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Chain of indoor trampoline parks featuring freestyle bouncing, dodgeball, fitness programs & more. People often mention kids, time, party, blast, great, staff, birthday, good, jumping, Kids,


5129 S Solberg Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57108



(605) 553-9910

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4.50 (918 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Sunday: (Easter), Closed, Holiday hours
  • Monday: 12 to 8 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:30 to 11:30 AM, 4 to 8 PM
  • Wednesday: 4 to 8 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 to 11:30 AM, 4 to 8 PM
  • Friday: 12 to 10 PM
  • Saturday: 10 AM to 10 PM

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  • 1/5 Dennis H. 1 year ago on Google
    Came specifically on Tuesday for the $10 special jump pricing. I called Tuesday July 26th and confirmed that it was $10 per jumper plus. When we arrived the girl at the counter said it was $16.95 a person and $4 for socks. I told her I had called earlier and confirmed it would be $10 and she rudely said that $10 Tuesday’s were no longer a thing. If it’s this way why don’t you remove your advertising, you can’t double the price upon arrival. What a joke.
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  • 5/5 Andrew S. 2 years ago on Google
    We had a fantastic time at Sky Zone. It was our first time and we had an absolute blast. My son is 4 and I am in my mid 30s and we both grinned ear to ear the entire time we were there.
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  • 4/5 Tim F. 5 years ago on Google
    Issues purchasing tickets online. Called twice before I spoke to someone who could reserve our spot with a gift card over the phone. Kids had a blast. They recently made some updates which gives more variety of activities. Only major problem I had was they cranked country music. Why not pop or top 40? I went here again and they had the music sooo loud I could not hear my kids telling me what they were doing with climbing or watching flips. Makes it really frustrating when you have to have your kids shout to talk to them.
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  • 1/5 Jennifer B. 1 year ago on Google
    False Advertisement! They should have a lawsuit brought against them! I planned out a party on their website for my son’s birthday. Arrived, checked in and was prepared to welcome all the kids. We had (18) kids altogether. No where on their website does it state a limit for parties at all in any capacity! In fact it simply states for each additional jumper it’s $18. Well, we get there to find out that the max amount of pizza’s you can order for your party is 4, due to only having 2 small ovens to cook the pizza’s in! What if you have a bigger party than normal?! That isn’t right especially since they say no outside food! Don’t try to offer up what you can’t support! To top it off after paying nearly $400 for a party that was suppose to last 2 hours according their website! It only lasted 1 hr and maybe 40 minutes! What a joke! We were rushed in and rushed out! Not right! If I could have given this place a zero stars I would have! Never again will I go here and I will most definitely steer everyone away from this place too….
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  • 5/5 jessicatheanderson s. 4 years ago on Google
    The first time we ever visited skyzone was my for my sons birthday party and it was great. The kids had a blast and the staff took care of everything for us. We will definitely go there again and again!
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  • 1/5 Megan S. 1 year ago on Google
    Kids had fun but it was a poor birthday party experience. We were supposed to have the party room for 40 minutes. Staff came in after 30 minutes and said we had 7 minutes left. I showed them the clock on my phone and said we had 15 more minutes. They said the go by the “sky zone clock” so I guess they go by an imaginary time? Also staff was unhelpful when checking in for the party. Stared at me without giving any direction on how the party would go. Had to ask several questions to figure out details instead of being helpful up front. Two young female staff members were putting up their middle fingers at each other while working at an attraction and roughhousing while they were to be monitoring the attraction. Extremely poor customer service experience. Will not return for any party needs.
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  • 5/5 Destiney A. 3 years ago on Google
    Thank you for helping me when I got hurt. IT WAS MY FAULT NOT THERES I WAS PUSHING MYSELF TO MY LIMIT. They helped go through the pain. Very kind people. Also for people going to Sky Zone. Don’t push your limits. You could get hurt which is my fault. Thanks employers for helping me.
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  • 4/5 Dan K. 2 years ago on Google
    The kids had a lot of fun! The place was busy but manageable. They have printed stickers that are supposed to help keep track of the kids and their time. It's a great place to let the kids jump off some energy and just be kids. It was pretty clean when we were there. The bathrooms were pretty clean too. It seems like it would be a good place for birthday parties or other events. We would go there again.
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  • 4/5 Elizabeth L. 3 years ago on Google
    To say that my toddler is happy at Children's Fairyland would be an understatement. Since he decided that napping is no longer en vogue, Fairyland is the one jaunt that can override that. A morning spent running around, going on the merry go round and playing endlessly typically results in a quiet afternoon for me. Thank you Fairyland! Best season pass we own!
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  • 3/5 Erin E. 3 years ago on Google
    We had a blast here. However, when we were there the music being played was far from family friendly; mentions of drug use, profanity, ect. It would be 5 stars if the music was more family friendly.
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  • 4/5 1S h. 3 years ago on Google
    it was fun but someone landed on my ribs and now they hurt but it's okay it was an accedent.
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  • 1/5 Garth B. 10 months ago on Google
    Fun Spot but they make you pay $5 for socks, my son's ripped through after 10 minutes and we politely asked if we could get a new pair. The manager John said no we would have to pay $5 for a new pair. Pretty sad honestly.🤷🏼‍♂️ Money must be tight.
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  • 5/5 Max K. 3 years ago on Google
    Check out their memberships, best value currently. Nice and clean facility.
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  • 4/5 Caitlyn V. 5 years ago on Google
    Great family fun, but with limitations. This was our first time to Sky Zone and we were disappointed to see there was not a separate section for toddlers. When we have visited other trampoline parks, this has been the case. It seemed a little dangerous to have all ages mixed, but it was still fun.
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  • 5/5 Victoria R. 1 year ago on Google
    This place is awesome! Many things to do, definitely a kids dream. The staff was also very helpful and kind!

