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  • 3/5 G D. 2 years ago on Google
    Decided to eat here while showing a relative around the iconic Mission Inn. If you're looking for authentic, simple but good Mexican food, this is not the place to go. I have a feeling they've gentrified the dishes to cater to the palates of the hotel guests. While the food wasn't horrible, I expected a lot better for the $$$. I enjoyed the guacamole that came with the order of chips and salsa. Our waitress recommended that I get the salmon tacos over the restaurant's prime rib taco special. What was served was your basic fish taco with cabbage slaw, with the grilled salmon disappointingly dry and over-cooked; stuffed onto corn tortillas which disintegrated way before the last bite. The key to great tacos for me is the tortilla. My hubby's carne asada was decent, grilled well but nothing to write home about. Overall, the food wasn't authentic-tasting to me and was quite pricey for the quality. So we will probably not return. I will choose authentic and inexpensive street tacos from down the street any day.
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  • 4/5 Sean P. C. 2 years ago on Google
    🎄 Festival of Lights Mission Inn 🎄 Las Campanas Tequila Bar was great evening. Had dinner with the wife. She had the Mission Inn Margarita… I had the double of water on ice. 🧊 My wife had the 🍤Shrimp Fajitas and I had the Filet Mignon steak fajitas… Both were tasty! The Festival of Lights at Mission Inn makes the night so much enjoyable. Outdoor seating in the middle of the lights. Mission Inn was steady all night with the flow of customers. Our server Arturo was attentive And on point throughout the night. Make your reservations right away for your family or your significant other. You won’t be disappointed in making memories for the holidays
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  • 3/5 Lori G. 2 years ago on Google
    The ambience is nice. The pomegranate margarita was AMAZING!!! I highly recommend it. I ordered the Carnitas plate and felt that the meat was not as savory as it could have been. The rice & beans were edible, but bland. The corn tortillas were heated in a microwave & became very hard after a few minutes. The other people in my party were not that impressed with their meals either. The chips & salsa were great; the guacamole was well liked by my group. Overall, it's a beautiful courtyard with nice drinks. The food is not impressive, especially for the prices they charge.
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  • 3/5 Tangut 2 years ago on Google
    The food is average, salad looks days old, dressing looks…. Messy, enchiladas are cold. The ambiance adds value to it, exotic garden is lovely, a great place to gang out, date or just relax. Don’t expect spectacular of the festival of lights.
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  • 5/5 Doug R. 2 years ago on Google
    Came here for a valentines dinner and man it was good. The seating area is very nice and with warm weather it's perfect. The food and drinks were very good. We got lucky and found parking on the street but there is also a parking garage very close. The staff was very friendly and attentive. If your in the area come and check it out and I don't think you will be disappointed.
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  • 3/5 Valeh E. 2 years ago on Google
    It is really nice place with not really good food! We reserved a table and were a little late but we waited for our food one hour and half!!! They serve you with chips and salsa for free. Salsa taste like water! The margaritas wasn’t any good! The pomegranate margarita is taste nothing like pomegranate! The carne asada was ok and the Biria was good! Overall it is a pretty place but not for food! I don’t recommend this place if you care about food! It was 252 bucks for 4 of us.
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  • 5/5 Nima S. 2 years ago on Google
    Good quality food. Very professional and accommodating staff. When we arrived late, they helped us to make a second reservation for the same day. The atmosphere is very friendly and calm. Don't forget about the water fountain and the bird.
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  • 2/5 Susan W. 9 months ago on Google
    Had to wait a long time with no one coming up to entry even though a reservation. Had to eventually just walk in since no service people would come be hostess. Food service is very spotty and extremely slow and difficult to get attention of staff. The food was cold. Enchiladas cold. So what are they doing? Reheating?! Microwaving? But all that said and done, I do love the atmosphere and beauty of the space. Unfortunately, there are no efforts to cool the space. No fans. No misters. This is extreme summer heat and no efforts to cool the space. Water glasses extensions tiny, like a small juice size and honestly the glassware quite cheap and thin clear glass for such a supposed posh place. Eating outdoors in this heat for lunch so unconfirmed in jeans a tank and birkenstock that got heat exhation and absolutely no one helped or noticed of my iffy walk to cool off in lobby where I remained for an hour barely making it to a chair. Again. No staff. No one at the door or in the lobby who came to help. An older lady sat with me until I cashed my husband an hour later for didn't think I could make it outside to retrieve my car. Again, no staff helping or inquiring or bringing cold rags or ice water that they so miserly provided one tiny glass at lunch. So, no, I do not recommend it even though I have been faithfully going here for 30 years. The Mission Inn staff is lacking in the level of service I would expect at a nice place like this and absolutely unacceptable that they not have fans and misters in an outdoor restaurant in extreme heatwave heat of the desert of Southern California.
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  • 4/5 Mike D. 2 years ago on Google
    Great atmosphere. Very comfortable vibe and good menu.
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  • 5/5 Kelsi H. 8 months ago on Google
    We had a wonderful meal today! We loved our tacos, open face quesadilla, and enchiladas. The guacamole has always been one of our favorites. Make sure to ask them to put in local orange! Sheila was a wonderful server and Reuben did a great job making sure our water and chips were always full. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but the venue and service make up for it!
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  • 4/5 Raffi A. 3 years ago on Google
    Overall it’s a very good place. The fish was a bit undercooked for my liking. Staf is very friendly.
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  • 5/5 Gabriela R. 3 years ago on Google
    Beautiful atmosphere. Can smell the flowers around you. The twinkling lights on the palms, sitting in a historical architecture. Food was great. Had the seafood and chicken enchiladas. Both were delicious. Food delivered quickly. Waiter very nice.
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  • 2/5 Jenny 2 years ago on Google
    The atmosphere is excellent. The food is okay. I got sick off of the food so make of that what you will. It tastes decent going down, but later that night as it came up…not so much. I got the fish tacos. There were left over fajitas that I ate for lunch two days later and I got sick off those too. This is the third time I have eaten here and have had a bad experience. I should just sit and have a drink, which sad to say, I was not pleased about either. I ordered a Shirley Temple, but was disappointed that there was not one cherry; sad moment for my drink.
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  • 5/5 Damon F. 8 months ago on Google
    What a nice spot. It's just out front of Mission Inn Hotel. It's a beautiful setup with lights on the trees and big umbrellas. They also have heat lamps for when it's cold outside. But I don't know if I would want to be here in 100° weather. The service was excellent. Shout out to Eduardo who was a great server. Water and drinks were refilled without asking and the food was brought out quickly. Chips and Guac were really good. It's a pricey starter at $18 but it's really good. I had the Carne Asada and it was seasoned well and tender. The rice and beans were very good and full of flavor. Keep in mind that the menu is very short. There aren't alot of items on it, but they look good. The margatita was pretty tasty but not worth $18. All in all I'd definitely recommend this spot. Good for a simple date night or just a place where you want a nice atmosphere.

