• 5Carol M. 5 months ago
    Our guide was very interesting. He's very knowledgeable and he took the time to answer all my questions.

  • 5David F. 6 months ago
    Excellent place to visit with amazing artwork and craftsmanship.

  • 5Estella M. 7 months ago
    Very cool and incredible works of art.

  • 3Nigel H. 7 months ago
    Lot of spiel from the welcome guy who encouraged everyone to buy a raffle ticket. The 1st prize turned out to be a measly little box of chocolates. Not even a token of their very overpriced jewellery.

  • 4bryan w t. 7 months ago
    Great little ship to visit while down there, beautiful art work ,guide at shop very informative

  • 5Cathy D. Cessna RDH MPA A. 8 months ago
    Notable artisan handmade keepsakes. EXQUISITE! Surpass trends, artfully crafted to stand the test of generational differences.

  • 3Nicole W. 8 months ago
    Visiting the Stone Castle was part of my excursion package and I'm happy we got the opportunity to see the artwork created using shell's, very informative.

  • 5Madison H. 8 months ago
    Really Knowledgeable owner/head artist who was happy to show us the works he was proud of. Worth a visit!

  • 4Connie S. 9 months ago
    Place is pretty interesting. Have some pretty cameo jewelry. No price marking. People are nice here. Walk 15 min from the port. Just be careful when walking there. There is no side walk. Cars drive in hurry. So be very care.

  • 5Andrea W. 10 months ago
    The sweetest people work there. Their work is stunning. If you are considering a stop, you won't regret it.

  • 5Douglas F. 10 months ago
    Wonderful place! The people here are very knowledgeable and kind. Their work is amazing

  • 3Elaine D. 11 months ago
    Beautiful stuff but not my style

  • 5Bryonna S. 11 months ago
    LOVED!!! skilled craftsman. Beautiful work! Thank you

  • 5Bill P. 1 year ago
    The artistry here is wonderful. I just wish I was able financially to purchase some of the larger pieces. Beautiful work.

  • 5Shelby B. 1 year ago
    Beautiful place. Such talent from the artist and jewelry makers

  • 1Jb W. 1 year ago
    Paid for a cameo that the owner had just carved. It still needed the frame & bale. This was in Sept, 2021… Now March, 2022… NO CAMEO! The owner has been contacted multiple times.. he’s a crook… don’t trust him!

  • 4Jason R. 1 year ago
    The artwork is beautiful, however the prices are a bit high. You can find the shells elsewhere for a more reasonable price. I would not count this as a tour, more of a sales opportunity. They allow you to browse their works and make purchases but do not show you how, where, or by whom the items are made. There is actually nothing shown to you other than the sales floor to be honest. If you like the work, be sure to check them out as they have a huge selection but be prepared to pay a premium.

  • 5Jill S. 1 year ago
    This jewelry is way underpriced for the expert carving. The only thing I would suggest is to add credit card capability I would have purchased several hundred dollars worth of items if you would have been able to take a credit card. The pieces and there are just absolutely stunning.

  • 5Steven B. 1 year ago
    Very cool art and nice people. It was certainly one of the more relaxed places I visited while on the island.

  • 4Shirley R. 2 years ago
    Beautiful Detailed art made from Sea Shells.. but a bit pricey for most

  • 5priscilla b. 4 years ago
    This was an Amazing experience!! The work is done on the premises & it is Breathtaking what they can create. They had many pieces with very reasonable prices...many beach-themed pendants & rings. There was a public bathroom in the back for the people on bus tours if roatan

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