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1129, Matia Mahal Rd, Bazar Matia Mahal, Manohar Market, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006, India


+91 93122 81022

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4.10 (13454 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Friday: 8 am to 8 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am to 4 pm
  • Monday: 8 am to 8 pm
  • Tuesday: 8 am to 8 pm
  • Wednesday: 8 am to 8 pm
  • Thursday: 8 am to 8 pm


  • Crowd
    • Groups
  • Payments
    • Cash only
  • Amenities
    • Good for kids
  • Offerings
    • Halal food
    • Small plates
    • Late-night food
  • Atmosphere
    • Casual
    • Trending
  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair-accessible seating
  • Dining options
    • Lunch
    • Brunch
    • Dinner
    • Dessert
  • Service options
    • Delivery


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  • 5Moto Lord (. 1 year ago
    If you love chicken you're gonna love this place... But Taste- 10/10 Cleanliness- 4/10 Seats availability- 2/10 Due to overcrowded you have to wait for you order to come atleast 20 mins or more after you order.

  • 5Shumayla S. 6 months ago
    Aslam chicken has fame in old Delhi. Whenever we visit this place we need to dos struggle first for sitting as everytime and day they are in huge demand because of their mouth watering food. This restaurant is located in the street just infront of Jama masjid. The staff is good and helpful with the very quick service. As they are in huge demand the hygiene in terms of sitting would be less. Coming to the food part they had few options only which includes Butter Chicken, fish and chicken seekh kebab. Butter Chicken is majorly in demand. We have ordered half butter chicken, half plate chicken seekh kebab along with rumali roti and cold drinks. Overall, the food is quite good and you will love it. I used to visit them on frequent visit and if you are a non veg lover you will fall in love with them too. This whole order costs us around 600/- Note - they doesn't accept online payment so kindly bring cash. #jamamasjid #olddelhi #delhi6 #aslamchicken #butterchicken

  • 5A. 10 months ago
    Very tasty food. Its a must try item. The place is usually busy and crowded. But worth the wait i would say. Also they serve only half and full portions of chicken. Not too expensive for the quantity and quality. highly Recommended.

  • 5Mohammad Aslam Juneja (Aslam J. 6 months ago
    What a taste. First time I had cousin like Butter Chicken. The dish was full of butter, cream and chicken. No extra Indian masala. Only roasted chicken with butter. Half butter chicken is enough for two person. I must say try once. I will not forget the taste.

  • 5saurabh s. 1 year ago
    Looking for best and tastiest chicken your search will end here. Old iconic and best place for chicken lover this place doesn't need any introduction last here I have been here for the first time and from then I am in love with the taste of their chicken but this time they made me disappointed. This is really famous and really demanding shop and that is the reason they all are in so hurry that they forget to cook it properly last time I visited here and it was so crowded I wait for around half n hr then I got seat and when my order arrived it was undercooked I would not complain to taste but the quality of this iconic place is decreasing may be because of demand so If you are going here avoid going in evening time because then you will have to wait and get undercooked chicken go in afternoon you will get seats easily and you can ask them to cook your chicken properly.

  • 5umang c. 11 months ago
    BUTTER CHICKEN !!!!! BUTTER CHICKEN !!!!! and only BUTTER CHICKEN This place has a very very limited menu I guess they only have butter chicken and kebab. Limited menu, but an expert at what they do Service was fast and polite In breads they only have rumali roti and its good enough Will recommend every chicken fan And if you love butter and chicken both, then this is a paradise for you.

  • 5Munna R. 11 months ago
    The taste of the chicken is really different. You should definitely taste it. I ordered 2 rumali roti, half butter chicken + water bottle + a dissert which an uncle who was serving on 1st floor recommended me, all these billed 390 rs only.

  • 5Nakshatra A. 11 months ago
    Very tasty food. Its a must try item. The place is usually busy and crowded. But worth the wait i would say. Also they serve only half and full portions of chicken. Not too expensive for the quantity and quality.. Recommended 💯

  • 5Taste T. 1 year ago
    Taste – 5/5 Portions – 5/5 Service – 5/5 Value for money – 5/5 Serving one of a kind “aslam butter chicken”, this place is located in the streets of jama masjid, old delhi. Finding this place would not be a task at all, since every person walking those streets clearly guides you to the delicacy. Admist the chaos of old delhi, this four storeyed building stands concrete serving this amazing and loved dish since so many years. Amazing taste, affordable prices and great service, this place has it all. The aslam butter chicken is not anywhere close to the typical butter chicken dish when it comes to preparation and taste. This dish is unique in its own way. The marinated chicken is seek charred on open flame and mixed with their homemade spices, curd and lots and lots of melted butter. It is garnished with tomatoes and coriander for that tint of tangy flavours and aroma. Served with rumati roti and masala curd with onions coriander, this meal is sure to give you non vegetation meal goals. The chicken is succulent, the unique taste of the dish is derived by the home made masala and the generous butter poured in. To my surprise, even after adding so much of butter, the dish was not at all extra salty nor was the taste butter dominated. Everything in that bowl complimented the dish and the end bite was nothing less than a flavours paradise. I ended my meal with their phirni and the meal could not have ended any better. This place definitely makes it to the bucket list of all non vegetarians out there.

