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😠 Terribly disappointed with your service through Uber eats! The forth time in a row I’ve got different stuff sent to me Today I ordered two flaky crunchy dark chocolate, one KitKat and one tiramisu Got two flaky white! Orderedfrom the colombo 3 branch Really don’t appreciate you guys sending what e... People often mention donuts, good, donut, time, cost, Uber, eats, ordered, packaging, price,


20 Sri Wanaratne Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia 10035, Sri Lanka




+94 76 575 7574

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  • 1/5 Minha M. 3 years ago on Google
    Terribly disappointed with your service through Uber eats! The forth time in a row I’ve got different stuff sent to me Today I ordered two flaky crunchy dark chocolate, one KitKat and one tiramisu Got two flaky white! Orderedfrom the colombo 3 branch Really don’t appreciate you guys sending what ever it is you have left over on the shelf! Pity cause your donuts are so good, you should get your service in order as well
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  • 5/5 Maleen R. 2 years ago on Google
    Best place for Doughnuts in Colombo. Amazing ! 😍❤️
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  • 5/5 oshadha a. 2 years ago on Google
    Best doughnuts I have ever had in my life. Their nutella burst is my favorite and I could eat a full pack of 12 and still want it next day. They have an amazing choices to select and we tried about 6 flavour in the 1st go and we loved everything. Since I am a chocolate fanatic I simply had more nutella burst. Would recommend this place to anyone. They don't provide done in service, and their place is bit hard to find even though it's on google maps. But worth the hard try to indulge your chocolaty doughnuts filled with nutella.
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  • 5/5 Kosala L. 2 years ago on Google
    Ordered via UberEATS. Donuts came packed neatly in beautiful boxes. It was clear the person who packed them took care. The donuts themselves were amazing. Golden on the outside and light on the inside. Not oily at all. All the fillings and glazes were great. Tried the mango, caramel, chocolate mousse and cheesecake. The cheesecake was one of the best donuts I've ever had!
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  • 2/5 Amali J. 1 year ago on Google
    Disappointed with the products This is the 3rd time I bought from Oh Donuts and it was really good before. But it has been changed into totally opposite and this was I received this time. Not yummy at all. Not gonna buy from them again. Order #7707
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  • 5/5 Kokila S. 2 years ago on Google
    Received the 12 donut mini pack from Oh donuts delivered as a gift and it had 12 different flavours. Which flavour tasted the best is not possible to define. Some had jelly inside and some had mousse inside and they all were so tasty. And there was no extra sweetness which is unbearable as regular donuts. And they were soft and so yummy altogether. It was well packed and wasn't messy at all. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
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  • 5/5 Nalin J. 3 years ago on Google
    The donuts were really good. Don't think they have an outlet at this location though.
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  • 1/5 kalzi f. 8 months ago on Google
    Terrible portion sizes! Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Oh Donuts is all about money now. They clearly don’t care about their customers. I’m Ordered the Strawberry cream and Nutella burst doughnuts through Uber eats and it was SO TINY. The prices were the cost for the big normal size donuts but instead I got mini tiny donuts. This is not the first time I’m ordering and it was terribly disappointing. What garbage. Rs. 550 + Rs.50 for useless packaging and the doughnut i got looked like it would cost Rs. 150…What a robbery. Shops like this just trick people and rob money from them. Gonuts is much better. Portion sizes are bigger and the service is 100% better than this garage.
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  • 5/5 Nimna L. 2 years ago on Google
    This is the tastiest donuts ever.won’t regret trying this.should try for sure.we ordered through Uber eats.with delivery fee we paid 499/- for two donuts.we ordered blueberry blast and caramel glaze
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  • 1/5 Malith J. 1 year ago on Google
    Ordered one of their offers on Uber Eats. They sent old and stale donuts that tasted weird, and sure enough after having 1 out of 3 donuts, both of us puked. Called the hotline to let them know and ask for the manager. The proceeded to lie saying they were fresh (but I asked them to gladly check the others I got) and lied saying they'll send me the managers number. But won't answer my calls anymore. Could understand a mistake and a refund, but the ignorance by the mangement is disgusting. **Steer away from their offers as they sell products that go bad
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  • 2/5 Oshadhi G. 1 year ago on Google
    Ordered 4 donuts from uber eats. They were good. I'd say it's worth the price. Although they charged Rs.50 each for packaging. Thought the packaging was for 4 seperate boxes cause obviously, why else would you charge Rs.200 for a single box? But no. All 4 of them were in one box. Rs.200 for a box which we toss in the trashcan afterwards. (Not like we can use it for anythingelse) It's simply absurd. Pretty sure it wouldn't even cost Rs.20 for you.
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  • 5/5 Charith F. 2 years ago on Google
    We ordered 4 Nutella doughnuts (290/= each). It was sooo good, soft and delicious. Yet it would have been better if there were more Nutella inside the doughnuts (for the paid price ).
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  • 3/5 M 7 months ago on Google
    Doughnuts are soft, but that's it. It lacks the taste. The only taste I can make was that of flour or dough. Even the filled custard one didn't taste a bit of custard.

