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410 Makabecho Makabe, Sakuragawa, Ibaraki 300-4408, Japan




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  • 5�. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) It looks like it was open for a limited time. For lunch in Makabe Town, which I went to for the first time, I ate here, which was partly renovated from an old inn. It was awarded the Good Design Award, and it retains the shadows of a Japanese house. This time it seems that it was a temporary opening for a limited time in conjunction with the Doll's Festival, and it seems that the cafe has already closed. It's a pity that the coffee is delicious and the cafe menu is polite and substantial. For lunch, clams named after Hina-sama. It was clam noodles and clam rice. The clam noodles seem to come from a famous local noodle factory. It was slightly frizzy, transparent, and smooth. With chicken stock, or menma? It was interesting with potato shells. It's pretty refreshing, so I can't lean on it. Coffee was good too. (Original) 期間限定オープンだったようです 初めて行った真壁の町でのお昼は、古い旅館の一部を改築したここにしました。クッドデザイン賞受賞とのことで、日本家屋の持つ陰影の感じも残されています。 今回はおひな祭りのにあわせての期間限定、臨時オープンだったみたいで、すでに閉店してしまってるカフェのようです。 コーヒーも美味しいし、喫茶メニューも丁寧で充実してるようなんで、残念です。 ランチは、おひなさまにちなんでの、ハマグリ。ハマグリ麺、ハマグリご飯でした。 ハマグリ麺は、地元で有名な製麺所のところのようです。若干縮れていて透明感あり、ツルツルでした。鶏ぶしをかけて、とか、メンマがわり?の芋がらとか面白かったです。かなりさっぱりしてるので、もたれません。 コーヒーも美味しかったです。

  • 5Masato E. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) nice cafe. The cheesecake was so delicious. And very reasonable. Recommended. (Original) 素敵なカフェ。チーズケーキがとても美味しかった。そして、とてもリーズナブル。おススメです。

  • 5�. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) *Currently not open. The coffee that you can have in the calm atmosphere of an old private house that shines with the Good Design Award is the best! (Original) ※現在は営業していません。 グッドデザイン賞に輝く、落ち着いた古民家的雰囲気の中でいただく珈琲は最高です!

  • 5�. 6 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I used it for a break during the Makabe Hinamatsuri. Hinamatsuri special blend was delicious. You may be able to relax if you remove lunch. I want to come again❗ (Original) 真壁の雛祭りの休憩に利用しました。 雛祭り特別ブレンド美味しかったです。 ランチを外せばゆっくりできるかもしれないですね。また来たいです❗

  • 5�. 5 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The atmosphere is the best. The store clerk also feels great. Enter the parking lot from the display of "Hashimoto Ryokan". (Original) 雰囲気が最高です。 店員さんもスゴく感じが良いです。 駐車場は「橋本旅館」の表示から入れます。

  • 4�. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) A cafe in a corner of Hashimoto Ryokan. The inn is certified as a national tangible registered cultural property. The front entrance is on the inn side and there is an entrance to the coffee shop on the side. No. 26 in District A of 2019 Makabe Hinamatsuri, but there is no guide on the map... There was a number display at the entrance of the building. When you open the entrance door that opens to the side, there is a hina decoration in front of you! Using the stairs of the ryokan, you can open the door yourself and enter the hina decorations.Because it is far from the center, there were not many people and I was able to enjoy it slowly. (Original) 橋本旅館の一角にあるカフェ。旅館が国の有形登録文化財に認定。正面入口は旅館側で側面に珈琲店の入口があります。 2019真壁のひな祭りのA地区26番だがマップに案内無し…建物入口には番号表示ありました。 横開きの玄関扉を開けると正面にひな飾りが!旅館の階段を利用したひな飾りで自分で扉を開けて入り、中心部からも離れてるので、あまり人がおらずゆっくり観賞できました♪

  • 4�. 5 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The first floor of Hashimoto Ryokan is used as a coffee shop, and the coffee is very rich. Also, it has a taste that makes you want to drink it. All lunch dishes are carefully prepared and delicious. My recommendation is the scones. Comes with 3 types of scones and whipped cream. Takeout is also possible. The taste is "plain, chocolate, matcha" Coffee takeout is also possible. The parking lot is on the same side as the building. someone's house? You might think that. The atmosphere is also calm, so I would like to visit you again. (Original) 橋本旅館の1F部分を珈琲店にされていて、珈琲は凄く濃厚です。 また、のみたくなる味です。 ランチの料理もひとつひとつ丁寧に調理されているので全て美味しいです。 私のオススメはスコーン。 3種類のスコーンと生クリームが付いてきます。テイクアウトも可。 味は『プレーン、チョコ、抹茶』 珈琲のテイクアウトも可。 駐車場は建物と同じ並びに有ります。誰かの住宅?と思うかもしれません。 雰囲気も落ち着いているので、またお邪魔したいです。

  • 3Cozy C. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) This shop is famous for its stylish and calm space, which was renovated from an inn and converted into a cafe, and won the Good Design Award. I visited several times, but it seems that it is almost not open, so I was able to use it for the first time on my 7th visit. I had the limited menu "Hamaguri Ramen" during the Makabe Doll's Festival. The noodles from Matsuya Seimenjo are delicious. I thought it would be good if the clam broth was a little more effective in the soup. Potatoes don't go very well with ramen. (Original) このお店は旅館を改装してカフェにリフォームをして、グッドデザイン賞も受賞された、お洒落で落ち着いた空間が有名です。 なんどか訪問したのですが、ほとんど営業されていないらしく、7度目の訪問で初めて利用する事ができました。真壁のひなまつりの期間中の限定メニュー「ハマグリラーメン」頂きました。松屋製麺所の麺、美味です。スープにハマグリの出汁がもう少し効いていると良い感じだと思いました。芋がらはラーメンにはあまり合わないですね。

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