Lied Jungle - Zoo in Omaha, United States

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916 D St, Omaha, NE 68107, United States


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4.60 (33 reviews)

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  • 5Raymond P. 1 year ago
    Lied Jungle is awesome. There is so much vegetation and water everywhere. There are small passages leading to viewing areas. Sadly the lower trail was closed. We were there on a Monday in September and there were very few people. It was like we had the place to ourselves. As with all the areas in the zoo it was clean and well maintained.

  • 5Katey D. 4 years ago
    Another immersion type exhibit and it is absolutely stunning. Warm and humid- like any jungle- so be prepared for that. Birds and a few other species have the freedom to move about the exhibit (if I remember correctly) so be mindful of your step. Loved waterfall and other water features.

  • 5Royal R. 4 years ago
    Loved the lied jungle! A great way to cool of in the summer! This is one of the reasons the Zoo is a good place also to visit in winter because there are many indoor exhibits! Monkeys and primates swing in there trees above while different species of tapirs wander there habitats below with a few jungle hippos (Pygmy hippos) just chill around in the water. Birds and bats are on free-flight. Lots of bats in here as well!There are lot of animals in here including Pygmy hippos, river otters, fruit bats, tropical birds, sloths, tapirs, gibbons, porcupines, anacondas, arapaimas, huge fish, pacus, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, freshwater stingrays and more mammals, reptiles, aquatics and amphibians. It is amazing in here just like a real rainforest.

  • 5bill z. 4 years ago
    Lots to see here in the Lied Jungle! I love the jungle. This exhibit is all indoors and there are also a lot of other indoor exhibits in the zoo as well so it is a perfect place to visit in winter. This is the best indoor rainforest ever!! The monkeys, hippos, river otters, bats, sloths, giant fish and arapaimas, snakes, turtles, tapirs, macaws, tropical birds and so much more in North America’s largest indoor rainforest!! Once you walk in you feel like you are actually in the live jungle. Just the birds and bats whizzing by your head. I loved it and so did my kids.

  • 5Travis B. 4 years ago
    They have made some improvements in the last year. New railing sections on the whole upper area of the Lied Jungle. Think the railings make it look like a lot more modern and not so dated. You can see items a lot better because they've gotten rid of the plexiglass that had become clouded.

  • 5Ryan “Bano” A. 6 years ago
    Really fun and unique part of the Henry Doorly Zoo.

  • 5david p. 2 years ago
    Not the best since the jungle trail(lower portion) is closed for covid but still a super cool part of the zoo

  • 5Vince M. 7 months ago
    I've lived in Omaha my entire life, and while the zoo has grown immensely, I love that this exhibit still stands. I'd say it's a must-do experience for visitors and locals alike, and definitely be sure to do the ground-level walk. It's fun to imagine actually being in the jungle.

  • 4Shehan F. 1 year ago
    We visited this at the last few minutes and was rushed out by the staff. However, the path that lies on the ground floor across the jungle was closed off since the beginning of the pandemic. We were shocked by how big this place was. It is definitely a must see places.

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