  • 5Kumar S. 1 year ago
    Walking distance from Jama Masjid Metro station Gate 1, any word put in for appreciation of Aslam chicken would be less. It such a nice place to eat. The butter compliments the chicken really nicely. It is a must try. Although i would suggest to take half plate for two people. I loved the sikh kabab. And the rumali rotis were also good. Not a very healthy option but definitely worth eating when you visit Jama Masjid.

  • 5DroolOverFood# S. 1 year ago
    Aslam Chicken - Go With The Name 🍗 As The Name " ASLAM CHICKEN " ,This Famous Tandoori Butter Chicken Specialist Food Joint Is Located On Matia Mahal Road , Near Jama Masjid Gate No - 1 . This Out Of The World Recipes Is Way Totally Different From The Butter Chicken We Eat In Daily Life From Other Restaurant's. Aslam Chicken Has Made It's Very Own Recipes Of Making Butter Chicken Out Of The Blue. To Make This Butter Chicken, First Chicken Is Cut Into Pieces, Then Roasted In Sighri , Then Some Curd Curry Along With Lots Of Melted Butter And Masala Into The Roasted Tandoori Chicken Makes This Recipes 😋 The World's Best Chicken. Over Loaded Crowded Place With Full Of Cravers Of This Chicken. Highly Recommended Place 👌 & To Try Something Different . Calories Conscious Can Avoid This Butterly Place.

  • 5Arpit A. 1 year ago
    Butter Chicken literally. You won't get such amazing buttery chicken anywhere else. They are different and really good at it. Must try for non veg lovers for sure.

  • 4Souham D. 1 year ago
    Heard a lot about this place on the internet, specially from food vloggers. Visited in November when I was in Delhi. I won't tell it's the best Butter Chicken I had ever tasted but it's actually quite different. I actually liked the taste so much I have tried it out myself at home. Would love to visit again.

  • 4Ann Merin J. 1 year ago
    Aslam chicken is a famous restaurant in Delhi. It is situated near to Juma Masjid. The butter chicken is the famous dish served here. It is served with roti. This is a crowded restaurant. You could see people standing in queue to get in to the restaurant. This building has 4 floors. But still its crowded. We got seat at the rooftop.

  • 4Ritik K. 9 months ago
    Here, In Aslam chicken ,the butter chicken is so famous that we guys waited for 50 minutes to get our food.The taste of Butter chicken was so unique and authentic.It reminds of original Butter chicken recipe. About its ambience not so good and space is not so much. Just enjoy the food and must visit this place.

  • 4312 Shekhar S. 6 months ago
    The hype is worth trying it. The place is super small very narrow and I had to wait for 15 minutes to get a seat. Tried their famous butter chicken which was genuinely good and also tried their seekh kebabs which were average.

  • 4Anubhav Kumar D. 8 months ago
    A very lowkey restaurant. Sitting space is narrow, food presentation is almost negligible but taste and quantity was fantastic. Try all the local cuisine, you won't regret it. Try to visit on workdays that too late nights otherwise this place is very packed. Must try butter chicken and kebabs

  • 4vishal s. 1 year ago
    Best butter chicken that you could taste in the entire Delhi. Taste - 5/5 Cleanliness - 2/5 Seat availability, space - 1/5 But it’s overcrowded at all times. If possible, please ignore weekend visits as it would be quite difficult for you to find a place to sit.

  • 3Ankit K. 1 year ago
    No doubt butter chicken was awesome! But the only problem here is, they don't accept any type of online/UPI/card payment,.! They only deal in cash, so the next time you go there make sure you take some cash with you Also avoid going there on weekends, Otherwise you have to be in long queue and also the serving staff is very rude, they don't even care about their customers.

  • 3Kashiph R. 1 year ago
    It's quite a nice place but it's not hygienic and family friendly too. Chicken taste was good it was perfectly cooked but the issue was the cashier, he was asking for cash and hid the bar code below the menu card or telephone on the reception, don't pay cash they are taking cash so that they don't pay tax. I do like the chicken but i didn't like the behavior of the cashier and the ambience.

  • 3hashim K. 5 months ago
    The food is fine and it's known for its chicken tikka but the taste has decreased as comparison to past when they serve with love and full of taste now the money matters. But still the taste is not faded entirely you would like from other food points. Happy chicken

  • 2Krishna Kamal (. 8 months ago
    This place has come a long way. Just went back here maybe after 6-7 years and the whole look at least on the outside has changed. The signature butter chicken is unlike anyplace else. The place is packed, like sardines in a can. The hygiene and cleanliness however is appalling, I'm surprised how restaurants here pass a clean bill of health. Don't get me wrong, it is delicious but kinda get turned off when you see servers sticking their fingers in your dish. Go here to taste one of the best butter chickens, but ignore anything you know and learnt about cleanliness and hygiene.

  • 1Shubham S. 4 months ago
    We reached around 1 PM, service was very bad, nobody gave us menu or water. I had to ask them to give us water, even after that they took 15 minutes. Without asking us, the guy came up with butter chicken, and said this is the most famous item here. Butter chicken was dipped in heavy butter and cream, didn't had any gravy. It was like fried chicken dipped in butter. The taste was pathetic, this place is definitely overhyped. Hospitality - 0 Food - 0

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