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Zone touristique boulevard 14 janvier, 2011 Av. Khezama, Sousse 4039, Tunisia




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3.90 (599 reviews)


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  • 5Martin . 10 months ago
    For Tunisian conditions, the hotel offers a truly superior price / performance ratio. The staff, which is not paid enough financially, I learned that they have from about 1 dinar = 8 CZK per hour, they still smile at you every day and are nice. I must also appreciate and highlight the entire team of animators, who not only work intensively on young children, but also have programs for adults and amazing evening shows every day. Overall, I rate my stay here very positively and I also really enjoyed the food here. It's all the sadder to see food wasting (downright gluttonous) at some of the tables sitting next to us.

  • 5Caroline P. 10 months ago
    Lovely place with amazing really nice people, good was great too. 👍

  • 5Wiktoria K. 7 months ago
    A week ago I came back from a wonderful vacation. I'm very impressed with the organization of the animation in the hotel. A big plus for the daily show that involved us dancing and singing! We never got bored during our sunbathing by the pool and on the beach (big thanks to the animation team- Vito, Mario, Jordan, Joe, Rio and to all the rest of the animators) Polecam z całego serca!

  • 4SSN A. 10 months ago
    Stayed for a week here with my family.we booked on the basis that there were kids playing facilities but didn't see anything. The hotel is clean, staff are lovely and welcoming,food was exceptional,pools were clean, beach was walking distance and the animation team were good. Although we noticed they were more attentive to the European tourists, on the last day they made the effort to play with my kids which was nice to see.  We did find that unfortunately a lot of people do end up reserving sun beds at the poolside. Having said that, I can honestly say I didnt want to return home and had a great time!

  • 4Lucas C. 10 months ago
    Visited the hotel multiple times and always had a good experience. The main strengths of the hotel are: 1. The great location. 2. Nice park in-between the hotels. 3. Great food. 4. Nice pools, including indoor one. 5. Nice service. 6. Beautiful sandy beach. Very good price to quality ratio.

  • 4fred c. 10 months ago
    As is common with this type of place the rooms are just a little tired. However that is more then made up for by the service, the good food and a great location. On a wonderful beach but close to the centre of town and all the shops, restaurants and bars you will ever need.

  • 4abdulraouf e. 1 year ago
    It was a nice hotel and professional stuff Animation team was incredible ( booba - blaky ) Fantastic time. Clean rooms and the food was Delicious .. just one note for operation in hotel was delayed to fix the wifi in my room!

  • 4Peter S. 8 months ago
    Spent a week in the hotel, from July 5-12 in 2022. Spent a wonderful holiday in the hotel, everyone loves the tourists in the country. The room was upstairs and had a seaside view. It was clean, and they cleaned the rooms every morning. The food were okey too, we only spent money outside to buy cola and some snacks. The beach was a little bit dirty but it is not a big deal because we spent our day in the sea. You are able to change dollar and euro in the reception of the hotel. Pay a little extra money to everyone around you.

  • 4Warren K. 6 months ago
    Location Not bad, 40 mins from airport, on main drag, next to the beach. Hotel Okay, could be better, could be worse. Cleaners do a good job on cleaning rooms, cleaner waxing floor in lobby last night, so they make an effort. Room is okay, clean, hot water, clean beds, no smells, ok views. Pool is good, needs a tidy up at night though. Lounger beds need a bit of TLC. Staff Everyone is pleasant and nice, waiters running around cleaning tables in restaurant, working hard, lobby waiters happy and helping out. Music is really loud by the pool, need ear defenders at times. Food For us, it is quite good, we enjoy it. Local cuisine and normal chips etc. Lot of variety. We have stayed at 5 star hotels and isn't that quality of course, but still OK. I mean I had brussel sprouts today!! Just wish people ate all the food they got as so much waste. Drinks Again quite good, plenty of free bottled water, cocktails in lobby, don't expect top class cocktails, but they're adequate. Beer is OK, coke and lemonade from Coke Cola. Overall Not bad, would I come back, yes. Needs a lick of paint, but think the hotel are trying hard to bring it up to scratch. Western Europeans are very much a minority here, about 5%, the rest are from the Mediterranean region. Chatting to an Algerian family earlier!!

