M.C.G.M. Nirvana Park

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M.C.G.M. Nirvana Park - Park in Powai, India

Good for kids

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2202, Central Ave, Hiranandani Gardens, Panchkutir Ganesh Nagar, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076, India

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4.30 (4666 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Saturday: 10AM to 9PM
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours
  • Monday: 10AM to 12PM, 3 to 8PM
  • Tuesday: 10AM to 9PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM to 9PM
  • Thursday: 10AM to 9PM
  • Friday: 10AM to 9PM


  • 5Iqwan K. 1 year ago

  • 5Bharat K. 2 months ago
    Nice place to hangout

  • 5durgesh p. 2 months ago
    One of the best maintained gardens by MCGM. Beautiful gardens, flowers, small ponds with fishes. Centrally located in Powai.

  • 5Pravin Y. 2 months ago
    Nice place

  • 5Omkar W. 3 months ago
    Good place to hang out with family and friends... Also good for jog and some cardio activities... Best time to visit morning 6 to 8

  • 5Saurabh P. 3 months ago
    As the name suggests you get your nirvana here... must visit place to unwind yourself and your family... PS: do not forget to carry some fish food. You won’t want to regret

  • 5vijay v. 3 months ago
    This is couple friendly park in Powai , just near by Powai plaza . You can enjoy the real natural scenery in this park amidst the crowd pollution of Mumbai. Many things are available for the entertainment of young children. When you see a colorful fish in a small pond in the middle of this park, you will not feel like moving away from it. The park is also great for couples, just to keep things within range. You can reach here by any way, This park is a few steps from Powai Plaza JVLR road .

  • 5You say I p. 2 months ago
    A place to spend time with nature with family in the over crowded city of vehicle. I and my nephew enjoyed the lake view and giant gold fishes in it. My nephew liked to feed them and to play with them and then after couple of hours he started to crib as there was a whistle blown by the guard as they were about to close the park. I'll make sure to pay visit to the nature and the giant gold fishes with my nephew again. It's a must visit place with the kids. The entry is free for all.

  • 5Tahir K. 1 year ago
    Awesome park for kids and Couple. Free entry but no outside food. If anyone planning to visit, please do not carry any food. Washroom available for both men and women. Drinking water is also available but avoid using it coz it is tank water. . .

  • 5Sayali M. 2 months ago
    Nirvana park is good for photography also the good environment for all age of people and arctechture is nice

  • 5Arun J. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Very quiet place. You can spend a great time in the evening. (Original) மிகவும் அமைதியான இடம். மாலை‌யி‌ல் மிகவும் நன்றாக நேரம் கழிக்கலாம்.

  • 5Ahmed S. 1 year ago
    Good park for spending quality time with family loved the pond in it.

  • 5kiran w. 1 year ago
    A beautiful park around the Powai area with nice ambiance wherein you will see greenery and pond with lots of colourful fishes around. Recommend this place to family n friends to spend some quality time.

  • 5Sumeet M. 1 year ago
    Very good place

  • 5Chhotu C. 1 year ago
    Wonder full

  • 5Deepak B. 1 year ago
    Peaceful garden, this garden has artificial lake which is home for hundreds of fish. You will get to see around 4-5 variety of fish here

  • 5Nukkad d. 1 year ago
    Lovely place enjoying more

  • 5NICE T. 1 year ago
    Safe 4 every1

  • 5Kamlesh K. 3 months ago
    Beautiful & clean place with fish pool 🐠🐟

  • 5yusuf m. 3 months ago
    Beautiful park for couples and family with kids there's a pond and a tree house for scenic beauty

  • 5Sheikh N. 3 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Shamsabad (Original) Shamsabad

  • 5Sagar P. 3 months ago
    Great Place to visit with children's & there is huge place with greenery you will feel fresh.

