Arch's Iguana and Marine Park - Tourist attraction in Roatan, Honduras

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Iguana Park, Brooksy Point Rd, French Cay 34101, Honduras



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  • 5Anthony Guiliano I. 1 year ago
    When I decided to go see iguanas, I did not know what to expect. Walking down the path blew my mind. There are so many iguanas you have to literally watch your step. Plus they raise the small iguanas and protect them until they are large enough to be on their own. Even though it was a quick visit, it was very memorable and we are glad we went.

  • 5n. 1 year ago
    My family stopped at Arch's on a recent Royal Caribbean cruise excursion. What's funny is that we didn't realize this was part of the excursion package because there wasn't a mention about it. So, when the small bus stopped, we asked another family if this was correct; they weren't sure either. (Ended up being part of it). The staff at Arch's is top notch...extremely kind and knowledgeable. The reserve is tucked back far off the path of tourists and people. Arch's effort to help the iguanas is a selfless act and defines humanity. I would like to go back and spend more time learning

  • 5S H. 1 year ago
    This place was amazing! There were tons of iguanas everywhere! The staff was excellent and we even met the owner! They had a small gift shop that carried mostly everything souvenir you can think of! I loved our visit here. Highly recommend it!

  • 5Shelby B. 1 year ago
    Had so much fun!! The iguanas were great and feeding was my favorite part.

  • 5Best Friend J. 1 year ago
    I joined this tour last min. This was our second stop. Very informed tour guide. Beautiful iguanas reserve. Large fish

  • 5Sheila J. 1 year ago
    I'm normally afraid of iguanas but this place makes being around them a fun & educational experience.

  • 5Inez H. 1 year ago
    OMG.... best day ever!!! There were so many all over the park.

  • 5Jason S. 5 months ago
    This was a really neat place with iguanas everywhere. They were just wandering around like they owned the place. Definitely cool to see despite not being a fan of reptiles. You get leaves to feed them. You also visit the baby iguana cage to see where they keep them for a year until they're older and bigger before releasing them back to the wild.

  • 5J M. 6 months ago
    We enjoyed our stop here learning about Iguanas, especially when the kids got to feed them. The smoothies were especially refreshing as well. Very cool spot

  • 5Sydney H. 5 months ago
    Such a great place. Awesome staff and beautiful scenery, plus TONS of iguanas. We had a blast feeding them and learning about them, and even holding one for a while! They're amazing creatures and this place was just a blast. Highly recommend you visit next time you're in the area!

  • 5Pete “SealyPete” P. 3 months ago
    OK, now this was AWESOME. So very educational, downright fun for the entire family. Like others have said, the iguanas have the run of the place- they are everywhere! The price was quite reasonable for the time spent and the enjoyment had by all in our party. Booked through Carnival.

  • 4Becky B. 7 months ago
    The guides are very informative and it’s impressive seeing all the animals they have there

  • 4Sharise, The Word C. 2 months ago
    Nice cruise excursion. Wonderful to see someone helping to conserve the iguanas. Loved the duck who looks after its blind friend, a rooster. Kind of a surprising business for a staunch Trump supporter (posters and pics adorn his truck).

  • 3Shandi H. 10 months ago
    Beautiful place. I do wish there was a bit more time and interaction with the Iguanas but it was still a really cool experience. The guide gave a decent amount of information about the place and even some of the fish there at the docks

  • 2Pablo R. 1 year ago
    The tour was just 10 minutes. The guide looked uninterested, didn't bother much explaining, and went away to help park a boat during part of the tour. It all looks a bit like a tourist trap. There's a bunch of iguanas down the way when you enter, and then some fish under captivity. Iguanas are cool, but these seemed so used to tourists feeding them they had lost any natural instincts. Their excuse for having them there is that the locals hunt them for food, so maybe being here could be best for them. I didn't really catch their excuse for having the fish there. It's all 12$.

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