Top rated Bars and Pubs in Rasht, Iran

Find the Top rated places in Rasht that you must visit based on the 17976 visitor reviews from 105 places in the city. Rasht (Persian: رشت‎ Rašt; Gilaki: Rəsht‎; also Romanized as Resht and Rast, and often spelt Recht in French and older German manuscripts) is the capital city of Gilan Province, Iran.
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  1. Shore Coli Restaurant   -   4.30 (931 reviews) Cosy
  2. Chelo Shish Restaurant   -   4.20 (239 reviews) Cosy
  3. Guilan Grand Restaurant   -   4.10 (47 reviews) Casual
  4. Pizza Tower   -   3.40 (36 reviews) Late-night food
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This page was last updated on Feb 27, 2021.