 months ago
    Had horrible experience. Booked this hotel only for its location. But regret my decision and could have booked any hotel near the airport and took the pain of travelling 1 hour to central delhi Front desk response time poor and low, room service standards low, bathrooms cleanliness low, towels dirty and old, restaurant service very slow and low, one thing which is sky high are prices. If they have an event or elite private party at their lawn, other guests are ignored and treated badly. Their managers and help desk executives are only interested in entertaining and talking to their elite class guest and not even bothered to know the grievance / feedback from other regular guests. Having glossy and showy lobby is of no use unless you have improved room service and friendly customer interaction.

  • 1Varun L. 7 months ago
    I would give this hotel negative rating if it was possible. I don’t know why they call themselves a 4-star deluxe property. They are worse than a 1-star motel!! First, reception couldn’t find our booking and made us wait 30 minutes to allot a room. It’s supposed to be a non smoking hotel that fines Rs 10,000 if you smoke in a room, yet the first room they gave us had a strong odor of someone having smoked in the room. We had to go back to reception to get a new room. Front desk personnel frown when you ask them anything and act as if they are doing us a favor. Where is the hospitality?? Front desk always seemed to be chaotic with visibly frustrated guests in queue. They don’t give you complimentary packaged water bottle, only option is for room service to fill regular tap water in a glass bottle that look moldy and dirty. I can’t fathom a supposedly “4-star” hotel not providing packaged water bottle especially during COVID and putting guests at risk with reused bottles. The AC in room barely works, appliances are broken and dusty, WiFi speed that is slower than a turtle…. list goes on and on. Then comes the “24 hour room service” that they proudly publicize on their website. We had to wait 4 hours to get tea/coffee in spite of calling room service 3 times and also stopping by front desk. No wonder they have so many negative reviews. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOTEL!! Not worth paying a premium for a hotel that is no better than a 1-star motel.

  • 1Haril S. 7 months ago
    i have checked in on 25th march 2022 for a night stay by paying 5000 rs. ..there was chaos at checking counter. i have booked a double room as i was accompanied with my wife , but they allotted me a twin room number 610 ..and said it is as per the booking you have made. next episode.. the room was good with nice décor but the air-conditioning of the room was to its worst and room was hotter even after putting on ac for good 30 minutes. i had to go out with my friend .so while going i requested the reception to check into my room ac.. after returning back around 11.30 pm the room was in same shape and was hot as before ...again made a complaint and the lobby manager accompanied me with a technician who checked something and said that now he has repaired it and will be fine in a few minutes , but warned at the same time that ,don't expect a miracle as it will not fall down even to 23degree C.. even after 30 minutes more ac was same ..not working ..and as there was neither any fan in the room so it was really difficult to sleep in the scorching heat of Delhi.. again made a complaint with a little anger and they shifted me to a suit in room no. 623. but even in suit the same story continued ..room was hot and the ac was not up to the mark.. the only best part was the security in-charge who was helping us in shifting the room. anyways spent the night somehow and with a pledge to not stay in to this hotel again we checked out. in my opinion they have to work on their air-conditioning system in detail as to make their guest comfortable.

  • 1Dilanga Buddini W. 5 months ago
    One of the worst experience ever. Please mislead people by posted pictures. We went to hotel after a long flight and we had wait for towels more than 30 minutes. This is the 1st hotel I saw without towels. Safe not working, TV not working properly, and so many issues. We stayed there for 3 nights. First reservation under my name and next reservation under my husband’s name. All we’re communicated well by emails. But the girl who was in the reception was so rude and said you are in the hotel without paying. When we asked her to check the reservation properly she kept quiet. We will never recommend this hotel and will never visit back. I would have give minus to this hotel.

  • 1Neeti N. 10 months ago
    Such bad service. I asked them to look into my room heating in the middle of Jan and even after 10 calls they didn't do anything. Had to stay in really cold room. Also, the quality and taste of food is really bad.

  • 1Anagh P. 11 months ago
    It’s hard to believe the prices they are charging - room quality and hospitality are worse than 1000rs Oyo rooms. Everything except the location is a total disappointment. Rooms are tiny, old, and the washrooms don’t even have proper water flow Most of the staff is exceptionally rude and seems very untrained. They also have weird strict rules on allowing food and beverages in even one’s own room.

  • 1bhakti s. 10 months ago
    If there is negative marking, I would go for that. This is my first negative review ever. Absolutely not worth the price. It definitely looks royal from outside but sadly the service, etiquettes, policies, behavior of staff is utmost poor. Would not recommend to anyone specially who is vegetarian, as in breakfast time I saw same spices used for veg and non veg live counters (both chef dipping hands in same bowls). I wonder what they do behind in kitchen. I am staying here for a reason as entire hotel is booked for skill competition and my child is here. Regret to not read reviews about this hotel before booking. Being a pure vegetarian I happen to pick small packet of food for me and my husband but I was stopped by security regarding hotel polices etc. Even after insisting on being vegetarian and it is only for a day they didn’t allow. Also to let you know the prices are super hiked than any normal 5 star hotel too. Eg: Fries 529 Veg burger: 799 Veg sandwich: 799 Starter paneer tikka: 749 Roti: 199 Have put in pics of prices of the menu. Biryanis and other food in range of 949 and onwards. It is still fine if veg and non veg are separately taken care of. Above that I was told that if they happen to complain this to organiser of we getting food from outside, my daughter will be out of competition. I was blown away with the audacity of this man talking this way, just for me taking a small packet of vegetarian food. REALLY - THIS IS HOW YOU TALK AND THREATEN???? I asked them to cancel my booking as I would not want to stay at such place, for this too they wanted me to do so. I am currently staying here and still posted this to see how worst can they go after this review. Staff is very rude. As mentioned in other reviews it is very much TRUE. We too had to change the linen as it was not, Ac/heater wasn’t working, TV still doesn’t work, leakage in shower and so on.. 😃 Kindly think and reconfirm everything and then book. I would never ever… 🙏🏻 NO WONDER SO MANY NEGATIVE REVIEWS

