£38 GIBS Ecotourism Resort - in Rawang, Malaysia

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Lot 36837, Jalan Sungai Tua, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia




+60 13-278 8285

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4.10 (154 reviews)


Frequently mentioned in reviews: relax (6) cabin (6) good (6) picnic (7) blik (8) management (9) clean (10) toilet (12) nice (12) family (14) river (14) place (24)

  • 5Hilal A. 4 years ago
    A great place for family retreat and esscape from town! The waterfall is well maintain. The management was friendly..

  • 5minakshi c. 3 months ago
    You must visit there ,a nature's way to bring freshness to life

  • 5eve m. 4 months ago
    Toilet 9/10 clean n well equipped with shower, toilet bowl, wash pipe and comfy space to change/shower. Toilets for both genders. No mirrors in the toilet. Equipped with sink outside for washing dishes or what not. Wakaf 10/10 Equipped with shades on the sides in case of rain or sunlight. 2 power source plug. 3 light switch. Clean and comfortable space to picnic/sleep in Space for tents 9/10 Roomy space for multiple or big tents. Only cons is the tree planted in between the wakaf is quite un strategic to put up ur tent. Behind the wakaf have a lot of space for tents but some places have muddy and soft dirt. Overall we camped with 2 super sized tents and it’s very comfy spot with river view upfront Amenities 10/10 Provides paid bbq grill with 2 small bag of charcoals and new grill wires. No fire starters tho. Delivered by their workers no need self pick up. Every morning, their workers also will empty and replace the trash bin 👍🏻 no piled up trash all day. Constant security with the worker shift doing rounds every couple of hour around the property. Place is very clean and family friendly. There’s security and cctv at the entrance. There’s cafeteria but unfortunately it’s not certain when they’re open n what menu they have. Truly great place to relax and chill. If u’re looking for mandi sungai without the hassle of putting up tent, u can check out the rooms and beds package that this place has 👍🏻

  • 5Nasrul A. 7 months ago
    Really clean and nice camp site. Tandas pun bersih. Worth it have a visit

  • 5Carmen C. 1 year ago
    Gibs ecotourism resort is a very nice place to chill, camping or picnic. All this nice and we have very nice time of 4 days 3 nights there. Toilet and shower really need to improve, a sink area to wash dishers and cookware to be build up properly instead to wash on the floor. Very very nice and friendly helpful staff ( Mamat, Akmal) they are very helpful during our stay. A very rude Pakcik at guard house should be nice and gentle to guests. He didn't communicate nicely and very rude. Need to really be gentle.

  • 5Elena L. 1 year ago
    We went to the second camping site instead of the main one with the containers resort style due to last minute walk in. The second site is just further down the road and camps allowed along the rivers. The sites are cooling and closer to nature with beautiful streams. Toilet is basic without heater and need improvement on general cleanliness and maintainence. However, the serene and more peaceful site did not let us down.

  • 5Ahmad P. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) At GIBS eco is on the camping site. (Original) Di GIBS eco ada ke tapak perkhemahan.

  • 5izdihar i. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Various activities can be created. (Original) Pelbagai aktivit boleh buat.

  • 5Mustaqim T. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Sofar ok ... Cume asked to repair the toilet because the water pipe toilet does not work ... the hut by the river if possible can make a safe route because small children are quite dangerous if they want to go down ... #Safety first (Original) Sofar ok... Cume minta perbaiki tandas kerana ade tandas paip air tak berfungsi... pondok tepi sungai tu kalau boleh buat laluan selamat sebab anak2 kecil agak merbahaya jika nak turun kebawah tu... #Safety first

  • 5Idris F. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Superbbb (Original) Superbbb

  • 5Persatuan Seni Budaya Dan Warisan Bangsa M. 2 years ago
    So nice place for Riadah ,picnic or family day event,wedding or else...so many Kabin chalet there with nice prices..very clean n beautiful river with excellent services...

  • 5nur n. 2 years ago
    suitable for kids and family, clean and safe with comfortable amenities

  • 5khairul a. 3 years ago
    Really well maintained place. The toilets are clean, big parking area, great scenery and really worth the money you paid for. Recommended for anyone who looking for place to relax and enjoy the nature.

  • 5Ain Atiya A. 3 years ago
    very beautiful scenery and nicely kept grounds. the rivers are very calm and suitable for kids. need to pay rm2 for entrance per person.

  • 4A. 3 years ago
    Beautiful Place to Visit. Specially for Families .

  • 4sam j. 2 years ago
    Easy place to camping , barbeque& swimming especially with family. Can booking for hut & cabin with balcony(got aircond, tv, toilet, 2 single bed).

  • 4Muhd N. 1 year ago
    Peaceful place for picnic with family and friends. Love the view here

  • 4Han Boon Cody L. 1 year ago
    Nice pace to chill and relax...There are big river with clean water....And big field also...Will go there again!

  • 4Musaab M. 2 years ago
    Pros A lot choices of gazebo Clear water Reasonable charges for wakaf / gazebo and entrance Big place Toilets were there but not trying it yet Cons Feel like manmade river stream because using too many cement at the riverbanks constructions. No nearby eatery need to go Selayang or packed foods & drinks before coming here No QRpay / eWallet at the moment

  • 4yap j. 1 year ago
    Location is good, but I guess management didn't control the crowd good. Too many ppl on that day u went. But if not too many ppl then will be really enjoy the nature.

  • 4Norain B. 4 years ago
    Nice place with clean environment ... Picnic, family gathering...even venue suitable for outdoor teambuilding..

