Chotha Kashmir Boat Club

Laid-back recreational area featuring a lake for paddle boats & a modest carnival with rides & eats.

It's 18:51 right now, with haze and the temperature of 31°C (87.8°F) in Powai.

Chotha Kashmir Boat Club - Park in Powai, India

Green space with amusement park rides

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Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065, India

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3.70 (7796 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Saturday: (Ganesh Chaturthi), 9AM to 8:30PM, Hours might differ
  • Sunday: 9AM to 8:30PM
  • Monday: 9AM to 8:30PM
  • Tuesday: 9AM to 8:30PM
  • Wednesday: 9AM to 8:30PM
  • Thursday: 9AM to 8:30PM
  • Friday: (Ashura), 9AM to 8:30PM, Hours might differ


  • 5Santosh K. 9 months ago
    Aw some place

  • 5Satish M. 11 months ago
    My daughter enjoyed the boating here.

  • 5SHANUL S. 11 months ago
    Cool place

  • 5Sudalai K. 11 months ago
    Nice place

  • 5Anoop V. 1 year ago
    Nice place

  • 5arbaz k. 10 months ago
    Chota kashmir boat club and garden thare is a public place not for good with family

  • 5AbhayOm P. 10 months ago
    Very Nice Place

  • 5Arjun M. 11 months ago
    Nice location

  • 5Shreyans B. 10 months ago

  • 5J. 11 months ago
    One of the Best place for couples ?

  • 5A S F. 9 months ago
    Best natural place in Mumbai l.. Mumbai Ka Kashmir

  • 5Parvesh R. 9 months ago
    Very greenary very close to nature just close to concret world little place for peace

  • 5Naveen B. 9 months ago

  • 5Mihir M. 9 months ago
    Beautiful during rainy season

  • 5Ajit M. 8 months ago

  • 5Aniket J. 11 months ago
    Place is good for boating

  • 5Abhijitkumar v. 1 year ago
    During sunset its great to visit there and get a boating ride with your family and friends

  • 5Ashwini G. 11 months ago

  • 5PAWAN P. 1 year ago
    Nice place for feel the atmosphere and good for couple

  • 5Kavee Love you a. 11 months ago
    peaceful green garden. And very testy food nearby

  • 5Ajay R. 11 months ago
    Lots of fun for your kids here Especially the boat riding

  • 5giridhari p. 11 months ago
    Good for half day pinnic

  • 5fathima B. 1 year ago
    Wonderful days with my loved one

  • 5HAUNTED HOUSE S. 1 year ago

  • 4Jiten P. 1 year ago
    Awesome place

  • 4Chinmay p. 11 months ago
    Quite a good place to spend some quality quite time. Used to be a great place sumed to be with some great childhood memories

  • 4Code For Web D. 10 months ago
    Very nice but be careful don't go at corner bcoz there are snakes

  • 4Jignesh P. 1 year ago

  • 4Abhishek S. 11 months ago
    Nice place but not advised post 6PM

  • 4yogesh n. 1 year ago
    Best place for small pick Nick spot I love this place now a day only the couples are going .

  • 4Sureshkumar B. 11 months ago
    You can enjoy boating in Mumbai. This is situated in mid of forest at array colony. Avoid to go after 9PM as this is haunted place.

  • 4Amol K. 1 year ago
    Good experience of boating and entertainment in the heart of Mumbai for kids as well as families. Not too much focus on the safety standards but not much of risk too.

  • 4Manish P. 1 year ago
    Great isolated place , you will feel connected to nature ?✌️?. nice place to visit for mood fresh , for date , for Playing games, you will enjoy most if you go with group.✌️

  • 4V. 9 months ago
    Best for evenings, weekends and to relieve stress

  • 4JYOTI V. 1 year ago
    It's really awesome place . Had a great time with my friends. It's good place for family, friends, couples. You should visit it once. ???

  • 3Pallavi Rajwade P. 1 year ago
    One of the few places with a breath of fresh air. Should be maintained though as paddle boats have now become old. But enjoyed the ride. It was a break from the regular mall visits.

  • 3manish g. 1 year ago
    Nice place but Need proper maintainance

  • 3Naomi0s v. 1 year ago
    Not good as I expected

  • 3Donald D. 1 year ago
    Visit after a really long time but the things aren't in a good state there

  • 3Saurabh U. 11 months ago
    Good place

  • 3AARYA 0. 11 months ago
    Nice for small Trip to go with family for Fun

  • 3Yuvraj A. 10 months ago
    Good place to take your kids on a weekend or evening. Has games for kids and boating facilities

  • 3Rahul S. 10 months ago
    Good place to spend time with your loved one and family

  • 2Divya A. 1 year ago
    A secluded paradise, if at all it was maintained as such. Neither is the upkeep given much weightage to attract tourists nor it offers a different experience to the ones who somehow end up there. The prime spot, the one that faces the lake, has been covered with a tattered tarpaulin sheet. Why deprive the visitors of such a beautiful sight! Food choices are limited and sub standard. The dashing car area could well have been utilised for arranging cultural evenings making it a star attraction for the place. With a little thought put in, the natural beauty of the place can spread its wings.

  • 1Md wakeel m. 1 year ago
    My Home

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