  • 5dipali s. 3 months ago
    Good place

  • 5Nitesh kumar J. 3 months ago

  • 5Tulika A. 3 months ago
    Serene, gentle slopes to walk, wide rocks, benches & gazebo to sit & take in the ambience or meditate. No pollution or traffic noise. Feeding the fish in the many ponds is pure joy. Babymoon shoots & pre wedding shoot can be seen in progress especially on weekends. Currently entry is free for all.

  • 5Ansari A. 3 months ago
    Nice place

  • 5atul b. 3 months ago
    Online timming to be opened n actually timming is different we are waitting out time in google is wrong

  • 5Sahil J. 3 months ago
    Great place to hangout. Relaxing mind space. Enjoyment life kids.. No special parking available.. but you can park your vehical on road side parking. Garden timings are 3PM to 9 PM... and in morning till 11AM.

  • 5Shivkumar M. 3 months ago
    Great awesome

  • 5Yogesh J. 3 months ago
    It is great

  • 5DannyNip P. 2 months ago
    Enjoying place

  • 5Ajit A. 2 months ago

  • 5Eddy R. 2 months ago

  • 5Anuj S. 2 months ago
    💥Amazing place to visit with family💥

  • 5Suraj Kumar B. 2 months ago
    Amazing Garden

  • 5Abdul A. 2 months ago
    Small but a rich garden to enjoy with family or partner

  • 5Neha P. 1 year ago
    Most beautiful garden ever visited

  • 5Preetam G. 10 months ago
    So refreshing

  • 5Nikita D. 10 months ago
    The park ia open in lockdown also. But childrens are nit allowed below 15 years

  • 5wasim h. 9 months ago
    Super ???? golden life

  • 5shaikh f. 10 months ago

  • 5Satish D. 9 months ago
    Nice moments

  • 5sandeep k. 11 months ago

  • 5HRITIK M. 11 months ago
    Nice but short

  • 5Sanket S. 11 months ago
    Love this place

  • 5Abhishek K. 11 months ago
    Nice place ?

  • 5A C. 8 months ago
    Lovely park for a stroll and less attractive for a jog or a run. Enjoy the nature around you and breathe in the clean air and admire the garden.

  • 5Aakash D. 8 months ago
    Nice one

  • 5Shivdas N. 1 year ago
    Located within Hiranandani Business park. This is a green spot within the concrete jungle. Great landscapes gardens. A Very soothing place to be in.

  • 5robin j. 1 year ago
    Nice place.... So beautiful during the morning sunshine... No photoshoot allowed... And not for couples... But u can come here and relax your mind in the beauty of nature

  • 5Technical Boy Santu A. 1 year ago

  • 5Rutvij K. 1 year ago
    Beautiful place

  • 5soni s. 1 year ago
    Adorable.. the another heaven☺?

  • 5ashraf k. 1 year ago
    Small but good place to relax with family or freinds

  • 5Ashwin P. 1 year ago
    Place is awesome for every age person. If you want photoshoot so there are not allowed for photoshoots . Only Pregnancy photoshoots permission here. Kids also enjoy this place because too many enjoyable things are there.

  • 5GRAPHIC U. 1 year ago
    So beautiful park

  • 5Ashish V. 1 year ago
    Not bad

  • 5Suraj M. 1 year ago
    Very good place to hang around!! U can click pictures though its written photography not allowed.. But u can click pics.. Not an issue!! Beautiful place for children to play, couples to spend a good time.. Kindly check for the timing when you visit!! Don't visit between 12-3 noon as it would b closed ?

  • 5Naaz K. 1 year ago
    Awesome place. Can relax in peaceful environment. Nice & well maintained garden. Had visited along with my hubby Just love it

  • 5Tarun kaushik T. 1 year ago
    This park is really beautiful. It have a small entry but once you enter here you will wonder how such a beautiful place is unnoticed from outside.

  • 5Manish A. 1 year ago
    Very good

  • 4Anthony M. 1 year ago
    Nice place to spend time. Well maintained. Open air fish display is a plus point

  • 4Pankaj N. 11 months ago
    Its a escape from the pollution and honking in busy Powai and Chandivali area, the green patch right in middle of the iconic Hiranandani gardens . A dating spot by teenagers and college goers, haven for tiktok users, recommended but needs a little more cleanliness.

