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City sightseeing Prague Hop On - Hop off - Tour agency in Prague, Czech Republic

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Wax Legends Museum, City Sightseeing Desk, Celetná 15, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia


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2.60 (468 reviews)

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  • 5Hannah Griffin 1 year ago
    This was a great tour. The information on the narration is fascinating and the route is great. Reasonable pricing. We also did the boat tour which is short but offers great views of the Charles Bridge.

  • 5Christy Moore 8 months ago
    Great way to see the city

  • 5Violetta Romanova 3 months ago
    The best Hop on Hop off company!!! Good quality and the best price. I like it

  • 5Bryan Araque 3 months ago
    In my opinion the bus hop on hop off service in Prague, bus hosts are polite and always willing to help, the buses were clean and on time to each of the designated stops, the audio guide on the buses was interesting and working all the time, the river cruise is a must to finish the day, if I could I would give it more stars, thank you for a such a great experience!

  • 4Prateek Garg 10 months ago
    Hop On Hop Off is good only if you are planning for atleast 4 days stay. As there are many stops and each stop has something to explore , walking around the stops is a good way to explore. So take a Hop On Hop off , get out at every stop,explore the places nearby stop ,then get back in Hop On Hop Off vehicle and repeat the process on other stops.

    (Translated by Google) The bad thing is that the tour ends very early. (Original) Lo malo es que el tour termina muy temprano.

  • 4Johnny Clingham 8 months ago
    Had a great deal here on city sightseeing with a family. It is a great way to see the city but some what chaotic. However recommend.

  • 4Romana Kunzendorferová 8 months ago
    (Translated by Google) It brings tourists around the city to the best sights. Good service. (Original) Vozí po městě turisty na ty nej památky. Dobrá služba.

  • 3james loma 10 months ago
    Not bad, not great. Long wait times between buses. Attendants were helpful but look exhausted. Give them more breaks.

  • 3Алексей Рудницкий 11 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Lots of lines. The illusion that I saw everything. But when you start walking you realize how much is lost! As for me, it’s cheaper to take a ticket for public transport for a few days and walk-pull yourself! And this bus is only good if you are in Prague for just one day! (Original) Много линий. Иллюзия что все увидел. Но когда начинаешь ходить пешком понимаешь, сколько упущено! Как по мне дешевле взять билет на общественный транспорт на несколько дней и ходить-подъещжать самостоятельно! А данный автобус хорош только если вы в Праге проездом всего на один день!

  • 3Craig Mccoll 10 months ago
    Windows were constantly condensating and couldn't see anything we just had to take a guess where we wanted to get off staff were abit cheeky at times and some of the stops were unclear where you could get picked up unless you could manage to spot someone in a red jacket or remember where you got dropped off.. abit of a poor show as they run a great service in Glasgow and Edinburgh

  • 3Christoph 4 months ago
    First of all: Nicole and Arielle have been a big help. Thanks again for your uncomplicated help! Bad thing: boat tour is a joke. 1 hour going up and down about 500m with asynchron comments so you don't know what the "guide" is talking about at all. Bus tour: due to Corona only one tour in service, which is short (45 min) but okay. Lucky us getting the last bus at 4(!)pm. Webpage says it's running til 6pm. Would have been alright with information about it before. This way not worth the money. Booke the package with "all bus lines & river cruise". In this case "all bus tours" means: ONE bus tour. Correct in a way since only one line running, but quite disappointing. 2 of 3 stars only for Nicole and Arielle. Thanks again.

  • 2loreta lauciene 11 months ago
    (Translated by Google) They talk a little. We pass historical places so they are silent or they say about walking (Original) Мало рассказывают.проезжаем исторические места так молчат или про гуляшь говорят

  • 2Martin Pace 10 months ago
    The driver said he needed to take the bus for service after not even a cycle done. The guide told us to go down and wait for the blue line when we were on the red line. Why didn't they send another bus to continue the cycle?

