National Library

Over 600,000 items in various media are held in this library. Open to the public and researchers.

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National Library - National library in Singapore, Singapore

Huge modern library with indoor garden

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100 Victoria St, Singapore 188064


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4.60 (648 reviews)

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  • Tuesday: 11AM to 7PM
  • Wednesday: 11AM to 7PM
  • Thursday: 11AM to 7PM
  • Friday: 11AM to 7PM
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  • 5Vilara Millos 11 months ago
    very useful online system, I can download ebooks on my devices easily, thank you!

  • 5Citra Larasati YaFi 8 months ago
    (Translated by Google) The biggest library in Singapore. The book collection is very complete and there are many categories. The building elevator is also very fast. The environment is very clean and elegant. Singapore Fasum is always well-maintained and makes people who come here feel comfortable. (Original) Perpustakaan terbesar di Singapura. Koleksi bukunya sangat lengkap dan Kategorinya banyak. Lift gedung juga sangat cepat. Lingkungan sangat bersih dan elegan. Fasum Singapura memang selalu terawat dan membuat orang yang betkunjung ke sini merasa nyaman.

  • 5Team Galaxy Gamer 9 months ago
    A quiet library. Houses many interesting books. Has books even for kids in the kids section room. Even news papers and Ebooks can be found.

  • 5Tian Rui 9 months ago
    Great location, peaceful, extensive collection of books

  • 5STEPHANE ROMEI 10 months ago
    Do not hesitate to stop by the café, 3rd florien, They prepare exclusive and basic food. Another plus on the top of the architecture of the building, it’s facilities and its exhibitions.

  • 5San Rattanak Mongkul 10 months ago
    It’s so beautiful!!

  • 5Vasu V 10 months ago
    14+ floors of books and awesomeness! Floor at the basement floor is the Central Public Library - where you could borrow upto 16 books at a time once you become a member. Totally recommended to become a member if you're a resident. Has a large separate garden-themed section for kids and a great collection of kids' books. Upper floors are for Reference and Reading - each floor has large spaces dedicated for reading with a good view of the city - great place to work/study. Reference sections are pretty exhaustive and covers pretty much all categories at Depth. Complimentary Wi-Fi & Cafe at Floor 1. Must-visit for any bibliophile!

  • 5Shella Herviana 10 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Library with an attractive and comfortable design. Books classified as complete make me feel at home. Located near Bras Basah. I really like visiting Bras Basah because I can find old or new books at very cheap prices. The location is very easy to find because it is located on the side of the road, access to public transportation is very easy (Original) Perpustakaan dengan desain yang menarik dan nyaman. Buku buku tergolong lengkap membuat saya betah. Berada di dekat Bras Basah. Saya sangat suka mengunjungi Bras Basah karena dapat menemukan buku buku lama ataupun baru dengan harga yang sangat murah. Lokasi sangat mudah ditemukan karena terletak di pinggir jalan, akses transportasi umum sangat mudah

  • 5Serena Inzani 10 months ago
    Great library, peaceful place to rest. Entrance is free, and that gives you access to the main library as well as the exhibitions. I went specifically for the On Paper exhibition, which was well curated and informative. The views from the upper levels are very nice, and floor 10 has a small garden you can look out from. Would recommend for both relaxing and studying.

  • 5Ameer Singh 10 months ago
    Love it

  • 5kannan thiru 9 months ago
    Nice architecture and Rooftop view is awesome

  • 5Ester Chew 11 months ago
    Good place to look for books and also there are many tables for us to do research work.

  • 5Jacob Horton 11 months ago
    A treasure in Singapore for fans of practical library environments and content exhibition. Many local exhibits about the history and cultures of Singapore and the region.

  • 5Molly Koh 11 months ago
    Multi floor library. It had a very modern design with bright and open air floor plan that made it nice to sit back and study or read a book. There is a film room, kids room, and an open air patio on the top added to the options inside. Great experience to visit this place often

  • 5Spencer Ng 11 months ago
    Away from the busy city area. Large assortment of books and a huge place to while your time away.

