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9GGP+PJG, Pristine Bay Rd, Pristine Bay, Honduras



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  • 5Matt S. 1 year ago
    We went there as an excursion from our cruise ship, very relaxing , great service and great food

  • 5Tina B. 1 month ago
    It was great staying here! We stayed in the villa with our own private pool and it was amazing! I will note that wi-fi was not 100% reliable but it seemed to be the cases with a few places around the island so if you’re planning to WOH then get your carrier’s plan. Also if you’re planning on staying here & exploring different places around the island, then rent a car.

  • 5Ebony L. 1 month ago
    Las Verandas is a BEAUTIFUL hotel. The villas are very large, perfect for family to hang out together. Front desk staff were very friendly and helpful, knowledge of some Spanish is handy throughout Roatan. The 2 restaurants on site basically have the same menu and the food is OK. Service in restaurants was slow and not attentive. We had an issue with our first villa (the water in the tub and sink was brown). They eventually moved us to a different villa where it was better but did not compensate for the 2 nights. The location is EXTREMELY remote. It is very far from anything that you would want to do in Roatan. Nothing is in walking distance. Cab driver charged $40 to go to the grocery store. Get ready to pay A LOT for cabs to get anywhere. Reccomm stopping at the store on the way from the airport and try to get everything you will need. Front desk encouraged us to do the Little French Key excursion. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this. It was a complete waste of money, it's basically just like being at the resort on the beach. It's a tourist trap with one restaurant and nothing to do. The walkable areas, West End and West Bay are about 45 minutes away. If you plan to snorkel or dive, you want to be in this area. This is a great resort if you want to stay at the villa, get food, cook, and hang out. We did have a good time at the onsite golfing and the pools are nice.

  • 5Neomi N. 4 months ago
    What a beautiful property. The views are breathtaking.. photos and videos honestly don’t do this place justice. There are three restaurants and the food is so fresh and absolutely delicious - try the fried snapper and thank me later. The service Las Verandas provides is top tier!! The resort staff is so friendly and attentive. A special thank you to Johnny and Robert who made our stay extremely pleasant! Our two floor villa was beautiful and spacious! The beach was so serene and peaceful, however, it’s too rocky to truly enjoy. I loved taking naps on the beach and watching the sunset I can’t wait to come back. 10/10 highly recommend!!!! Check out @neomisnowonthego on Instagram for my Roatan highlight and more views of the property.

  • 5Bobby J. 7 months ago
    The resort was absolutely gorgeous and our room was incredible. Not only that, the resort staff were so incredible and accommodating. They were so kind to us when we missed our flight, and they were still able to find us a room. Incredible food and amenities all for an incredible price. Over all 10/10, probably the best service that I've ever experienced from a hotel. Will definitely be back again.

  • 5Roatan Vacation And T. 8 months ago
    Beautiful place and great food! Everything g I tried there was delicious

  • 5Javier Vidal M. 9 months ago
    Luxurious hotel with very friendly staff and moderate prices at the restaurant. It also offers a day pass for 15$ if you want to enjoy the pool and private artificial beach.

  • 5Kenneth M. 8 months ago
    A most beautiful resort with an unparalleled setting. The landscape was impeccable with deep green grass and flowers and hedges everywhere. The rooms were tastefully appointed and roomy and comfortable. There was no couch or table but a comfortable chair and hassock. It appears that all rooms have a view of the ocean or a bay behind the resort with the mountains to the east. They are remodeling some of the units and there is some missing tiles on the two pools but who cares with the negative edge pools! The chairs under the beach umbrellas remind you of the Corona beer ads. The rooms should have a microwave and the fridge was only cool, not cold, but certainly adequate. The a/c was perfect with the ability to be frigid or moderate or inbetween. The restaurant served a variety of delicious food and the service was first rate. The staff couldn't have been nicer.

