• 1James P. 2 years ago
    This place is basically a firey death trap. Rooms are about 12ft by 8ft, no means of escape should a fire happen.

  • 5Benjamin H. 4 years ago
    Incredibly awesome location. Met several international buyers who stayed and/or warehoused stock to send abroad. the shopping is limitless. Took me a couple weeks to even begin to understand the depths of product availability all within five minutes walk. From the highest high-line to the best value bulk, anything and everything is moved through this area. With no exaggeration, there is easily millions of square feet of vending. Every building, every floor. Ten to twenty stories up and easily half-a-dozen or more below. Wall to wall. It is unbelievable and there are no hard sells. You will have more trouble getting the dealers attention. The guest house is quick check-in and checkout. The staff is non-intrusive. The owner runs a tight ship. Rooms are clean-ish with several sizes available. The price is the lowest you will find in all of Seoul and the location is off-the-hook. Plenty of entertainment very close. Several extremely high-end shopping districts within walking distance. Cartier, Tiffany's, etc. If you are only spending a few days in Seoul, this location is really well centered. Several major tourist spots within walking distance. Center of Seoul is less then fifteen minutes by foot or perhaps ten total by train. Subway is a little bit of a walk but you can walk through probably one of the best markets in Seoul. Try it.

  • 1Christina Haelin K. 5 years ago
    Pros: Saves Money, there's a kitchen, washer and yes there is a dryer. Haven't used the laundry machines so don't exactly know if it works well but hey the guy in the front said there was also free detergent. Oh and very close to namdaemun shoppingg, so yes it's a fantastic location. Cons: okay... I purchased 2 nights in a room for 2 people. Bunk bed but there is literally no space for you to even stand with your luggage on the floor (2 suitcases). One person basically has to stay on the bed while the other person cleans themselves up because there is no room for 2 people to stand in the tiny room. This is just the beginning. Pillows were dirty :o like you see weird brown stains on the pillows.. the walls look like they're rotting?? The windows are completely disgusting with gunk all around it. Right next to an alley so even with the windows closed, I smelled people smoking cigarettes, and it's super loud outside. The smell was bad. just bad. I slept on the top bunk and something smelled like someone didn't shower in 2 weeks or something and mixed with urine. Maybe it was the window or the mattress or the blankets but they said they just washed the blankets but i don't know. The bathroom was disgusting. Very small and sink is connected with a shower head so there's no designated shower spot. You just have to stand between the sink and the toilet and try to make it work but there is no room. Floors corners look like they are actually rotting and looks like it hasn't been cleaned in ages. Actually no, the entire room looks like it hasn't been cleaned thoroughly in ages. Old box tv that didn't work o.o The hair dryer just stopped working. It looked very cheap so I think it burned out. FYI no towels so bring your own or you can ask the owner but I haven't tried that. Well this was just my experience from the bunk bed room, other rooms may be way better. Saves more money than a hotel but i was very tempted to just pay $100 for a night at hotel but moving my luggage and packing back up was a waste of time, considering that I will only be in Seoul for a limited time.

  • 1f. 5 years ago
    The only nice thing about the guest house is the location is very convenient. The room o stayed in was quite dirty. The bedsheets and pillow were dirty and obviously not washed before I arrived. I found multiple bugs including a slug in my room during my stay. The room is super tiny so beware of that, you wont have much room to move around. The bathroom toilet was so dirty and smelled bad. Also when you shower, the water trickles out of the bathroom and onto the floor so I had to put towels on the floor whenever I shower. There is a washer but no clothing dryer so you have to hang up your clothes to dry. They have a small tiny section where you can hang your clothes to dry on the racks (which were falling apart and old) but this is shared with all guests in the house and is just way too small so most of the time I had to hang up my clothes in my tiny room or wash my clothes when there was enough space to dry my clothes. Korea can get very hot, they have a fan in each room..the fans are obviously quite old and when I turn it on it has a very annoying sound which makes it hard to sleep. I wish I could say I enjoyed my trip but this place was really uncomfortable and horribly maintained and I hope no one else experiences what I did.

  • 1M. 5 years ago
    I have been to a lot of hostels but this was the worst by far. Rooms are very small which would be okay if they would have been clean. Different hairs in the bed, suspicious stains on the linen and left overs from the former guests under the bed. Staff speaks hardly English and bathrooms are smelly. Left after one night, because bed was to disgusting. Location is top but I am sure there are better places in the same neighbourhood.

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