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  • 5Loyal Q. 9 months ago
    If you’d like a fantastic new adventure, I recommend exploring the ocean at depths of up to 2,000 feet with Stanley Submarine. Karl Stanley, owner and builder of one of the few private subs in the world has years of experience exploring the deep Caribbean ocean in Roatan, as well as other oceans. This truly a life time experience I will never forget. The topography is amazing with a feeling you could also be on the moon. One of the highlights was six gill sharks swimming around the sub. The lighting on the sub is great for photos as Karl can maneuver up close to all kinds of strange creatures. Check out his website for his many contributions to ocean studies and information on how to, ‘go deep’.

  • 5Ariane B. 1 year ago
    The best once in a lifetime experience! Having the opportunity to go below 1,000 feet is marvellous. I’ve done multiple dives with Karl, it’s been life changing. The 2,200 feet dive was my favorite, I saw the six gill sharks for the very first time. I’ve seen the dumbo octopus, the sea lilies, the brisingidae starfish, glass sponges and two types of deep ocean jellyfish. If you are looking for a unique adventure, this is what you are looking for. Karl is a inspiration! He started building his first submarine at the age of 15, you can see it while snorkelling in the Half Moon Bay. His second submarine is Idabel, currently operating to a maximum depth of 2,000 feet. Karl has been exploring the depths of Roatan’s ocean for 22 years now. His dock is open to the public and everyone is welcome to come and see the submarine. This side of the bay is perfect for snorkelling, a green moray eel lives under his dock. A seahorse is usually around too, a nurse shark, lion fish and stingrays.

  • 5Marcia F. 1 year ago
    Once-in-a-lifetime experience. Karl is incredibly knowledgeable and runs a tight ship. We did the Lophelia Reef Expedition and saw a Dumbo octopus, tiger shark, serpent stars, orange roughy, gorgeous coral formations, incredible jellies, and countless other biological and geological wonders. Bring socks, pants, and long sleeves if you tend to get cold easily, and a bottle of water.

  • 5Eric K. 1 year ago
    Went on a 2000 foot dive. Karl was great. I could not have imagined a better guide and pilot. Saw octopus, a tiger shark, and so much sea life at such depth. Better than I could have imagined.

  • 5Frank P. 1 year ago
    When we arrived at the location we met the friendly gardener and he was super helpful connecting us with Karl. Our expedition was to 1,500 feet and we got to see another world that few people will ever experience. Karl was a great guide and showed us many unique and interesting plants and animals that you'll never see above 300 feet of depth. We felt very safe at all times which is significant given that we were over a quarter mile under the sea. As another reviewer mentioned, this is not a theme park ride, it is a unique opportunity to go to depths that almost no other private sub can reach and to see that life can thrive even in the absence of light far under the surface. Very likely to try this again in the future!

  • 5Jake B. 1 year ago
    My wife and I had a great trip down to 1000’ below the surface. It is something we will never forget. The website has very realistic explanations of exactly what to expect which was very helpful before booking. We had a good time.

  • 3Nila A. 4 years ago
    It's not bad but mehhh... wouldn't do it again. Very tight and humid inside! The sunken ships they advertise aren't authentic they were placed there on purpose. Didn't see any awesome exotic fish. I think you're better off snorkeling.

  • 5Derek L. 4 years ago
    I went in early 2017 and had a great experience with my wife. It is a home made submarine, and you get to go very deep, but despite the pressure on the nerves, it was a wonderful trip. It was truly surreal to go so deep that everything went dark. On the way up we hung around the 15m mark for a few minutes and watched people scuba dive.

  • 1mary o. 5 years ago
    We booked online with Stanley Submarines and had a terrible experience during our trip on 30 July 2018. I left a detailed review on Tripadvisor which was posted then mysteriously removed as I believe other reviews have been removed. I do not recommend this trip/experience.

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