$ Iconic fast-food burger & fries chain McDonald's - Fast food restaurant in Shimodate, Japan

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1533-1 Ipponmatsu, Chikusei, Ibaraki 308-0842, Japan




+81 296-23-3305

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3.30 (574 reviews)


  • Service options
    • Lunch
    • Casual
    • Coffee
    • Dinner
    • Groups
    • Dessert
    • Dine-in
    • Seating
    • Toilets
    • Delivery
    • Takeaway
    • Breakfast
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Kids' menu
    • Quick bite
    • Debit cards
    • High chairs
    • Fast service
    • Drive-through
    • Good for kids
    • Counter service
    • Family friendly
    • Kerbside pickup
    • NFC mobile payments
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance


  • 5Vimo V. 6 years ago
    Nice staff and service was very quick ! One of the best McDonald's

  • 5sandra h. 3 years ago
    Nice food and very accomodating staff with great smile

  • 5Shalom T. 5 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Big Macs are always a mess in the box no matter where you buy them. I was surprised to see such service. really wonderful! It was around 8:30pm on a Saturday. (Original) どこのマックで買ってもビッグマックはいつも箱の中がごちゃごちゃしている。 このようなサービスを見て驚きました。 本当に素晴らしい! 土曜日の午後8時30分頃でした。

  • 4k. 2 years ago

  • 4Aqeel M. 9 months ago
    Fresh and clean,,,🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • 4Miriam N. 5 years ago
    Reasonable price

  • 4Cozy C. 11 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Revisited (202206) I enjoyed the Mac in the morning with an outlet. Revisited (202204) It's been a long time since I stopped by in the morning. Surprisingly, the table seat was equipped with an outlet. I was overjoyed to connect my computer and work. It was just before breakfast. McDonald's in the suburbs. If it is your first time entering and exiting a parking lot, you may be confused by the direction. The store is bright, clean and easy to use. Wi-Fi is also available, so I was able to work while taking a short break, which was convenient. It's also nice to have your order brought to your seat if you order with a mobile order. (Original) 再訪(202206) コンセント付きで朝マック、堪能させていただきました。 再訪(202204) 久しぶりに朝マックしに寄りました。なんとテーブル席がコンセント付きになっていました。大喜びでパソコンを繋いで、仕事しちゃいました。まさに朝飯前でした。 郊外にあるマクドナルドです。駐車場の出入りが初めてだと方向により戸惑うかもしれません。店内は明るく清潔感があって利用しやすいです。wifiも使えるので小休憩しながらお仕事もできて便利に利用させていただきました。モバイルオーダーで注文すると席まで持ってきてもらえるのも嬉しいです。

  • 3A. 3 years ago

  • 1�. 9 months ago
    (Translated by Google) I ordered a big mac, shake and nuggets separately. Would you like to make a set as it will be cheaper? It's good that you asked me. However, I was asked nothing and was given potatoes as a side menu of the set. I didn't bother to ask for potatoes, but I was surprised. Please do not decide the menu arbitrarily Very unpleasant! (Original) 単品でビッグマックとシェイクとナゲットを注文しました。 安くなるのでセットにしますか?と聞いてくれたのはいいです。 でも、なにも聞かれずセットのサイドメニューとしてポテトをつけられました。 ポテトはわざわざ頼まなかったのに、驚きでした 勝手にメニューを決めないでください 非常に不愉快です!

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