  • 4/5 Gerald Y. 5 months ago on Google
    We also ordered the fajitas but all the food waited for 45min and I was too hungry. The chips n salsa were bomb though. The bartenders are awesome too

  • 4/5 Romie R. 8 months ago on Google
    This is a beautiful outside seating experience (dont forget your bug spray) the drinks were on point 👌🏼 cold beer cold glasses yummy margaritas A++, service was great, attentive, removed dirty dishes without asking-super! The food however uuuuhhhh carne asada had the silver skin cooked on it, tortillas to tacos fell apart, queso fundido served w chips only, none of the food came out hot to touch. Sorry but the food for us was the only true disappointment considering what we paid here $$$$

  • 4/5 SUE D. 6 months ago on Google
    Odd series of events for our large party yet finally accommodated, but party split between tables. Food delicious, portions great. Yet ran out of chips, and then guacamole. As they prepare ahead, our other table received the last two large orders of guacamole. Then, when we tried to order, we were offered a side, as they had no addional avocados to make quality to support that as they needed to reserve to enclude on their dishes. In the beginning, refills were slow, and then we finally were able to flag down someone's attention. At one point, we observed at least 9-10 staff (inclg a few managers) standing around while a few others were wrapping silverware. Same on chip refill, before our main dinners arrived, we just couldn't get the service but later found the reason why. Our dinners arrived to satisfy exceptional food and portions. Yet we still inquired about more chips and response the same. Yes, they are coming. We are now almost done with dinner to receive one small basket of burned tortilla chips. Yes, burnt, thick, and I don't believe were made from same ingredients from before. When inquired on this, the waiter said, "Yes,as they ran out and had to produce something else, which I couldn't catch the name, as he uickly and swiftly moved on away. But there were several from the hostess, and several busboy were friendly, and eventually came to our aid turning out to a successful evening. Thank you, and I wish you much success in the future ahead.

  • 2/5 sam 9 months ago on Google
    Really disappointing. The service was terrible, it took over an hour to get our food and we never received our appetizer. It was definitely not busy either. The food was very mid as well. The only two good things were that they were quick with giving you drinks and the restaurant is pretty. Wouldn’t come back.

  • 3/5 Leonard S. 5 months ago on Google
    We went on a Thursday night. Reserved a spot at 7:30. Seated about 7:40. 1) Service: It took an hour before we got our food. I didn’t ask but I have a feeling they were understaffed. Maybe new management not making good decisions which trickles down to the waiters/waitresses who are trying their best to hold things together. But wait that said, the waitress did her best to check up on us and serve us with chips and salsa and water. I easily could’ve not tipped but I usually tipped good regardless of the service just because I sympathize with them. 2) Food: the food wasn’t anything special. I remember eating here in the past and it was a lot better. Maybe they had a change of chef? Two tiny fish tacos for $21? The tortilla was served 5 minutes before the fajitas which I don’t get. I’m not sure what goes on in the kitchen but maybe they didn’t have enough chefs that night? 3) We went during the Festival of Lights. That was the redeeming factor…and the fact that we were staying at the inn so we could just walk to our room after eating. But I don’t think I’ll be going back to the restaurant. After taking the Landmark Walking Tour and seeing the history and what this place means…a haven for people to come and enjoy…it was a little sad to see that this restaurant didn’t really match with what Mission Inn stood for. Maybe COVID did a number on the business. I hope that whoever makes the big decisions can somehow bring the restaurant up to par with the respect I give Mission Inn and the history it holds.

