€50 Manjeera Sarovar Premiere Hotel - in Rajahmundry, India

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D No: 55-10-21, Suviseshapuram, Arts College Road, Rajamahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh 533105, India




+91 883 249 9066

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4.30 (945 reviews)


Frequently mentioned in reviews: good (6) breakfast (7) rooms (8) water (8) room (9) hotel (12)

  • 5Datta K. 6 months ago
    Amazing hotel. Our family of four stayed there for 2N/3D. We booked two rooms and without us having to specifically ask for it they gave us connected rooms. Connected rooms was new for our kids so they had a blast. Rooms, bathrooms are excellent. I miss the showers. This being a newer luxury hotel we ran into big shots like MLAs. The in room food service was awesome too. The food was great tasting and the wait was minimal whenever we ordered food. With unlimited supply of cabs / autos getting to different locations was easy.

  • 5Debasish N. 5 months ago
    We had a stay here for one night during our road trip from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar. The property was new and its a hotel chain by Sarovar group of hotels. The room room we have got is really nice and spacious. Amenities are also good. Food were also very delicious in the restaurant. We had a complementary breakfast included in our booking and in the breakfast they had a large number of spreads. Indian food options were really good but the continental options were not upto the mark. Overall we had a wonderful experience there. The property has ample amount of parking space.

  • 3abhishek s. 4 months ago
    Rooms are spacious. We had booked 2 rooms. Both rooms were leaking water from glass partition between washroom and shower area. Lobby was leaking water from somewhere. Washbasin sink drain is too slow. Staff is cooperative. Location is marvellous. Food was good.

  • 3Pushpendra K. 6 months ago
    One of the best places to stay in Rajamundry...and probably the only well maintained property. Building has that luxury hotel look. 5 star for the breakfast spread. Rooms are good ...but the room and kitchen are a bit over priced for a tier 3 city.

  • 2JayaSiva K. 5 months ago
    The quality of the rooms you get seem to be hit or miss. We got two rooms, one was pretty good but the other one had too many issues. The sink didn't drain properly, there was no enclosure for bathing/showering which meant water flows out into the rest of the washroom. There was no place to hold soap, shampoo or towels near the shower. The room was super smelly when it was given to us. The experience was not worthy of a 5-star hotel

  • 2Vipin V. 6 months ago
    Stayed here for 3 nights in this hotel. Water was not draining from the washbasin. Toilet water was coming out. Complained to them but service was not done. Went to their restaurant downstairs for dinner. Services are really bad over there. It takes too much time to get something to eat. They serviced soups after main course. Take orders and later on they forget and don't service the dish. Once ordered Basa fish but it was smelling bad. For one of my overseas clients, mini bar was not working. When complained, Service Team at hotel said that is the maximum cooling available. While checking out, they were charging for biscuits in mini bar which I never had all these days. Hotel staff was arguing with mem Would suggest to keep Camera in rooms to avoid such mistakes from hotel staff. Overall, not a 5 star hotel. Think twice before booking in this hotel.

  • 2D. 1 month ago
    I gave my car to the valet and he left the lights on which drained car’s battery completely, their staff did some Jugad and experimented with my car rather than calling a mechanic. I had to stay under the sun for an hour which gave me a headache and after going back to room and called the reception for house keeping, some water and coffee, I had to wait 2 more hours, then call again and wait 30 more minutes to get some water and housekeeping. Coffee never arrived. All this happened after they killed my battery and made me wait under sun, I was nothing but patient and understanding with them but I received this in return. They don’t even provide you with drinking water! That itself shows their hospitality. Food arrived cold everytime I ordered, and I paid for breakfast while booking the hotel and they said it won’t be served in room, I have to go down to the restaurant, or I have to pay again for breakfast if I insist on in room breakfast. They should have mentioned it clearly while booking itself, as some people don’t like to get out of bed for breakfast so I paid for nothing, it’s not even about the money, I didn’t even asked compensation for ruining my car, it’s about the lack of empathy and business ethics that disappointed me. I think the owner of the hotel has no idea how shady their staff is, they have friendly faces though, but are so lazy and negligent. All I asked for all the inconvenience I faced was a written apology and they said they will email it, and it never arrived. They have zero accountability, zero empathy and zero integrity. Hotel is very clean though, as it’s relatively new, that’s the only saving grace. Please don’t give your car to the valet, they are not professionals, don’t ruin your vehicle and your peace of mind doing the mistake that I did

  • 1Vamsi K. 8 months ago
    I travel a lot and stayed here for one night with Family with Kids. No swimming pool operational, inspite of mentioning it in amenities while booking. Rooms were bit smelly. Lot of other hotels were much better. Calling bell not working for our room. Kettle is not cleaned properly, and some waste water is left over (from previous guests may be). Most of the time Valet is not available to get your car from Parking place.We need to get ourselves, and the parking place is very dark in the night, and no lights. Coffee is very bad, and milk smells a lot. Breakfast variety is good, however need to improve on the hospitality aspect. Inspite of reminding the person to get some food, the person in the restaurant never bother to come to us. Need to improve on the hospitality. Disappointed with the stay !!!

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