  • 5Geoff K. 8 months ago
    Friendly and helpful staff, they make you feel right at home. Terry in particular was the best host I’ve ever had and makes the best drinks although every single staff member was fantastic at their jobs. Would recommend staying here to anyone who enjoys great food and staff.

  • 5Ali S. 9 months ago
    Superb scenery, but far from many things. Great & large rooms with fantastic beds but water pressure is unusually low. The food is good but there’s only one restaurant & one bar. The front desk staff, Brian & Jonathan plus the hotel driver, Carlos, are the best things about this hotel. They make your stay even more pleasant. My overall impression of this hotel is that it is great place to get away from everything & just relax. It is not a place for kids as the activities available on site are very limited.

  • 5Mitchell R. 2 years ago
    Las Verandas hotel was such an amazing experience and a true getaway. Besides the spectacular views I would say the thing that stuck out the most was the staff. Every single member went above and beyond to make sure our stay was a 10 out of 10. The food and the rooms were superb. Other reviews mentioned some villas are under construction. These are off to the side and out of site and not a bother. The elaborate details and planning that went into this property is impressive and deserves the title as the #1 hotel in Honduras. ~Thank you and can't wait to come back

  • 4Larry P. 1 year ago
    BEAUTIFUL, TRANQUIL, & FRIENDLY. EXACTLY WHAT OUR FAMILY NEEDED!!! Pros: This hotel was away from the hustle and bustle of the West side. After visiting West Bay and West End, we appreciated the distant even more. Very quiet. Overall the compound was beautiful. The two infinity pools overlooking the ocean were extremely picturesque. The main areas were very well manicured. The property is secure. Pristine Bay is gated and the gates are manned at all time with security verifying entering and exiting traffic. [Side note: We felt extremely safe all around the island. We were surrounded by very friendly tourists and locals.] Great service. We were welcomed with a couple glasses of iced tropical fruit punch and escorted by Elaine around the property and to our room, which was a great touch rather than being shown the location of our room on a map and left alone to find the room. Elaine and the other front desk professionals were very friendly, inviting, and attentive. The food service professionals were exceptional. Lisa was incredible with every encounter and remembered our names and previous order after day 1. Daniel, Pedro, Linda, Angelo, and others also made our stay enjoyable. The food was very good. The steak and eggs are a must try. I would recommend prepaying for breakfast for your stay. It’s worth it and we weren’t aware of any other options that wouldn’t require leaving Pristine Bay, which requires a vehicle. Our room (838) was a hotel room versus a full villa. It was on the 2nd floor next to the main office. We had an incredible view with a very nice and furnished balcony. The room was well furnished overall, very spacious, and was consistent with website photos. I had to work for 3 days while onsite, and the wifi was very reliable with only a couple hiccups that were resolved quickly. Cons: There were areas of Las Verandas in need of some TLC. The pool tiles need to be replaced and there appeared to be black mold in some areas. The property contained vacant unfinished villas throughout. That does the property a disservice. Those villas looked rundown in what otherwise is a clean, well-constructed, and well-maintained property. Even if there are no plans to finish them now, I would pressure wash the structures and clear the debris. The kitchen did not offer espresso drinks, which required us to drive off of Pristine Bay. Also there was no spa/massage services offered on site, which seems odd for a “4 star hotel.” The front desk was able to relay my wife to a nearby resort offsite that offered such services, and my wife was extremely pleased. The in-room refrigerator did not cool. We were told they function as coolers rather than refrigerators. Las Verandas should provide refrigerators. If you’re looking for the beaches of West Bay, you will be disappointed. The beach lacks light and fluffy sand and the water as filled with seaweed. It wasn’t a big deal for me, because I prefer the infinity pools with view of the sea rather than being on the beach. My wife prefers the opposite. I read the reviews about the sandfleas/sandflies, but thought that after a few days I lucked out. I WAS WRONG. The staff sprays for them every morning, so I don’t think there’s much more that can be done. If you’re going to be at the beach at all or in the pool in the evening, spray repellent everywhere you care not to be bitten. They ate me alive. We were not bothered during the day or in our room and on our balcony at any time. We loved the peace and tranquility of the Las Verandas. If you’re looking for a party vibe (we weren’t), you’ll be disappointed. We definitely recommend a rental to get around the island to and from Las Verandas as well. We spent a few days at better beaches and retreated back to Las Verandas. Overall: Great stay and a little TLC needed, but if we decide to return to Roatan, Las Verandas will be hard to beat. We loved it.