  • 4/5 Mike L. 4 years ago on Google

  • 5/5 Mokusei N. 4 years ago on Google
    Its clean and fun

  • 4/5 J U. 4 years ago on Google
    This is ok for older kids, you have to be very careful with the little ones however because a lot of bigger kids running around do not watch out for them. There is not a separate area for smaller children

  • 5/5 Jo D. 4 years ago on Google
    Kids love it and it’s makes you sore the next day. 😃

  • 5/5 Brenda S. 4 years ago on Google
    The staff was very helpful and accommodating

  • 5/5 D M. 6 months ago on Google
    My grandkids love Sky Zone. We go twice a month. Age is 12 and 10. Last summer we went everyday.

  • 5/5 Karissa B. 3 years ago on Google

  • 5/5 Sydney G. 8 months ago on Google
    Little leapers Thursday morning was so fun! Decent price and good music, not busy!

  • 5/5 Noah S. 2 years ago on Google
    I'm a teenager who doesn't like to work out to be active. I had a chance to hang with my younger sister mand My mom here. I got so tired of jumping after the hour. This place is so amazing. I would go here everyday if I wanted to lose weight. This place has dodge ball, regular jumping area, basketball, jungle gym for the young kids, and so much more. You can have birthday parties here, and so I would highly recommend going here.

  • 5/5 Jared 2 years ago on Google
    This place is amazing, even for adults. We had a birthday party for a friend here once, we were all 25-30 years old, and we had a blast. We even challenged the kids to dodgeball. And those little .... grrr, they always kicked our butts! Haha and their parents had a great time watching us struggle against the half sized humans. Such a great time though :)

  • 1/5 Brittany F. 1 year ago on Google
    This place is a joke. I asked at 5:20 how long a pizza takes to make the lady told me 10 mins. I said I was gonna order in 10 mins lady said it was fine. Asked to talk to a supervisor n she was no help n very rude I asked for the manager she said she is. I said no the manager that handles everything. She refused to give me a name. Won't be returning. This place is a joke. N I wouldn't recommend it.

  • 2/5 Laura P. 1 year ago on Google
    HOT HOT HOT! Don't know if the AC was broken or what but the temp said 80 degrees then plus you are bouncing and running. It ruined the whole experience. Paid for 90 mins left after 60. Staff was very unfriendly. Never explained safety instructions nor what to do or the process. Acted uninterested we made her get off her phone to help!

  • 4/5 Stephanie A. 1 year ago on Google
    The place is a blast and has a super fun environment. The party room was great. The staff was amazing, but please have them look out for bullying. It was pretty bad when we were there. That is the only complaint, but it is a big deal.

  • 4/5 Erniet S. 1 year ago on Google
    I have always enjoyed since I was young, coming here. Now I pass the experience with my own children. Only downside is if it busy. It's clustered, an almost not worth going. Personally. That's how I feel. Cause I don't want to step on someone. Or excetra. I hope they make a expansion soon, or builder a bigger complex

  • 5/5 Jayden S. 9 months ago on Google
    Amani and Hudson were very helpful and had fantastic attitudes!! Great experience.

  • 3/5 Amanda 1 year ago on Google
    Kids enjoy! They need to renew the blocks in the pit and update some of the equipment that is worn. Certain areas were blocked off. Kind of expensive. Should have a "happy hour" price.

