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  • 5Srknarasimhanagababu P. 8 months ago
    I daily visit old railway bridge.Idaily swim along side the bridge upto 16pillars.Then I jag and walk in the sand upto 3to4k.m .Mean while I eat regu and seemachintha and return after enjoying the nature beauties.

  • 5Sri Ram K. 1 year ago
    I love this bridge from my childhood. It was constructed by britishers . I still remember travel in haveock bridge, little bit scary with thrilling. Now we are using new bridge

  • 5Rakesh c. 1 year ago
    During the Third Five-Year plan doubling of railway track between Chennai-Howrah was planned. Most of the route had been doubled except the small stretch of track between Kovvur and Rajahmundry where a bridge had to be built to span the three kilometer long Godavari River. During 1964, the construction of second bridge across Godavari river at Rajahmundry was sanctioned as a part of doubling of track between Kovvur and Rajahmundry. But there had been a persistent demand from local population for construction of a road link between Kovvur and Rajahmundry, which would essentially link East Godavari and West Godavari districts. The Andhra Pradesh State Government came forward with the proposal to add a road deck over the rail bridge under construction as a part of doubling the railway track between Chennai-Howrah. It was commissioned by South Central Railway division of Indian Railways. Construction of the bridge began in the early 1970s by Braithwaite, Burn & Jessop Construction Company, a group company of Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Limited. When completed it was Asia's longest rail -cum- road bridge. It was inaugurated by the then President of India, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed in 1974.

  • 4VforVishy V. 1 year ago
    Indeed the first bridge for trains built by the British across the river godavari. Named as Havelock bridge after the then Governor of Madras Mr Havelock. It's always a thrill traveling over this bridge while a kid, quite a scary as the train chugged on these tracks. No longer operational. Built in 1890s and got into operational by 1900. Was in service until 1990s. And still has the beautiful c charm. AP govt is trying to renovate this as a heritage place but still to be seen.

  • 5Kishor V. 1 year ago
    Godavari river phenominal.. great enjoy at here.. bridge and river main attraction of this place.. pls visit once if any one come to rajamandry.. swimming in Godavari osmm. Experience..

  • 5Hemanth G. 3 years ago
    Mesmerizing experience. The Godavari aarati that happens every evening is not only a visual treat but also a blessing. Both the new and old bridges are engineering marvels in their corresponding time periods. The sunset, especially, looks amazing.

  • 5meghanath s. 4 years ago
    A very pleasant place to be at evenings also prayers will be done in evenings as well.

  • 5Mobile Filmmaker Travel s. 5 years ago
    Very beautiful railway bridge constructed on the river Godavari in the 19th century. It served as a vital rail link from chennai to kolkata. This engineering marvel was decommissioned in the year1996. One can have a scenic view of this bridge from pushkar ghat. Currently, It stood as a historical monument. Enjoy your stay in beautiful spiritual town of rajahmundry.

  • 5Miriyala D. 5 years ago
    It is the oldest railway bridge which connects west and east Godavari districts i.e kovvur(wg) and Rajahmundry(Eg).it serves hundred years as a railway bridge for Indian railways.Still it looks very strong.It is one of the greatest engineers achievement at that time.

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