  • 4D. 1 year ago
    We visited it in January, and you can tell it is a very peaceful place to be at. We truly enjoyed our time there. The hotel had only a few people. You pay a very good quantity of money since it is a 4 stars hotel. That said, you expect many details taken care of. For example, their internet connection is very unstable. Desserts are not the greatest. I don't recommend them. Breakfast are the best, tho. The bedrooms were super comfy. Costumer service is good. Ferry-hotel transport and viceversa and breakfast are included. You have access to kayak and a private beach. There is a gang of cats, too!!

  • 4Sebastian S. 1 year ago
    Very exclusive and good food Don’t get any desserts

  • 4Elma M. 9 months ago
    I love Verandas to me is 1 of the Best in Roatan once you there nothing to worry about the food is good, the drink ,the energy the environment its awesome and the service impeccable definitely will be coming back God willing

  • 3Greg N. 3 months ago
    Update from last review 3 months ago - STILL very spotty /nonexistent internet service throughout resort. If you are wanting to do anything besides email, and especially if you are a businessperson needing to do zoom calls, unfortunately this will not be the resort for you. If you want to enjoy breathtaking views, a beautiful resort, and are here for R&R, you will be fine.

  • 3T. 3 months ago
    The place is beautiful but….. I personally wouldn’t stay here again. The resort itself, the customer service deserves 5 stars. I gave it three, because I think it’s way over priced. The food, the stay and because it’s far from town, if that’s what you came here for, it becomes even more pricey. $100 cab ride to town. I’m from NYC and $100 car ride for a half hour in Honduras? Quite insane. I personally would’ve found another place to stay. Or stayed here for 2 days tops. Secondly my room had the water/mold smell. Run the AC a bit, it becomes a bit more tolerable but for $1000 stay I should smell flowers and roses not mold. Requested a dehumidifier a few times to no avail. I personally wouldn’t stay here again knowing all this. But it is beautiful.

  • 3Ricardo C. 1 year ago
    beautiful scenery... good service and food. Villas showing a little ware from outside. Far from restaurants almost have to use their services but at least they are good. Good for couple looking to chill and relax nothing but beautiful beach and pools.

  • 2Lauren C. 1 year ago
    Will not allow me to post pictures!!! The views were stunning and the rooms were beautiful and clean! The amenities and the grounds NOT at all! The pool tiles where literally all over the pool floor the tiles are filthy making the algae float all around you!!! All lights around the pool/bar and restaurant were off at 6:00pm making this place pitch black!!! The walk ways and inside the restaurant were only lights on!! Mind you when you are at the last villa with the golf view and ocean view it’s quiet a long, dark walk!!! Golf/ocean view villa #615 ($380 nightly Aug 2021) on the 2nd floor does NOT have wifi!!! Stunning views!!! Their website doesn’t show that the 2nd & 3 rd rows of Villas are completely abandoned/never completed and workers are living out of them!!! Lunch and dinner is not the best especially for the price!!!

  • 2Kate H. 2 months ago
    This place itself was so beautiful. The reason I put 2 stars is that they didn't refund 30 usd for shuttle to the airport even though we canceled it one day before, which does not make sense. You'd better not to pay them in advance for any services, bc they will never refund it once it's checked, as very typical Honduran places.