  • 5WJ Teng 11 months ago
    Excellent view of the city from the Reference Library floors

  • 5Ira Susana 11 months ago
    (Translated by Google) To Singapore just to see Merlion? Sentosa Islands? It is common! Let's look at other places that are worth more than just a public tourist spot. The National Library of Singapore is very grand. Complete and comfortable facilities for children. "My Treehouse" is a special library for children with attractive, complete, and comfortable interiors for children. Easy to reach by public transportation. Schedule a visit to the Singapore National Library for your next vacation. Recommended! ??? (Original) Ke Singapura cuma untuk melihat Merlion? Sentosa Islands? Itu sudah biasa! Mari tengok tempat2 lain yang bernilai lebih dari sekadar tempat turis umum. Perpustakaan Nasional Singapura ini sangat megah. Fasilitas lengkap dan nyaman untuk anak2. “My Treehouse” adalah perpustakaan khusus untuk anak2 dengan interior yg menarik, lengkap, dan nyaman bagi anak2. Mudah dijangkau dgn transportasi umum. Jadwalkan kunjungan ke Singapore National Library saat Anda liburan berikutnya. Recommended! ???

  • 5Edward Frank EcoArt Solutions 11 months ago
    Best place to look for books to loan. Sometimes the events at basement great with free meal.

  • 5Lottie Fede 1 year ago
    I have books and then this is a must-visit place in Singapore for me. I could not realise that there can be such a large, varied and rich collection of books in Singapore. I have spent around 4 hours here but that was not at all enough. Wish I had some more time on hand

  • 5Jason L 5 months ago
    When do you guys open again ? Perfect place to study

  • 5Harsh 5 months ago
    Best place to spend time reading

  • 5Lionel Wong 11 months ago
    Great place for chilling and reading. Used to come here often but recently not much opportunity to. Would love to spend some time here.

  • 5Jay Aaron 9 months ago
    Spent my Sundays here for the 9 months working in Singapore. Immense collection of books, journals, publications and research articles etc. Also, quiet place to study or do your work!

  • 5Doris Wilson 1 year ago
    Wide selection of books and resources - good for research and leisure. Bright, spacious, well-maintained facilities. Free wifi. You can come here to study, only thing is that you cannot leave your things unattended for too long or the people patrolling will come and remove it. Not just a library - it has a theatre box that hosts performances, a cafe, and exhibitions on rotation that are 100% worth visiting.

  • 5Jonathan Fe 10 months ago
    very clean and spacious multi story library in Singapore. came here to watch a play once, and was very happy with the whole experience.

  • 5Ian Ong 5 months ago
    Nice place with lots of books

  • 5James Bong 8 months ago
    The best library I've been to, huge spacious and large selection of books. Very comfortable reading space , quiet environment . All the book well arranged easy to find.

  • 5Mohammed Almaani 1 year ago
    National library in Singapore is a must visit for the people looking for knowledge and in love with reading. Nicely built and designed to help reading. Reach in resources and references. Kids section were designed nicely in a way that it will attract kids. One important point I noticed that they have board to acknowledge the Singapore writer that is greatidead

  • 5Tze-wei Lim 5 months ago
    A Mecca, literally.

  • 5Carl Jiu 5 months ago
    I really miss coming here just to relax and read in peace.

  • 5Ryan Lee 5 months ago
    Best place to spend some time with kid reading books. Plus it is convenient to get there and to plan to dine in around that place.

  • 5ABDUL RASHID 5 months ago
    World Class Public Library with Hanis Cafe on the ground floor.

  • 5c.kumar Vel 6 months ago

  • 5Chwee Chua 6 months ago
    Great selection and service

  • 5dofayfay lin 5 months ago
    good collection at level 7, 8!

  • 4Lil Chowewa 10 months ago
    the actual library is in the basement, with nice children zone! there is a book exchange corner right outside the library in basement *not outside of the building

  • 4gabc777 1 year ago
    Nice and beautiful library with many books to borrow but a bit noisy there as there are always many kids lol

  • 4YOSHIHISA KAWASUMI 11 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Facilities that are beautiful and well-arranged like Singapore. I thought it was raining in the courtyard and it was leaking ... (Original) シンガポールらしく整ってキレイな設備。 中庭雨降っているなと思ったら雨漏りだった…

  • 4Diligentleman soul 11 months ago
    More than a library, NLB has loads of exhibitions changing every few months. Do check out their talks and events on top of their books and research materials. - Rooftop events require access card to take the elevator. Security often don't know the directions or protocol often when asked. They should be briefed better.

  • 4Rita Chang 10 months ago
    (Translated by Google) There are many Chinese books (Original) 有滿多中文書

  • 4Cindy Yeo 5 months ago
    My favourite library with a wide collection of books and resources!

  • 4王國倫 7 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Very beautiful building (Original) 很漂亮的建筑

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