  • 2Jason Hausback 1 year ago
    This is probably not a bad tour if you just want to stay on the bus. But I got off at a stop where the guide said "5-10 minutes" before leaving. This guide spoke very good English, but I asked just to be sure, and got off for some photos. Four minutes later, the bus was gone, as well as another bus just sitting there waiting! This stop is as far east as you can go, and now I am getting poured on with rain. Seriously, who does that? Not a good company!!

  • 2J H 9 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Bad price-performance ratio, long waiting times, buses that you have been waiting for 40 minutes, sometimes so full that you are refused to take them along and you have to wait another 40 minutes. (Original) Schlechtes Preis - Leistungsverhältnis, lange Wartezeiten, Busse auf die man 40 min gewartet hat zum Teil so voll das die Mitnahme verweigert wird und man weitere 40 min warten muss.

  • 2Felipe Moreno 2 years ago
    Worst sightseeing red bus tour. Poorly signage in bus stops. Buses are full most of the time and youre lucky if you find a seat. The red line bus which is the double decker is full most of the time and people have to ride standing up.

  • 2Salah Halawi 1 year ago
    Had it not been to the agent who was more than polite - would have given them a star. Congested, disorganized, over selling of tickets. We took the bus at the intercontinental Prague; we have waited in vain for a bus with seats to pick us up. Anyhow we went to the second stop where we took a normal white bus - not a double decker and no Audio description. They told us they had to do this due to congestion. Bottom line- I paid 85€ for a white bus ride that could have cost me 5. Take the yellow one or the green one- they run in the same circles and they are never over congested. Sorry red bus - but this time you have failed us completely.

  • 2Arvidas S. 1 year ago
    Pretty average value for your money. Busses were late and always full. If only they had the same amount of busses as their staff promoting them. Narrator is good, but there was not much of things to hear from as there was a lot of idle music. All in all, I think you could try some other service

  • 1Lana Banana 10 months ago
    AVOID THEM. If I could give them 0 stars I would. This company is the worst. Me and my husband purchased 48 hour ticket in Prague. First of all the wait for the bus is never ending. They say the bus arrives every 30 mins, well if they have space u will be able to get on it. Mostly they are completely full. And no space available to sit. The salesman have never ending excuses such as “bus will arrive in 30 mins, it just left” or “we are one bus short today” its never ending. After waiting for an hour one bus full which we couldn’t get on, we were told second bus will arrive in 20/25 mins. It did, but they told us driver was going on a break and next bus will come in 30 more mins. After waiting 1.5 hour in -5 degree weather and catching a cold. We ended up taking uber. Day before we couldn’t nt get on bus either because it was full, and we were told by salesman to walk to next stop which as they said is 15 mins of walk. Ended up being 1.5 hour walk, and no bus to be found. Buying tour ticket from this company was the worst decision made. Other buses from other companies were arriving every 10/15 mins had double decker buses and spots available. If you do not to ruin your vacation I would recommend avoiding this tour company they are the worst. Within 48 hours we only got to get on the bus once.

  • 1Andrea Mandelbaum 10 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Unfortunate experience! The audio out of sync with the views. Scarce and bad information. A stretch only in English! Bad buses The combi you see nothing. I'm sorry I paid for this. If you give me the time I will go to claim the money. (Original) Lamentable experiencia! El audio desincronizado con las vistas. Información escasa y mala.un tramo solo en inglés! Buses malos. La combi no ves nada. Lamento haber pagado por esto. Si me dan el tiempo iré a reclamar el dinero.

  • 1Pascal Marquis 1 year ago
    Never had such a bad experience on a tour. The Prague Bus tours is a far far better customer experienced and with sufficient bus frequency to handle the flow of customers. Reimbursement was reclaimed on the following day at the head offices. File is closed.

