Worst rated: Tourist Attractions in Punata, Bolivia

Find the Worst rated: places in Punata that you must visit based on the 84074 visitor reviews from 319 places in the city. Punata is the capital of Punata Province and Punata Municipality in Cochabamba Department, Bolivia. At the time of census 2012 it had a population of 19,559 inhabitants and at the census 2012 the populations rose to 28.707 inhabitants.
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  1. Parque SUECIA   -   3.40 (342 reviews)
  2. Plaza de las Sirenas   -   3.50 (608 reviews)
  3. Plazuela Corazonistas / Guzman Quiton   -   3.60 (1609 reviews)
  4. Tunari National Park   -   3.60 (11 reviews)
  5. Prehistorico Sacaba Park   -   3.90 (1431 reviews)
  6. La Torre Park   -   3.90 (656 reviews)
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What's a Worst rated?

You should really avoid these places at all costs as you will most likely have a bad experience. These Tourist Attractions are worst in the Punata.

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