Town Center At Port Of Roatan - Seaport in Roatan, Honduras

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Main St, Coxen Hole, Honduras


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  • 5Logan o. 1 year ago
    Roatan is such a pretty place! Definitely one of our favorite places we traveled too! You Definitely have to give the beaches and Ziplining a chance! Both are lots of fun and you won't regret it! The Shopping here is lots of fun with plenty of awesome products and kind people!

  • 5Cristina P. Z. 3 years ago
    Great!!! Variety of shops, tours available, bars, restaurants. Dufry store , harley davidson store, Diamonds International, pharmacies, and more. You'll find great deals in here.

  • 5RAMESH K. 1 year ago
    Picturesque Town Center at Port of Roatan is a top rated western Caribbean & Riviera Maya destination, Shopping Mall, Coxen Hole, Largest City and Capital of Roatan Bay Island 🏝️ Honduras country N America.

  • 5Linda H. 6 months ago
    Short walk off ship. Good shopping

  • 5Elizabeth M. 4 months ago
    ABSOLUTELY LOVED ROATAN. We got off cruise ship while it was sprinkling rain n looking gloomy n was expecting the worse. But, it turned out PERFECT n it was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!

  • 4D D. 1 year ago
    its a small port with bars and some shops. I thought it was big when i got off the ship. But you only need 1/2 hr to walk around. It’s best to go on an excursion at this port as there is not much to do. I did take a selfie at Roatan tour.

  • 4Georgia L. 1 year ago
    This is a fabricated shopping port owned by the Cruise lines. You can find your way out of the walled-in Town Port to see the actual town where the people live. It’s pretty third world, which explains why the cruise lines built the town center.

  • 4Mark L. 11 months ago
    Center bar a little expensive but great place for a breeze and drinks. Fun workers. Close to ship.

  • 4Jay D. 4 years ago
    Clevelandcruisin review: This was my third visit here. The port is clean, offers plenty of shopping, ziplining and places to grab a drink. Check out Maya Key excursion or see some of the sights through another excursion. The town center really has nothing to offer but your typical cruise port.

  • 3Jeff D. 6 months ago
    Not much to do. Limited, tourist shopping

  • 3Cory S. 3 months ago
    Pretty small and not much to it. It's a typical cruise ship port. It's a short walk to the town of Coxen Hole but there's not much there either except more of a genuine experience and exposure. That's what the other pictures are.

  • 1Phil M. 3 years ago
    Does your cruise have Roatan as a port of call? If it does, then stay on the boat. Not worth the frustration of getting off the boat. Maybe they'll finish the construction and quell the civil unrest in a few years, but for the time being, it's a good day to stay on your cruise ship and enjoy the pool.

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