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  • 5Dr.Chandan S. 5 months ago
    Best one ...must try .. specially the Momos😍..I have tried a lot of places in the town but trust me this place has the best one ... Don't trust me? No issues try it by yourself then you will get to know.

  • 3Alfaz A. 10 months ago
    I went there at around 2pm, i ordered momo but unfortunately it was unavailable... So i ordered Chilly Chicken(Dry), which full plate cost is Rs.180 but i asked them to give half and it cost me Rs.100, Ok NP... Cons:- But the Chilly Chicken they gave is almost Gravy Type Quantity of chicken is not at all satisfactory Dish was too spicy... N.B - Please improve the Quantity of Food.

  • 4Dipsikha M. 1 year ago
    Tasty food with reasonable price ❤️

  • 5Deepshikha M. 1 year ago
    What I loved about this restaurant is the quality of food that they provide.One'll definitely love the food for sure Momos were worth to have it....

  • 5P. 1 year ago
    They are providing delicious food and people are very well mannered....

  • 5Keshab H. 1 year ago
    Nice place..Nice Momos and the soup was good 😊

  • 1Suhas Z. 1 year ago
    The food is pathetic. I ordered chicken fried rice and a chicken roll and both of them were not good... This restaurant can only operate in North Lakhimpur. It might fail to operate somewhere else... I also had Aloo Paratha but again i was disappointed... They either don't know what a good food taste like. Or ignore the fact that they have to improve the quality of the food...

  • 1Rajarshi K. 1 year ago
    Spoiled achaar was given .I have ordered Chicken kathi roll, the meat was not fresh . The achar was spoiled I later realise after I eat the whole then I smelled it it was spoiled and Then i felt nausea and vomitting 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • 5Saroj B. 1 year ago
    The momo is very good. Better than many places in Guwahati itself. The ambience is good. The service is good. Highly recommended place.

  • 5Arup Jy S. 2 years ago
    I have tasted Baba role their... which was best in Lakhimpur. Do visit and try once

  • 5Anand C. 2 years ago
    Awesome place to have good food with Friends and family.

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