  • 5/5 Shannon B. 2 years ago on Google
    Excellent prompt service. Food was amazingly delicious. I selected the Carne Asada Tortas, Peach Margarita. Nice outdoor experience.

  • 5/5 Nicole S. 10 months ago on Google
    Loved every part of this place, so much we ate there two nights in a row during our stay! The open face quesadilla was amazing!!! We also had salmon fish tacos which were really good, but the open face quesadilla has so much goodness on it, honestly like nothing I have ever had! We had the shrimp, Carne and veggie, all were wonderfully topped off with arugula, pesto and a Chipotle cream sauce...so dang good! Our first server was Louis and the next night was Ellisa (?) They were both genuinely happy, so refreshing to have such great customer service! The ambiance is perfect, with patio lights and beautiful fountains...don't sleep on this place if you are in Riverside!!!

  • 5/5 Diego R. 9 months ago on Google
    My first time and let me tell you I loved it and so did my wife. I brought her here for her birthday and she loved it. It was at nine at night so the lights were on and it was beautiful. We had a reservation and were seated immediately. The hosted were very friendly. And our server Karina was amazing. She made us feel welcomed on our first visit. The team that worked with her was amazing. The food was delicious. My wife ordered the open quesadilla and it was bomb. We got the calamari, drool 🤤. And for me I got the mixed fajitas very delicious. We are definitely going to plan to revisit Las Campanas. Very family orientated atmosphere with a splash of romanticism. I highly recommend to anyone.

  • 3/5 Oskar D. 1 year ago on Google
    All in all Las Campanas best dish is it's service with a side of atmosphere. I try not to create expectations but given the locale and the heritage it is hard not to I had heard some good things so I was pretty excited for the dining. Service is definitely a point of emphasis. My server was Andre. He was attentive, cordial, friendly, and helpful. It's important for a server to know the menu, and more importantly, to ask the right questions. Andre was adequate. The menu is typical but limited. I had never been so I figured the house specialty would be a good bet...problem is half the menu was a house specialty which IMO doesn't tell you much. I figured you can't go wrong with a classic so I ordered enchiladas.... I was wrong. Presentation is everything but taste is king. The enchiladas were dry and bland. The beans and rice followed suit. What was pretty awesome was the guacamole - a def must try! That said, the ambiance is pretty awesome. Very cozy outdoor setting. To be honest, they do a great job of transforming what is basically a patio into an awesome botanical experience which is totally cool! Price points are, IMO not on par with the menu or food quality but I get it...location, location, location. All in all, Las Campanas did not "Ring my bell" but if you are looking for great atmosphere with great selfie spots and good service it may be your bell of choice 😎

  • 4/5 Brian W. 1 year ago on Google
    Our server was incredible. She was so nice and was always smiling! The atmosphere was beautiful and the mission was lit up beautifully! A little pricey but I'm assuming it's the location.

  • 1/5 Gil S. 2 years ago on Google
    Ok.. so this was my first time here.. all my friends brag about this place... but to be honest I was really disappointed!!!.. I got a mission margarita and a chicken fajita... food was tasteless and margarita was just like drinking water... the tortillas were horrible... I mean if I'm going to be paying premium prices I'm expecting premium food... the service was great tho.. and obviously the ambiance was beautiful... but come on.... do quality food!!

  • 5/5 Natalie H. 2 years ago on Google
    We haven't been to Las Campanas in ages! Making a reservation was very easy, we were seated immediately, and our server, Ivan was spectacular! We ordered the guacamole and ceviche for appetizers and they were so fresh and delicious. I ordered the seafood enchiladas and my husband ordered the dinner special fajitas. Both were very good, nice sized servings and tasted fresh. With Ivan's encouragement, we ordered the chocolate cake instead of getting cupcakes from Casey's and the cake was rich and delightful. I ordered two margaritas, I think they could have been stronger but they were good as well (blood orange and the perfect margarita). We managed to get out before it got too crowded and we left with a few bug bites, but totally worth it!

  • 2/5 T P. 2 years ago on Google
    Mission Inn is a beautiful place to go.. The setting at this restaurant was very nice. The food was not very good. Flavors did not remind me of Mexico at all.

  • 5/5 Liz F. 2 years ago on Google
    Beautiful ambiance, delicious food, and huge margaritas! The Carne asada was amazing and our waiter, Ivan, was outstanding! This place is gorgeous!

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