  • 1Martin Šimek 10 months ago
    (Translated by Google) It will further aggravate traffic in Prague by slow driving (Original) Ještě více zhorší dopravu v Praze svou pomalou jízdou

  • 1Alter Schafstall 10 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Hop on - hop is not too recommend just hectic (Original) Hop on - Hop ist nicht zu empfehlen , nur hektisch

  • 1Carmen Fischer 9 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Red line, green line, you can throw both of them. With the red one, you will only be sneezed when you inquire as we only wanted to buy the tickets on the bus. In the green it means the tours go until 6 p.m. and at 4:15 p.m. we were kicked out. I recommend everyone to explore the city on foot or if you take a tour with the buses and share the same experiences, since not as stupid as we are, but ask for your money back. (Original) Rote Linie, Grüne Line die kannst du beide schmeißen. Bei der roten wirst du schon nur beim Erkundigen angeschnautzt da wir die Tickets erst im Bus kaufen wollten. Bei der grünen heist es die Touren gehen bis 18 Uhr und um 16:15 wurden wir rausgeschmissen. Ich empfehle allen die Stadt zufuß zu erkunden bzw. wenn ihr eine Tour mit den Bussen macht und die selben Erfahrungen teilt, seit nicht so dumm wie wir sondern verlangt euer Geld zurück.

  • 1Nicole DePorre 11 months ago
    🛑🛑 SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!! I would give ZERO starts if possible. The BUS NEVER shows up!!! My husband and I waited with a group of others for over 45 minutes in the main old town square before having to walk everywhere. (My husband has a hurt foot and we thought we would splurge the $60 USD to use this hop on/off bus option). I have sent multiple emails to them explaining my frustration and they have not responded to any of them. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE!!! HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. 🛑🛑🛑

  • 1Nicolas Cesaretti 11 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Bad service. He waited exhausting the cold and in the suburbs. (About 1 hour wait) to wait for the red line. Very recommended for all types of groups. Inexistent and personal directions on top. The worst in all European cities so far visited. (Original) Servizio pessimo. Attese estenuanti al freddo ed in periferia. ( Circa 1 ora di attesa ) per aspettare la linea rossa. Molto sconsigliato per tutte le tipologie di gruppi. Indicazioni inesistenti e personale su di giri. La peggiore in tutte le citta europee finora visitate.

  • 1Kristi Beman 8 months ago
    Definitely do not book this bus tour. Its a joke, they dont even have double decker buses, they have creepy small vans where you are basically sitting on each others laps. When you show up to find this out and demand your money back they refuse stating that in small print it says they sometimes use small vans etc. Completely awful customer service. I would book any other bus service in prague

  • 1myria ioannou 11 months ago
    It was the worst hop on hop off which we used.

  • 1Felix Arndt 11 months ago
    (Translated by Google) The tour itself was relatively acceptable and the bus was quite modern and clean, but that was all positive about the trips. First of all, the tickets are sold all over Prague, so we bought our ticket before we could see the buses or the stops. The stops of the buses are overcrowded and the buses run too rarely and are too small. We had to wait over 30 minutes to find space on a bus. Every time a bus arrives, people storm forward and you get squeezed into the bus. Getting in and out is chaotic. When you finally sit on a bus, you get headphones for the audio guide. Unfortunately, my headphones failed during the trip and the announcements are sometimes delayed to the sights. We were glad that we had only bought a small round and not the variant with changes, as these often did not work and guests should wait over 30 minutes for each change. Not acceptable for the money and it is better to explore Prague on foot! (Original) Die Rundfahrt an sich war relativ akzeptabel und der Bus war recht modern und sauber, das war dann aber auch schon alles positive zu den Fahrten. Zuerst einmal werden die Karten überall in Prag verkauft, so dass wir unser Ticket gekauft hatten, bevor wir die Busse oder die Haltepunkte sehen konnten. Die Haltepunkte der Busse sind maßlos überfüllt und die Busse fahren zu selten und sind zu klein. Wir haben über 30 min warten müssen, um Platz in einem Bus zu finden. Bei jedem ankommenden Bus stürmen Leute nach vorne und man wird in den Bus reingequetscht. Der Ein- und Ausstieg läuft absolut chaotisch. Wenn man dann endlich in einem Bus sitzt kriegt man Kopfhörer für den Audioguide. Meine Kopfhörer sind leider schon während der Fahrt ausgefallen und die Ansagen sind teils zeitversetzt zu den Sehenswürdigkeiten. Wir waren froh, dass wir nur eine kleine Runde gekauft hatten und nicht die Variante mit Umstiegen, da diese oft nicht funktionierten und Gäste bei jedem Umstieg über 30 min warten sollten. Für das Geld nicht akzeptabel und man sollte Prag besser zu Fuß erkunden!