  • 1/5 thami b. 7 months ago on Google
    No filling and very bad in service and price doesn't match the size of the donut. How disappointing.

  • 5/5 Parameshwaran Samy™ (Sam R. 1 year ago on Google
    This donut shop in Colombo is a must-try for donut lovers! Despite the average prices, the taste and quality are absolutely worth it. The donuts are incredibly delicious and have a soft and tender texture that is sure to impress. Additionally, the shop offers a wide variety of flavors, with fresh and mouth-watering options available for every taste. Overall, the experience is truly heavenly and is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth craving.

  • 5/5 Jawidh I. 4 months ago on Google
    😋 Yummy... feel the real taste of donuts. Yes, Oh Donuts I can recommend to the globe. When compare the 'Oh Donuts' with 'Dunkin Donuts' or other brand. For babies, kids, adults, for party for relaxation, for tea time and for the all the occasion.

  • 1/5 Sachin T. 5 months ago on Google
    DO NOT BUY DONUTS FROM THIS PLACE. The picture below shows the size of the 8 donuts we purchased, which cost more than 4,000 rupees. Average cost of a donut is about 500 rupees, which is hardly worth it. There was absolutely no filling in the custard cream and Nutella cream, which was a complete letdown. I won't even suggest this location to my enemies; you can get a decent donut elsewhere. Oh, they disputed over the size and price when I called them and asked, and they are utterly delusional about the cost. Now don’t come here and respond saying you would have bought the fun size. Customers are not dumb and don’t think that you are smart.

  • 5/5 thisari s. 1 year ago on Google
    Wonderful donuts i have ever had.. I ordered 3 and they were packed nicely and soooo yummy.. All the donuts had cream or custard inside with a good flavour.. All were worth for the price too... I love to order more and more.. Highly recommended.. But the problem is packaging cost.. 50 for each but all were in one package. For me it was ok because i got an extra donut. Hope u will reduce the price if possible for future orders

  • 3/5 Rifna A. 1 year ago on Google
    They have chocolate munchkins it was so tasty. And price also very reasonable it was 320/-. You can try this. And one day I ordered custard cream stuffed donuts it was a bad choice I made. It was not that much good. And if u order through Uber eats they charge 50/- extra for each packaging. Eg: if u order 4 types of items you have to pay 200/- extra for packaging. Ordering through Uber eats not a good option at this place. They are located at prathimimbarama road. You can visit and collect the food drive through. You can order through their website too but they will add delivery fee plus small order fee for the orders less than 500/-

  • 3/5 Anjali 2 years ago on Google
    Recieved a 6 pack from uber eats yesterday. I feel like the extra cost added for packaging was a little unnecessary since all 6 were chocolate. The donuts were tasty but there was hardly any filling inside, but overall the flavour was good. Looking forward to trying some different flavours next time.

  • 5/5 Shavindi E. 2 years ago on Google
    Craving for a mini, cheap, Lankan dunkin' donut? Need some donuts for an impromptu tea party? Go get some Oh donuts for yourselves via Uber. Love all of their donut varieties!!

  • 4/5 Imesha S. 2 years ago on Google
    Really good donuts 🍩 Taste is so different and really good. Enjoying every bit of it. However I think they are increasing the prices which is not so good. If not can have it every week 😋 They do themed donuts time to time. Waiting to see what they are doing for Christmas!

  • 5/5 Sachin De s. 2 years ago on Google
    I love their donuts so much, and the best tastiest donuts I found in here😍🤩😋😋

  • 5/5 hansi _. 2 years ago on Google
    Best donuts in the town.. just love the tiramisu and the vanilla glaze.. maaannnnn its yummmmyy .. 🤤🤤

  • 4/5 Sara S. 2 years ago on Google
    i must say that they have the best donuts in the town. Really love the tast and the variety. im giving 4 stars as i dont know about the customer service of them. Bcz i ordered via pickme.

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