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West Bay Beach, Roatán 34101, Honduras




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  • 5Stormie S. 10 months ago
    What an amazing place! Definitely a ma and pa type of resort, but everyone is supper friend and knowledgeable. The crew on the dive boats catered to the diver’s level of certification making the dives fun. We did about 3 dives and day and every time they made sure our things were on the boat and ready to go for us. No hassle. The only down side here would be the dive boats. They were a little tired and run down and we did have to get towed in once.

  • 5Joseph B. 4 weeks ago
    Great place to stay. Awesome dive shop. Fun group of people to dive with.

  • 5E. 2 months ago
    This is a lovely hotel, very clean, great wifi. Beachfront with chairs. The pizza place is amazing. We dove with them also and they gave us a great experience. This place is highly recommended if you are looking for a more budget option in west bay.

  • 5Bobby M. 2 months ago
    Love staying here when in west bay. Jenny took care of us and was amazing. Chayanne also served us a couple of times and she too was amazing. The bar is cool looking but don’t miss out on the popsicles (chocolate with dulce de leche is so great) Across the other side. Diving is right out front Marco and the team are great. Enjoy this place for sure. It gets a little busy on cruise days but not too bad.

  • 5George S. 6 months ago
    Stayed in the king overlooking the beach. The dive shop and staff are awesome. Staff was friendly and the location amazing. Highly recommend this property.

  • 5Victor H. 8 months ago
    This is the real deal. My favorite island 🏝️ hotel🛏️. Everything is just perfect the feel, people, dinks and food, also the staff is so friendly and relax. Comfortable beds, good AC. I mean I am in love with babanarama. I am definitely coming back to stay for a month or two, for sure!

  • 4T. 6 months ago
    it was great place to stay, staff was awesome plus they have a bar restaurant an a brick stove pizza place next to the bar with daily special with happy hour. the only thing is the sheets and pillows are a little thin my want to take a pillow.

  • 4Michael H. 5 months ago
    The location right in the middle of West Bay was very convenient. The beach chairs were close to the water and bar area. The roped off area gave you a small sense of privacy from all the beach vendors going up and down the beach. The server was friendly and always coming to check on you. We have eaten there before and found the food OK. The one main issue I have is on Cruise ship days it costs you $15 per chair to sit on the beach. Even if you are staying local. I find that unfair to the locals. They are free on non-cruise ship days, but you then have to work your schedule around on those days, which may be very inconvenient.

  • 4Quetzy R. 3 months ago
    We purchased a daypass, and it worked perfectly. We had 2 beach chairs with umbrellas. We had access to bathrooms, showers, and a restaurant. Definitely fit the bill!

  • 4Jan B. 4 months ago
    Drink are good (those under 2x1 are almost virgin, but that's business for you), some food is good, some not (for example stay clear from quesadilla - looks decent but it really is nothing you could not do better yourself). Service is good and welcoming.

  • 4Stuart A. 1 month ago
    Bananrama is located on the beach and right on the major access path. Despite this, we found a quiet spot with two loungers and shade all for the price of a couple of drinks. Went back later to the Pizzaria and had a couple of great pizzas. Busy but great atmosphere.

  • 3Ryan M. 1 year ago
    Great Location and great set up for the bar and the beach. The beach attendants worked hard and did all they could to help us with chase lounges and etc. The bartenders were also great. HOWEVER, nearly impossible to get service at a table. Neither waiters nor waitress' had any interest in waiting on people sitting at the tables. Our rooms were awful and came complete with one pillow per person and about 10 mosquitoes per guest in the room as well. Great place to snorkel or dive, and drink if you can you can find an open bar stool. If you can't sit at the bar you might as well go elsewhere. I would have scored them at less than 3 stars if not for bartenders and beach staff. I don't like writing a bad review... but when you travel out of the country... you need all the heads up you can get.

  • 3Jonathan O. 9 months ago
    Very convenient place for lunch! And with beach access and chairs! Everything was tasty! Staff was friendly… but a little slow. Took quite a while to get help at our table… and most times when ordering drinks the bartenders prioritized their conversation with their peers vs speed of service… kinda frustrating.

  • 2I a. 11 months ago
    I am currently visiting Roatan from Texas and thought I would try staying in the touristy area to be safer and enjoy better views and better service. I went to bananarama for food and drinks and I did not enjoy the service specifically from one of the bartenders. It’s so obvious how different he treats the white Americans versus the Latino people. I really thought I was exaggerating but no, I went a second time and he gave me the same or worst service. Bananarama, you must have a talk with your employees and teach them the importance of treating every customer with a friendly smile and courtesy. I am very disappointed, I would love to give y’all another chance just because you have a nice beach view, but I do not wish to spend my money in a place where I don’t feel welcomed because of my skin color or nationality. You can do better. ✌🏽

  • 1S. 9 months ago
    We stayed in garden cabana #2, the air conditioning did not work for the first three days. They moved us to a different cabana and two hours later we lost our water. This problem persisted for the next 24 hours, we could not shower, use the toilet, wash hands etc. The owner and his family happened to be staying at the resort the same week and my wife approach his mother-in-law with the issues we were having. She seemed concerned and directed us to the owner and he stated he was going diving. I guess the problems start at the top. As a consolation, they gave us a measly $20.00 food credit for all of our inconveniences, when the room charge was $125.00 per night. The food was really good and the service we received from the staff was great (Sam and Daibie were hard working and fun to be around). The Dive shop was amazing, Brian and the rest of the staff are some of the best we have used, I cannot say enough good things about our diving experience with them!

  • 1R B. 9 months ago
    Going down on my review. A few hours of no water turned into over 12 hours. This is unacceptable! I just left a hotel down the road because they had no fresh water ( just salt water). Now I get here and there is no water at all. I paid to not have to deal with these issues . I could have gotten this no water situation for free.

  • 1Elizabeth H. 8 months ago
    Rooms are dirty and not well maintained. Service is slow. Don't try and relax on the beach because people selling stuff won't leave you alone. Also so many boats can't even swim in peace. Recommend staying somewhere else that is not so chaotic if you actually want to have a peaceful vacation.

  • 1Meli W. 2 months ago
    They owe me money! I booked a reservation with free cancellation and cancelled it within the free period. This was January 12th… March 7th and they have not given me my $ back! I have been in touch with them for over 3 weeks now and they are not refunding me. TERRIBLE!

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