  • 2R. 1 year ago
    After driving 10 minutes up the windy, dangerous road to the top you finally arrive and it’s undeniably beautiful. However, wifi works less than half the time, the electricity went out while construction workers were doing road work. We had just filled the fridge with food, and we had no A/C for 7.5 hours. The faucets only gave salt water to brush your teeth and shower with. 3 out of 6 people in our group got traveler’s diarrhea. I got stung by a sea urchin the day after we arrived from walking in the dirty rocky shallows at the beach there. The pool water is sea water. The kitchen chair was broken and the villa phone provided didn’t work to reach the front desk. Had to walk to get help and they said they’d fix the chair and put new batteries in the phone but did neither. Sounded like there was a camera in the bathroom. All room service did was wash dishes and give new towels, but didn’t replace robes or even clean the floor in our 7-day stay. There was no laundry area to wash our clothes, and they charge an arm and a leg per garment to wash them for you. The staff were very friendly though and the restaurant was delicious.

  • 2TH A. 10 months ago
    This place is really a 5. Beautiful room! A few things needed upgrading. The shower head was these small, plastic kind and it trickled water, you have to let the water run for 5 minutes before it got warm and one of the skins drained really slow..... The grounds are immaculate, design and upkeep. Everyone was amazing, except the front desk clerk! I am a Gold member of a service that guarantees a 2 hour late check out. I use it and my hotels for this reason. We had a leisurely, wonderful breakfast and planned to swim in the pool, check out beach and have a drink. We went to the front desk to get beach towels, ask about a book they had on Display that I hoped to purchase. I mentioned that I was doing a late check out and that's when my paradise turned upside down - the guy simply said no. What? I start explaining to him while he was checking on the computer. He tells me the room is reserved. Check in isn't until 3, that still would of given room service 2 hours to clean after we left. There was a wedding the day/evening before so we decided we will just swim and check out the grounds in the morning. The service called and tried everything to talk to the front desk clerk - he was just nonchalant and won't budge. When I tried to inquire about the book (which they had several copies of) he just said it wasn't for sale. EVERYONE else was amazing and tried to smooth things over. My day was ruined! We didn't have time to swim (we stuck foot in and sat on beach briefly but the sand flies were out). Thanks Peter who was amazing and gave us 5 star treatment. Raheem the restaurant manager and his staff gave bend over, respectful, wonderful treatment! When I was leaving this guy was still acting like a jerk! We were given complimentary shuttle service to our next stop. Melissa came running out with 2 copies of the book and I tried to refuse but she insisted! She apologized and hoped they will see us again. Because of that last gesture and how everyone was wonderful, I will return and try everything out. I gave it 2 stars because of that 1 guy! It's a 5 Star place for sure that needs to upgrade showerhead to reflect that.

  • 1Elvia S. 9 months ago
    they should keep what they promised, when I booked my vacation I asked for 3 beds villa, and they promised me what I asked but they did NOT kept what they promised, the place is nice but they lie to us, my son has to sleep in a sofa because of their lies, it was awful to see my son sleeping in a sofa. MENTIROSOS NO PROMETAIS ALGO QUE NO PUEDEN CUMPLIR

  • 1Hillary B. 6 months ago
    The stay was terrible for my friend , she was treated HORRENDOUS by management he smiled in her face the whole time while she was trying to tell him what was happening in her villa. Very racist & disgusting behavior WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE!!!!

  • 1Nikhal R. 5 months ago
    we arrived and waited a few mins to be brushed off by the front desk agent. Here comes the best part. He crashed the golf cart he used to bring us to our room into the light post, his front right tire jumped the light post, my wife got thrown out of the vehicle, hurt herself and the front desk agent wasn’t even apologetic what so ever, he acted like nothing happened. This property is unresponsive, no one to talk to, no property manager onsite. Will never be back, and would suggest anyone looking to book a room here to really consider somewhere else. The protocols they have in place are deadly for any guest deciding to stay there.

  • 1tiffany g. 6 months ago
    I was treated very poorly, and I know I was racially discriminated against. I was very kind, and I also was communicating very clearly about how the room was not up to Covid health safety codes and then I overheard the manager speaking poorly about me to a guest. I have never ever been mistreated and disrespected ever.

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