  • 4haadi a. 3 years ago
    nice place for family...clean enviroment..suitablr for family day

  • 4Chau w. 2 years ago
    Don't fool by looking at their gate was closed. It's open. Maybe they don't want people coming in and out for the safety of the visitors. And now also cmco. We rented one gazebo RM 50 and one car entrance fees was RM 1 the hut comes with one plug point and one light. environment was well taken care of. No rubbish no monkeys. Peaceful mind. Water was clear and cold. Toilets and shower rooms available. We enjoyed our day trip here. Just 35 mins drive from kl. One restaurant available here. We have more privacy at this place. Just remember to apply insect repellent when you reach here. We found this wonderful place just felt like hitting the jackpot. It's a gem. Please don't leave rubbish here. Please take care of this precious place. We will be back again.

  • 4Faedzul R. 3 years ago
    good place for family. shallow river allows kids to play

  • 4Rahim D. 3 years ago
    Serenity, great for picnic

  • 4Hanafi K. 4 years ago
    Nice place. But the container resort is not that comfortable.

  • 4Mohd Aminuddin S. 2 years ago
    reservation should be made early The scenery was calm and peace Great for family and friends gathering Bbq and camping is recommended Different types of accomodation available The waterfall isnt as extreme as other place maybe staff need to be more friendly and welcoming

  • 4NorNisrin R. 2 years ago
    River is so clean n cold.. they provide a "pondok" & a cabin that you can rent out...need to book earlier because their is limited number of people that can get in..

  • 4Saiful Y. 2 years ago
    serene, transquil...

  • 4najihah r. 2 years ago
    Great river and safe. The accommodation could be improved more especially the toilet. After cold deep in river, no heater in shower is a problem. Room rate also is a bit expensive for the amenities provided. Customer service also need to improve, I booked through whatsapp, been told fully booked, then my friend book the same date, but got room available. Actually that night we are the only guest staying 😂 Overall it's a very nice place, just need a bit more upgrade in the service and facilities. Good job 👍

  • 4Faha Pak L. 2 years ago
    Best utk relax²

  • 3Nurul A. 3 years ago
    its a good escape from bustling city life. immerse yourself in the cold melancholic flow of Sungai Tua. rejuvenate and replenish your energy. good place to enjoy with the whole family. be cautious on your visit date as it might get too crowded.

  • 3mohamad n. 4 years ago
    Wonderful relaxing river easily access by car with minimum walking. Clean refreshing waist deep river for swim and picnic. There are aircond cabin chalet with attached bathroom for overnight stay.

  • 3Nasruddin R. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Do not come after rain, fast water and turbid. (Original) Jangan datang lepas hujan, air laju and keruh.

  • 3Faizil O. 1 year ago
    Kene upgrade facilities especially toilet...sungai nice utk kanak2 mandi

  • 3Khushairy K. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) place to relax ... a quiet place ... to hear the waterfall flowing at night2 ... (Original) tempat utk relax...suasana yang sunyi..dengar air terjun mengalir jer malam2...

  • 3azri B. 6 months ago
    Little bit noisy because near motorcross track.

  • 3aminah h. 2 years ago
    Cabins are not really well maintained. But still acceptable. The cabins toilet was dark with non-working lamp. The river depth is good for adults and kids.

  • 2Fazz A. 2 years ago
    My family and I stayed at the cabin chalet. Service wise is quite bad cos no toilet provided specially for us. Even we stayed at one of the houses, still kena share toilet dgn public. I mean we literally paid for the cabin and beds ONLY. Of course its air-conditioned but we prefer not to share toilet with others. Plus masa sampai, we were suppose to check-in at 2pm tapi kami sampai lambat around 3pm and still, the cabin belum berkemas and we are the only tenant on that day hm. And bring your own selimut sebab they dont provide selimut. You have to pay extra RM5/blanket lol. Tempat ni ok tapi tak recommend sangat la sebab banyak benda customer kena sediakan untuk stay sini. Not worth for the money.

  • 1Muhammad Adib Bin K. 2 years ago
    Camping for 3 Days & 2 Nights. Firstly, we’re having fun at the river. The river is wide and cold. The main problem is the management is very poor. Not professional at handling complaints and problems. The booking process is hard because the management is hardly to reply our questions. Next, the management is hard to negotiate and the way he talks is really rude. Other than that, everything is needed to be paid or extra charged. The management did not explain to us clearly about the package offered to us and we have to re-do our tent set up.

  • 1Ahmad Syateer I. 2 years ago
    The river is beautiful. People of all ages could enjoy. No doubt. But the management is quite bad. One of the staffs was friendly and easy going. There was another one with attitude problem and disrespectful to the guests/patrons. Would not come here again.

  • 1nur farhanah W. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) 2 x change blik sbb blik leak n still. Leaking. . Rain pouring water. Ade blik lain ade feces dry. Blik mcm x d jaga sgt .. Ade blik ok tp byk xok .. (Original) 2 x tukar blik sbb blik bocor n still. Bocor. . Hujan msuk air. Ade blik lain ade tahi kering. Blik mcm x d jaga sgt.. Ade blik ok tp byk xok..

  • 1ballerina l. 2 years ago
    bad management. 1st they asked us to shift after hours we set up out tent. 2nd kids were waiting at the wakaf while waiting to reload stuff in the car and the staff told us to go away cos need to pay for the wakaf. 3rd we booked the place earlier but the staff didnt put in record and told us that somebody else bulk booking. very bad

  • 1Eamira K. 4 months ago
    It is really nice place for picnic with family actually, but unfortunately the fees is ridiculous, 3MYR per person and 40MYR for cottage and 2MYR for car parking. Why the management didnt include in one price?. They charged so expensive but the cleaning also bad, the toilet is so smelly and dirty, no one cleaning it. so sad.. It will be first and last to go at gibs eco tourism. not recommended.

  • 1Shadrach D. 3 years ago
    Very poor service and maintenance of rooms

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