  • 4Suhel K. 3 months ago
    Nice park to visit along with family. Fish pond is also a great attraction

  • 4Tanay k. 2 months ago
    Loved it! The water is not so fresh right now for fishes But the garden is very beautiful!

  • 4Paramjeet k. 3 months ago
    Park is beautiful and maintained. On weekends it's soo crowded.

  • 4jabir s. 1 year ago
    A well maintained garden. The garden is small, but the scenery makes up for that. The small pounds inside the lakes has too many koi fish and it's beautiful to see them so closely while seating besides pounds...1 star less is due to no lighting arrangement are there in the garden...

  • 4Pralhad S. 9 months ago
    Situated In HiraNandani area.. nice garden. Need more development and maintenance.

  • 4JOEL B. 1 year ago
    Wonderful, green place. Even in summer, doesn't feel like summer here because of the trees and the breeze that flows at this place. Must visit.

  • 4Sudhir S. 1 year ago

  • 4Kalpesh M. 3 months ago
    Place for peace!!

  • 4Amresh K. 3 months ago
    Nice experience. In Mumbai where the park is very less for kids, This garden give you good scene , view and pleasant environment while you go there.

  • 4Omprakash V. 1 year ago
    Well maintained...

  • 4Kaushik T. 1 year ago
    Great to hang out

  • 4vivek k. 1 year ago
    One of the best Garden in Mumbai

  • 4Abdul Noushad S. 1 year ago
    Good place to hangout in evening. Feels relaxed to sit and watch fishes.

  • 4ashish d. 1 year ago

  • 4Istiyak K. 1 year ago
    Beautiful nursery

  • 4Chintan S. 3 months ago
    Maintenance - Good Security - moderate Space Area-wise - Very Good Childern Playing equipment - inadequate Lake cleanliness-wise - Average Overall - Good Closing time - 6:30 pm No food allowed inside

  • 4Amjat S. 2 months ago
    Good place to relax. Fish pond is very good. Too much crowdy during weekend.

  • 4Subhash K. 2 months ago
    Nice place to visit....

  • 4rinku s. 2 months ago
    Very beautiful place play child and lovely garden

  • 3Inderjit Singh A. 3 months ago

  • 3dharmesh p. 2 months ago
    Good place for kids

  • 3Shafaq S. 3 months ago
    It's good.. big garden.. entry was free.. however there was so security inside.. saw some ppl smoking.. n littering all over.. ppl were throwing garbage 🗑️ in fish pond.. in short garden was nice but not maintained.. I remember they used to charge ticket initially.. n security was also good .. n no litter.. avoid going on Sundays u mite not get any peaceful place to sit

  • 3Komal M. 3 months ago

  • 3Shweta M. 2 months ago
    U get the peace, u desire for!

  • 3VINAYAK S. 1 year ago
    cool place for children

  • 3रामसिंह . 2 months ago
    (Translated by Google) very nice (Original) बहुत अच्छा है

  • 3Nilesh B. 3 months ago

  • 3Numbers Don't L. 2 months ago
    Place is not like it was before. They stopped charging tickets but place is not clean now Specifically the water is so dirty cant see fishes

  • 2Ronald D. 3 months ago
    BMC is not clearing the water the tortoise was found dead on my last visit, it is a request to maintain the cleanliness of water.

  • 2Neal P. 3 months ago
    Its a nice, green and clean garden. Good place to visit with family. The only problem is with the timing...they have mentioned that it is open till 9PM but the watchman closes the garden at 6:30PM.

  • 1Prakash M. 2 months ago
    I Don't understand. Place is so beautiful but photography is not allowed. Why? Don't make this as a couple place.

  • 1pratiksha d. 3 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Ghatiya (Original) Ghatiya

  • 1ashok b. 2 months ago
    Full of garbage needs thorough cleaning

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