  • 1Cameron Syme 11 months ago
    A real let down, over sold and under serviced . A mislead product on all levels. My wife and my 4 year old daughter purchased a City Sightseeing ticket from the Old Town Square Prague in September this year. I've used City Sightseeing in several Cities and always had a good experience, but not Prague - this was awful. It was advertised as an open top bus and the selling agents told us this too...not one to be seen anywhere! What did turn up at the square was a mini bus with steamed up windows! Another major issue was the amount of people trying to get onto the mini bus. Although we queued up the front it was a pushing and shoving match from a big crowd to get in the small bus and because we had a small 4 year old daughter I wasn't willing to put her safety at risk trying to get to the front. One woman actually shoved my arm away to get in front of me. The staff did nothing to organise the 'queue'. In fact, one member of staff actually pushed a full family of ten in front of everyone and they all got on the bus, everyone else had to wait for the next one. He must have sold them their tickets. Maybe they paid more? They were only interested in selling. Another mini bus came in about 10 minutes, same thing happened. Too many people trying to get on the mini bus, not enough seats. So again pushing and shoving, we never got on the bus. At this point I heard a german group of passengers asking where the open top bus was that they were promised, the staff member said they had to get off at a certain stop to get it. Spoiler never happened/existed. p.s. it wasn't raining. There was also a group of lads in their 20's who had been waiting on several buses and to be fair to them were just laughing at how poor all of this was. Another mini bus came and hurrah we got on. I had to stand at the entrance of the bus and physically shield anyone else getting in front of me so that my wife and daughter could successfully get on. Not a nice experience, especially after just having a hip replacement. After a few stops we got off at the point we were promised the open top bus and the route that we wanted. We were told we would have to wait at the stop for 30 mins but we did it anyway as my daughter was excited at the prospect of the open top bus. A single decker came (with steamed up windows) no double decker or open top in sight. So, we got on anyway, rode a few stops and then were told the ride was over for the day at 4:45 pm dumped at a stop we didn't expect to be dumped at. Not much prior warning. Bought tickets at 13:45pm and never got to see even half of what we were going to see! Missed so much and had to go back the next day so although it was a 24 hr ticket we couldn't go back, nor would we have wanted to. So, in summary £50 for a steamed up mini bus tour around a few streets in Prague. Awesome! Please sort this out as it was a complete disaster from start to finish and really damages your brand. It couldn't have been more obvious it was oversold and under resourced.

  • 1Christina Curnow 11 months ago
    Not worth the money. Pick up places hard to find as not sign posted. No open topped bus, more like a mini van that you were squashed into. No headphones given or commentary. Takes longer to get to places using the bus than walking.

  • 1Kari Rathjen 9 months ago
    Not worth it. I have a broken foot and thought it would help get around but none where the open bus as advertised, instead just small cans that crammed people in and half the people waiting had to wait for the next bus. In

  • 1Dani Y. 9 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Uuuuj, poorly synchronized recordings in the former Berlin double decker, which is not roadworthy. (Original) Uuuuj, schlecht synchronisierte Aufnahmen im nicht verkehrstüchtigen ehemaligen Berliner Doppeldecker.

  • 1Hanno Nühm 9 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Audio guide asynchronous to the sights and rude staff. (Original) Audioguide asynchron zu den Sehenswürdigkeiten und unfreundliches Personal.