  • 5/5 Rebecca K. 1 year ago on Google
    This place knows how to show a family a good time. Parents, look for coupons and get in there with your kids!

  • 4/5 Leigh D. 9 months ago on Google
    Pretty good time for the kids. Not a whole lot of space. But you can set loose your kid and not generally worry

  • 3/5 Kenneth S. 1 year ago on Google
    My kids have a blast here but the place needs some significant maintenance. There are many issues with damaged and missing nets, pads, etc. There is also not enough employees present to properly oversee activities and ensure rules are being obeyed by participants.

  • 5/5 Brenda K. 1 year ago on Google
    I wish we had a sky zone where I lived! Airmaxx in MN is kind of the same, but sky zone has a few cooler options. Very fun and friendly place!

  • 5/5 Erika H. 1 year ago on Google
    We love coming here with our kids. They have so much fun & we will for sure be back again.

  • 5/5 Cheri S. 3 years ago on Google
    Place was great! Friendly staff, generous with the time and the kids had a blast jumping! Thank you for providing some normalcy to this crazy time! We wouldn't have even minded if you ditched the stupid masks your employees have to wear!

  • 5/5 SylvieJane K. 3 years ago on Google
    Workers were nice and had aid ready when needed! Just a fun atmosphere.

  • 5/5 diane p. 3 years ago on Google
    Great workout. Dilligent about sanitizing all surfaces.

  • 5/5 Isaac H. 4 years ago on Google
    This place is amazing to burn your children's energy to a napping low. Fun place for adults as well. Memberships are a must, 2 hours of jumping pays for the membership for a whole month. The staff seems inexperienced, but very friendly and helpful. Keep in mind, you are responsible for your injuries.

  • 5/5 Shane L. 3 years ago on Google
    Kids loved it.

  • 5/5 gaynell t. 3 years ago on Google
    Had a wonderful time it was Hadrain birthday and we all had a great time!

  • 5/5 Edgar JM F. 3 years ago on Google

  • 5/5 christian g. 3 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) The people are amazing and my kids love this place (Original) Las personas son increíbles y mis hijos aman este lugar

  • 5/5 GLenda D. 3 years ago on Google
    clean and fun

  • 5/5 Katie R. 3 years ago on Google

  • 4/5 Gina G. 3 years ago on Google
    We have fun.

  • 5/5 sonia r. 3 years ago on Google
    Fun good for kids and Adults

  • 5/5 Cayden H. 3 years ago on Google
    I learn many flips every time I come here

  • 5/5 A.ndrea S. 3 years ago on Google
    Kids always have a good time

  • 5/5 Lynn N. 3 years ago on Google
    My boys always have a good time jumping at sky zone. Dodgeball is their favorite area, but there’s a lot to of other activities as well. Can get a little pricey if you have a large family; Tuesday nights they have $10 Tuesdays - For $10 you get socks as well as an hour of jumping. I often jump as well.

  • 5/5 Danny V. 4 years ago on Google
    Smell like dirty feet but the kids 😂

  • 4/5 Meggan S. 3 years ago on Google
    Was lots of fun, great price though the only thing I wish they had more of was A/C.

  • 4/5 Derrick B. 3 years ago on Google
    Great, clean place to have fun. The prices are higher when you bring larger groups or families to only make it a once in a long while thing.

  • 4/5 Christel H. 4 years ago on Google
    Great for kids. Wish there was more seating for parents to watch that arent participating in jumping.

  • 5/5 J J. 4 years ago on Google
    Great place to take the kids. Completely tires them out so they aren't bouncing off the walls at home.

  • 5/5 Aleksander M. 4 years ago on Google
    My kids loved it, they were excited.

  • 4/5 Landon D. 4 years ago on Google
    Can be spedy but so much fun

  • 5/5 Emily T. 4 years ago on Google
    Always a blast

  • 5/5 Endless V. 4 years ago on Google

  • 5/5 Baby H. 4 years ago on Google
    It was so fun,the boys that work there is really cute

  • 5/5 MyReal N. 4 years ago on Google
    What's to tell?, ITS A TRAMPOLINE PARK! get a work out to the core and tire the kids out, need more? It's affordable!

  • 5/5 Josh P. 4 years ago on Google
    Was an amazing time. Will for be back.

  • 5/5 Not a S. 4 years ago on Google

  • 5/5 Nathan R. 4 years ago on Google
    Super great time! Lots of people tho!

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  • Accessibility
    • ✓️ Wheelchair accessible entrance
    • ✓️ Wheelchair accessible restroom
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