Hidden gems: Bars and Pubs in Rio Branco, Brazil

Find the Hidden gems: places in Rio Branco that you must visit based on the 58247 visitor reviews from 289 places in the city. Rio Branco or Río Branco (Portuguese for "White River") may refer to:
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  1. Garagem Beer   -   4.80 (57 reviews) Outdoor seating
  2. Seringal Bier   -   4.80 (43 reviews) Happy hour food
  3. IBIS KITCHEN   -   4.60 (16 reviews) Late-night food
  4. Hookah House Pub   -   4.50 (39 reviews) Casual
  5. Bar Do Louro   -   4.50 (37 reviews) Bar games
  6. Deck do Lago   -   4.50 (34 reviews) Casual
  7. Saumad Hard Rock Pub Bar   -   4.50 (11 reviews) Casual
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What's a Hidden gem?

We call places hidden gems that are new, extremely good, but are not that popular yet - you should check them out. The criteria is to have a rating of 4.5 or more and less than 100 reviews.

This page was last updated on Feb 27, 2021.