Versova Beach

Spacious, well-known locale for walks, sunset viewing, swimming & get-togethers.

It's 19:28 right now, with haze and the temperature of 31°C (87.8°F) in Powai.

Versova Beach - Beach in Powai, India

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Bharat Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061, India

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3.90 (1881 reviews)

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  • 5DESI BOYS 0. 2 months ago

  • 5Shadow g. 4 years ago
    Great shacks

  • 5Ssanaya S. 3 months ago
    Good place for eateries

  • 5Durgesh K. 2 months ago
    Sunset at Versova Beach. Arabian Sea.

  • 5Ashish P. 3 months ago
    Quiet place but too much dirty

  • 5Geez P. 3 months ago
    Best place to sit and relax.

  • 5Mikul P. 3 months ago
    You get space to sit on a slight slope and enjoy the beach view

  • 5Ritesh P. 3 months ago
    Best and no people Best for lonely people Or couples Good view

  • 5Gunjan S. 2 months ago
    Such a clean & beautiful beach. Recommended for calming and peaceful walks

  • 5Shubham D. 3 months ago
    Nice and peacefull beach

  • 5K2S M. 2 months ago

  • 5Jinendra K. 2 years ago
    Awesome beach, clean and calm.

  • 5Animesh S. 2 months ago
    Quite clean

  • 5Aiman H. 2 months ago
    Best for relaxing.

  • 5Hanzala A. 3 months ago
    Versova beach is beautiful beach Arabian Sea

  • 5Zainab C. 2 months ago
    Way better than Juhu beach.

  • 5Tinu S. 2 months ago
    Very cool place

  • 5P. 2 months ago

  • 5saif k. 3 months ago

  • 5Shriyash W. 3 months ago

  • 5Tarannumh S. 3 months ago
    Lockdown boredoms!!!! Went when there was no crowd except the localites, the beach was nice, clean no garbage, coz of LOCKDOWN. . . . Visit once if you are near by to Versova or yari road 😃

  • 5Damanjeet s. 3 years ago

  • 5Pratik Coldrinks And Recharge S. 2 years ago
    Nice one to see...

  • 5Shailja T. 1 year ago
    Naval perks. :')

  • 5Raj V. 3 months ago
    Enter from the entrance just next to coffee by Di Bella. Best place to watch the sunset from. Ideal and romantic place for couples.

  • 5Gautam K. 2 years ago
    Peaceful & relaxing...

  • 5Guddu K. 2 years ago
    Only for indian navy very clean and a big area

  • 5Akhilesh G. 3 months ago
    Beautiful place

  • 5shamim a. 3 years ago
    Nice Hamla beach

  • 5Paddy !. 2 years ago

  • 5Aakash U. 1 year ago
    Only for defence personnel, as its under naval establishment. Safe,secure,clean and quiet place.

  • 5Munish S. 1 year ago

  • 5fahim v. 3 months ago
    Nice beach

  • 5Shekhar Raj S. 1 year ago
    Beautiful beach but no entry to civilian.

  • 5Mayank S. 3 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Amezing (Original) Amezing

  • 5Keenan F. 3 months ago
    Versova Beach is located in the Western part of Andheri (Versova) This beach is easily accessible from Andheri Rly. Stn. (W) & Jogeshwari Rly. Stn. (W) It takes less time from Andheri Rly. Stn. (W) compared to Jogeshwari Rly. Stn. (W) to reach this beach This beach is also easily reachable from Ram Mandir & Goregaon Rly. Stns..... But it takes more time from Goregaon & Ram Mandir Rly. Stns. compared to Jogeshwari & Andheri Rly. Stns.

  • 5R. 3 months ago

  • 5Manjul M. 2 years ago
    A private beach within the premises of INS Hamla. Not open to public view within defence premises

  • 5Vaibhav J. 2 years ago

  • 5rahul h. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Awsm beach i lv it ? (Original) Awsm beach i lv it ?

  • 4Pradeep M. 3 months ago
    An average class beach i think

  • 41 Bhk F. 3 months ago
    It's a meditation centre for the upcoming artists of bollywood .

  • 4Poonam N. 3 months ago
    The beach is comparatively clean than other beaches in mumbai. But the crowd was not that good. If you want to have peaceful time then I won't recommend this place.

  • 4Ramdev G. 3 months ago
    Very nice and clean beach.. Unbelivable to see ap clean as comparwd to year 2015

  • 4musician sandesh s. 3 months ago
    Nice for picnic

  • 4Krishan Y. 2 years ago
    Maintained clean

  • 4jatin s. 3 months ago
    Keep it clean. Its your beach. Come and have fun.

  • 4Jay S. 2 months ago
    Great sunset

  • 4Bindesh S. 2 years ago
    Navy owned Beach and not for Common people

  • 4Satish K. 1 year ago
    Lovely views

  • 4Syed M. 2 years ago
    Good need to clean these beach

  • 4Cooldeep S. 2 years ago
    The Hamla Beach Is Famous From Naval Department Like INS Hamla And Many More.

  • 4Jitesh B. 3 months ago
    Positive Wibes

  • 4Entertainer B. 3 months ago
    Good place for couple

  • 4Fly With S. 2 years ago
    A little bit dirty, but a beautiful place. Much better than the Juhu beach. Also the water was muddy and it was raining a little. Loved the place.

  • 3Aldrin D. 2 months ago
    This place needs more cleaning

  • 3Anjumanara D. 2 years ago
    Very peaceful beach...

  • 3Kshitish S. 3 months ago
    Beach to visit.

  • 3lokesh i. 3 months ago
    Versova Mumbai

  • 3santosh k. 3 months ago
    An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease. ...

  • 3sadik s. 2 months ago
    Nice place and wonderful view of arebian sea

  • 3TRAILBLAZE WITH A. 3 months ago
    The beach is quiet during the morning at around 7 AM..... Very beautiful shores, and less crowd.... Best place for relaxing during the morning

  • 3Sahil Z. 3 months ago
    Good place to hangout with friends and family

  • 1Shriniwas B. 3 months ago
    People still defecate on the seashore, keeping aside swach bharat abhiyan.... Very bad experience....

  • 1Satish Kumar J. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) I took the strange name of Attack Beach from Google and I left. (Original) मैंने हमला बीच का अजीब नाम गूगल से साभार लिया और मैं चल दिया

Last updated: 2021-02-20