  • 1Clara W. 3 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Never again! So far I've been satisfied with "city sightseeing". I've already ridden it in another city and had a good experience. But here's a negative experience: I bought two tickets for 24 hours online. 22 euros per person. We wanted to start from a station on the red line and found neither a sign nor a bus. Exactly the same with other stations. Then we found out that the red line is currently not running. Just the blue one. However, the blue line only has 6 stops and only 5 of them were approached - which could be reached on foot. We are disappointed. (Original) Nie wieder! Bis jetzt war ich mit "city sightseeing" zufrieden. Bin schonmal in einer anderen Stadt damit gefahren und hatte eine gute Erfahrung gemacht. Hier jedoch mal eine Negativ-Erfahrung: Ich habe zwei Tickets für 24 Stunden online gekauft. Pro Person 22 Euro. Wir wollten ab einer Station der roten Linie starten und fanden weder ein Schild, noch einen Bus. Genau das gleiche auch bei anderen Stationen. Dann fanden wir heraus, dass die rote Linie derzeit gar nicht fährt. Nur die blaue. Die blaue Linie hat allerdings nur 6 Stops und davon wurden nur 5 angefahren - welche selbst zu Fuß erreichbar wären. Wir sind enttäuscht.

  • 1Karin Trunetz 9 months ago
    (Translated by Google) The stops are very poorly signposted. Most of the staff are rude (Original) Die Haltestellen sind sehr schlecht ausgeschildert. Das meiste Personal ist unfreundlich

  • 1Thunder Sounds 1 year ago
    The company's blue line bus around Prague was small, full, and hot in July of 2019. Visibility for photos was poor due to smudgy windows, including on the upper deck, which are nevertheless necessary due to overhanging tree branches along the street. When we switched to the red line, they parked us two stops later for 30 minutes in the hot sun near an ancient sports stadium that did not appear to be open for exploration. (There was no apparent guide onboard other than the narrated recordings.) The driver and his assistant proceeded to enjoy a sandwich while passengers sat and waited or meandered aimlessly nearby.

  • 1Olga Vaitone 4 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Disgusting service. We were sold a daily ticket at 14.00 for buses without even warning that they work only until 17.00. At the same time, two buses drove past the required stops during working hours and did not even stop. Very scarce information about the city and its history during the trip. Worse hip-hop service than in Prague did not meet. (Original) Отвратительный сервис. Нам продали дневной билет в 14.00 на автобусы даже не предупредив что они работают только до 17.00. При этом два автобуса в рабочее время проехали мимо положенных остановок и даже не остановились. Очень скудная информация о городе и его истории во время поездки. Хуже хип-хоп сервиса чем в Праге не встречали.

  • 1Osasino Casino 4 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Ans the company is quite good (in other countries) but only in Prague is it really bad! The seller who sold us the tickets didn't tell us that there is only one route due to Covid-19! Of course, she didn't want to tell us that because she seems to be profit or commission horny. Since there is only one route you are within 20-30min. Finished. We are very disappointing! (Original) Ans ist das Unternehmen recht gut(in anderen Ländern) aber nur in Prag ist es echt schlecht! Die Verkäuferin die uns die Tickets verkauft hat, hat uns verschwiegen, dass es aufgrund Covid-19 nur noch eine Strecke gibt! Natürlich wollte sie uns das nicht sagen weil sie anscheinend Profit bzw.Provisiongeil ist. Da es nur eine Strecke gibt ist man innerhalb 20-30min. Fertig. Wir sind sehr enttäuschd!

  • 1Nadine Kluge 4 months ago
    (Translated by Google) We booked the big red tour and also paid for it. Too bad that nobody told us that the red tour is currently not operated. Nobody is responsible for this misinformation, of course. Hop on / hop off is a nice idea. Unfortunately, it makes no sense, since there is no space on the way. All seats are occupied. Boarding is not possible at all. Promised guided tours in the castle may still take place ... maybe not. Let's see. We are waiting again. For over 20 minutes Buy a ticket for the tram Since you have more of. (Original) Wir haben die große rote Tour gebucht und auch bezahlt. Schade, dass uns niemand gesagt hat, dass die rote Tour derzeit gar nicht bedient wird. Zuständig für diese Fehlinfo ist natürlich niemand. Hop on/Hop off ist eine nette Idee. Leider aber völlig sinnlos, da es gar keinen Platz gibt unterwegs. Alle Sitze sind belegt. Zusteigen ist so gar nicht möglich. Zugesagte Führung im Schloss findet vielleicht noch statt... vielleicht auch nicht. Mal sehen. Wie warten schon wieder. Seit über 20 Minuten Kauft euch ein Ticket für die Straßenbahn Da habt ihr mehr von.

