• 5Dardanian Roots (Rrënjët D. 1 month ago
    Its a nice place with many tall old 🌲Trees & new Trees 🌱

  • 4Thomas V. 1 month ago
    Main square of the capital. Surrounded by bars and shops. Nothing noteworthy, but good spot to do people watching.

  • 4Mohammed A. 2 months ago
    Nice place especially in the evening time where all people socialize and enjoy there time there

  • 4L H (. 2 months ago
    Easily missed right next to mango lounge bar and cafe

  • 5Rosalie B. 2 months ago
    Nice square

  • 5akdeniz s. 3 months ago
    Nice restaurants and cafes! Everybody is out usually and it’s a cozy vibe! It’s very crowded on the weekends.

  • 5Alperen A. 6 months ago
    Fresh, wide, the view ain't destroyed by ugly buildings. The places around are cute.

  • 5Yugal N. 1 year ago
    Mother Theresa was born in Skopje, North macedonia. Her family was from Albania but this square is nice tribute to her. It is nice tourist attraction in pristina, kosovo. Many hotels are close by.

  • 2Fotograf a kameraman Tomáš M. 1 year ago
    Not very much to see or do here

  • 5Balkan travel&tourism البلقان للسفر و �. 1 year ago
    very dinamic and beautyful place

  • 5Elsa D. 1 year ago
    You can find interesting and very beautiful the famous "Mother Teresa Square" during the winter holidays. Christmas decorations at its best.

  • 5Christina M. 1 year ago
    It's the city centre basically which offers a lot of restaurants and coffee shops alongside the road.

  • 5Eron H. 1 year ago
    A fun place to walk through, lots of shops

  • 5Enfal Sena A. 1 year ago
    When I first came here, it was this square that showed it was different. It is always lively and very crowded. There is constant activity. People care about it. I think this is a very important thing!!!

  • 5Lati R. 1 year ago

  • 5ilir e. 2 years ago

  • 5Ardian B. 2 years ago
    Very good atmosfer all over

  • 5S. 3 years ago
    Shoping, walking, coofe, books

  • 4emin h. 3 years ago
    Nice atmosphere

  • 5Kujtim H. 4 years ago
    The only public square in Pristina surrounded with excellent pubs, restaurants and shops.

  • 5Mert M. 5 years ago
    World's best macchiatos

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