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  • 5Shane A. 4 months ago
    Has to be one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever been to and I live in Florida. Rented Jet Skis. Mahogany !!!

  • 5Paul S. 5 months ago
    Very pretty beach with free access! So don’t let your tour guide make you pay unless you want a pool or chairs then you will have to pay. But the guides will try to take you places that they get a hit off the money you spend.

  • 5Unkas B. 6 months ago
    Most beautiful beach in Roatán, its a shame is no longer public place.

  • 5Andy P. 7 months ago
    Home to one of the biggest reef systems in the world beautiful beaches very calm crystal clear water one of the best beaches in the world.

  • 5Cory S. 7 months ago
    Hard to dispute that this is a beautiful beach. Nice sand and shallow calm water. HOWEVER, there are lots of people walking the beach trying to sell you things, and the beach is not very deep from water to beach chairs. That spot in between is free for people to use, but hard to find especially since it is a busy beach. Access is also a little confusing but the road beside Bananarama is good and on the north end there is a parking at the end of Foster's Rd. At least it's easy to find a place to eat and get a drink.

  • 5S. 7 months ago
    This beach it's cleaner and safer than West end.

  • 5Kevin W. 7 months ago
    We stayed at Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort. My gosh the coral reef starts about 75' off shore and you just need your own snorkel gear. No excursion needed, just tour the reef for yourself!

  • 5Grace S. 8 months ago
    So clear and clean. The clearest water I’ve ever seen. Just a little farther out is the most amazing reefs to snorkel in.

  • 4A H. 8 months ago
    The beach is Nice and clean in a safe area with armed security guards, but kinda tight and crowded, many hotels and beach bars, ofcourse a lot of tourist, but too many local vendors, they insist and even nagg to sell their goods

  • 4Mariam S. 9 months ago
    Nice Beach but there's lots of trash on it unfortunately. Also too many vendors there selling things. You may also kind of feel scammed when you get there. First they tell you it's only $10 per person taxi ride. Then they tell you there's an additional $3 entry fee. Then they make you pay another $20 to go to the beach club to use their chairs and tell you that supposedly there's no entry area for this Beach that's free. The colors of the water was nice though!

  • 5Denise S. 10 months ago
    Fun place to put your toes in the sand and snorkeling

  • 4sebastien p. 1 year ago
    Nicest beach in honduras. Not the biggest, but the best quality. Since it is protected by the coral reef waves are minimal. Also, not too deep. You can spot local fishes swiming around. And, if you go to the far end, near the rocks, you can actually find schools of fishes, not too far away, and swim with them. Beach is kept clean, daily. Lots of nice restaurants and hotels on the shore line. As in every touristic destination you will get harrassed by local tour guides and vendors.

  • 5Michelle D. 1 year ago
    Love love love. Clear blue water,warm water no matter what time of the day it was . This is my summer spot from now on. Affordable and beautiful. Bring your sunscreen and mosquito spray.

  • 1Cesar G. 1 year ago
    Absolutely horrified at how locals treat stray dogs. If you want to find out what the locals are doing to dogs so that they don't "bother" tourists, just do a Google search. I was shocked to see this. Not recommended.

  • 5Michael A. 2 years ago
    Snorkeling the reef is all we did here on a few hour trip from West End. It was great. Pretty much did the whole reef in the main part of the bay down and back to the water taxi's. We came a few days earlier to check the area out so that is what my pictures are.

  • 5KERI M. 3 years ago
    I loved it there. It is paradise. Clear water, goid food and safe. I stayed at west bay lodge. And the staff and owner are awesome.

  • 5Peter H. 4 years ago
    Great snorkeling right from the beach

  • 4Robert D. 5 years ago
    Nice place. Everyone has something for sals. Massage on the beach $30. Is the way to go

  • 5Melbin R. 5 years ago
    Beautiful beach! Crystal clear water. They have an area for people that are not staying in the hotels.

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