  • 1Tim Wirtz 4 months ago
    (Translated by Google) The red tour was sold. During the bus ride we were informed that red tours are no longer available and we were unlucky. Instead of a 1.5 hour tour there was only about 30 minutes. Beware of this rip off !!! (Original) Verkauft wurde die rote Tour. Während der Busfahrt wurde uns mitgeteilt, dass keine rote Touren mehr angeboten werden und wir Pech gehabt haben. Statt 1,5h Tour gabs also nur etwa 30min. Vorsicht vor dieser Abzocke!!!

  • 1Stella S 3 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Aquise on the street a little too unprofessional. The employee advised me not to visit the company's website because there is no truthful information there. (Original) Aquise auf der Straße etwas zu unprofessionell. Der Mitarbeiter hat mir geraten, die Webseite des Unternehmens nicht zu besuchen, weil es da keine wahrheitsgemäße Informationen gibt.

  • 1S. H. 3 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Very long waiting times, no timetable available, not recommended (Original) Sehr lange Wartezeiten, kein Fahrplan verfügbar, nicht zu empfehlen

  • 1L MK1000 2 months ago
    Absolute verarsche, mussten 45min länger Warten, weil der Bus angeblich in Stau stand (Samstag Mittag) und uns wurde ein Bild von Stau auf Google gezeigt, womit man den Stau beweisen wollte... Uns wurde die ganze Zeit gesagt, dass es noch 5min dauern würde, eine weitere Lüge . Als wir dann unser Geld zurück verlangt haben sagte man uns man wir können nur Kronen zurück habe. Da wir aber in Euro gezahlt haben und sie aus Frechheit noch Rund 20€ mehr verlangen als der eigentliche Wechselkurs und wir diese 20€ dadurch verloren hätten haben wir uns entschieden die Tour doch zu machen. Doch die war auch eine komplette Enttäuscht, die Kopfhörer, die man angeblich gratis bekommen würde war für 4 Euro zum kaufen, obwohl diese nie im Leben 4 Euro Wert wären. Außerdem lag überall im Bus Müll. Ich könnte eigentlich noch mehr schreiben, aber so viel Aufmerksamkeit haben sie nicht verdient und außerdem will ich nicht so viel Zeit für eine derartige Verarsche aufwenden. Alles in allem nicht zu Empfehlen.

  • 1Consi 2 months ago
    Totale verarsche Wenn man in Euro zahlt, zahlt man 13 Euro für nichts Statt alle 15 Minuten Mussten wir über 45 Minuten warten Ein Mitarbeiter hat gesagt das man wegen einem Stau solange warten musste und hat als Beweis ein Bild von Google gezeigt was sogar in einer anderen Stadt gemacht wurde. Der buss war nicht klimatisiert und die Audiospure war an der Flaschen stelle Die Kopfhörer waren gebraucht und waren teils defeckt. Die Mitarbeiter waren unfreundlich und haben uns die schon gebuchten Tickets für die andern Ruten nicht zurück gegeben.

  • 1Giuseppe Micali 3 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Not recommended, the interval between one bus and another on the red line is over an hour. The blue line is rather useless as the same places can be visited on foot. Also we were not told by the promoter who sold us the tickets that the last tour left at 3pm and at 4pm we were thrown off the bus because they were done. (Original) Sconsigliato, l'intervallo tra un bus e l'altro della linea rossa è oltre un ora. La linea blu è piuttosto inutile visto che gli stessi posti si possono visitare a piedi. Inoltre non ci è stato detto dal promoter che ci ha venduto i biglietti che l'ultimo tour partiva alle 15 e alle 16 siamo stati buttati fuori dal bus perché avevano finito.

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