  • 1Ridhima S. 11 months ago
    No doubt it’s pretty but they have worst rules possible for the guest. They charge you extra for using their cutlery (not food), they charge 600 Rs for a bottle of coke, we got a delux and they put us in the smallest room possible. It’s not worth your money.

  • 1Shekhar K. 1 year ago
    Room is good and cozy but one charging point. Bathroom is clean but wash basin blocked. Disgusting 5 star hotel. Won't recommend anyone

  • 1Abhishek K. 11 months ago
    Worst hospitality. They treat their guests like some invaders.

  • 1Faizal k. 10 months ago
    My personal experience with the hotel was pathetic. The service was literally poor, the worst experience of a 5 star hotel I ever had pan india. The property doesn’t deserve a 5 star tag. I even forgot my airpods in the room no. 614 which the staff denied to return.

  • 1Rashma S. 11 months ago
    Not happy with my stay, rooms smelled moldy, lights and bathroom curtains not working, halls smell horrible. We had to change rooms multiple times. Breakfast wasn’t even good. The last thing you want when you’re checking in late is to not be comfortable in your room. The hotel looks nice outside but not the best in the rooms. My family and I decided to check out since we were not happy and have been waiting for 2 hours for a refund. This is unacceptable. Not true customer service. Definitely not something I’m expecting to go though as a newly wed. I stayed at other hotels that were cheaper and had better service. Not worth my money here.

  • 1Joeeta B. 1 year ago
    Very small cubicles they offer and call rooms, staff is disrespectful, claims it is a 5 star property but the amenities are way below standard. Even the lobby AC is not working. The toilet is so small it is difficult to move around. The price however is very high. Won't recommend this hotel to anyone. Stayed at Eros Hotel Nehru Place 12 days back, simply awesome.

  • 1nainu r. 1 year ago
    Worst ever star hotel stayed in my life. Lady staffs at the reception are acting like celebrities and we as slaves. No respect and no service mind. Very tiny room, No free wifi ( We have to pay Rs.1100 for a day of wifi in this 2021). Very low quality food with less options for their complimentary breakfast where we get better options in a normal OYO rooms. AC usually not working well, Less number of channels in the TV. In room dining Food are over priced. Highly NON Recommended hotel

  • 1Kabir G. 1 year ago
    While waiting for my uncle to come downstairs from his room I ordered a coffee at cafe launge at reception, as it was lovely weather so thought to sit at table next to the window and It was quite unusual to hear from service that we cannot sit there as it’s always reserved for owner and we cannot sit there Though I understand the policy of reservation but it was so disappointing It was may be Ok vallet service is not there and we had to park ourself It was still ok coffee tasted bad It was ok even at entrance no one is checking temperature or no one sanitising our hands It was ok to see no one is sanitising chairs or table after some one else is using in front of us Now after this episode of owner reserved table I suddenly did not get OK with all the above mentioned loose end of the hospitality from the hotel One simple good hospitality make you ignore the loose ends of service It was bad experience

  • 1Nishant A. 1 year ago
    They are totally fraud people. I paid them Rs.30000 against a banquet hall booking as an advance last year. However, due to Covid I had to cancel the even well in advance. Since then I have been following up to get my moneg back but they do not reply either to mails or phone calls. I will finally have to log a Police Complaint now.

  • 1Ashok Vikhe P. 1 year ago
    Poor service, badly managed! Look somewhere else! Horrible experience we had last week. Nothing worked!!!

  • 1DrPrerna S. 1 year ago
    Not a thing is upto the mark here. Shabby n ill maintained rooms full of mosquitoes, leaky bathrooms, rude staff. Think twice before checking in. Highly overpriced.

  • 1Praveen V. 1 year ago
    AC in the room not working as it was blowing air but not really cooling. Breakfast timing is only from 7.30 but told only while checking in. If that info was published there was no necessity to book room with breakfast. Shower knobs not working as expected. Water heater for coffee old and auto switch off not working.

  • 1Anjali B. 1 year ago
    The worst stay I have had by far. For the price we pay the service is way below par. The staff is very rude and the rooms are miserably small and cramped up. Found animal excreta in my room.The staff do not address us in the right manner and are very arrogant. I had called for the first aid kit and for the kit to reach me it took 20 minutes. The entrance of the hotel is magnificent but the service is dishonourable and undignified.

  • 1sujal b. 1 year ago
    Would never recommend. Rude Management and front desk. They have some weird policies like no outside food or no outside visitors. How the hell a business trip can be accomplished. It is categorized as 4 star, but I am sure due to these policies their ratings should be reviewed. Nowhere else in world I saw those policies coming out of a star rated hotel. The female manager at front doesn't know customer service at all, what can you expect from her associate staff. The worst stay i have had so far. Found Animal excreta in my room.

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