  • 4pauline s. 2 months ago
    The hotel was great although a little tired in places. Rooms are a good size but the bathroom needs some TLC. The staff are fabulous, very helpful & accommodating. Food is of a good quality, & the desserts are to die for. Don't expect to lose weight if you visit here!

  • 3Asma B. 1 year ago
    Location is great! Affordable price ! The morning staff working in restaurant and the reception is very efficient and friendly but the one of the night shift were unprofessional and rude. Blankets were missing from 3 person room we had to call them at 1am. The pool was dirty. The food was ok-ish.

  • 3Deborah L. 7 months ago
    Positives: - the staff are their biggest asset by far. Most are very friendly, helpful & extremely hard working - the beach is a short walk away & the hotel has sun loungers and fixed parasols for free use and the sea is crystal clear and warm - there is a hotel beach bar that provides beer, wine & soft drinks - there is a swim up bar in the pool with fixed seats that serves hot drinks, beer, wine & soft drinks - the water in the swimming pool is warm - there is a small shallow round swimming pool for toddlers & the main pool has a walk in path that leads to the main pool which is ideal for little ones - the daily activities are varied and my son particularly enjoyed the daily water polo. The pool has been designed with a swim passage that runs around the back of the pool to the bar, so that you can still access the bar when there are activities in the main pool - at breakfast the made to order omelettes are tasty - at lunch and dinner the chips & ice cream are good - there is a small fridge in the bedroom - the hotel is on a main road that comes alive at night so if you want to go out and explore, you can - the Easyjey plane was comfortable with lots of space Negatives Overall, the worst all inclusive hotel I have ever stayed in (I have stayed in more than a few) which is a shame as a lot of the issues could be easily remedied. I am amazed this is a 4* hotel. But to be fair this was not an expensive holiday but even so, a lot of things were very poor. We visited the adjoining sister hotel, the Marhaba Beach, & this was so superior in so many ways! At the time of booking the holiday, this hotel was not that much more expensive and I wished we had booked it instead. On looking now, it is 30% more expensive, but worth every penny in my humble opinion. So here are my negatives: - the restaurant was chaos. We arrived on 15/7/22 and as it got busier by the day, the chaos worsened. I suspect this was no fault of the staff but more the fault of the owners/managers. Quite simply there was not enough cutlery, glasses or crockery so a lot of time was spent asking the staff for these items - as there was not enough staff to clear the dirty tables quickly enough, sometimes you had to wander around looking for a clear table - the food was not very varied - the ice cream spoons were smaller than tea spoons and plastic - the orange juice and bread at breakfast were often running out and so you had to ask for more & wait - the restaurant is not set up in a logical manner. There were no bowls or spoons by the cereal and fruit cocktail at breakfast and at dinner the dinner plates were at the end of the food rather than at the beginning - the air conditioning in the communal areas like the lobby & the restaurant was very poor so that it was just too hot to be comfortable - there was nowhere for large numbers of guests to sit at night after dinner to have a drink/play cards/chat. In the front of the hotel there are five tables and chairs but that is the only place to sit outside so we had to resort to going by the pool to sit on our loungers but as this area has no lighting we could not see to read or play cards - the entertainment wasn’t very good although 100% for effort from the animation team who were all very nice - the only bar that served cocktails or spirits was the lobby bar - the cocktails were not very good - as there were so few glasses 90% of all drinks were served in small plastic disposable cups & the staff frowned at “doubling up” -for 4 of our 7 day break the hotel had no Diet Coke and no other diet drink - only 7 hangers in a room for 3 - most of the time there was no toilet roll in the ladies toilet so you had to ask staff for some - all of the toilet are fitted with small water hoses but no drains so the floor floods - the beach only had one ladies toilet which was often blocked - the Easyjet rep. was poor. Never told us anything useful re the hotel or area - no pool table or table tennis

  • 3Catherine J. 6 months ago
    This is more a 3* star, food was a bit hit and miss. The toilets near pool had a bit of an unpleasant odour at times, needs to be cleaned more frequently pool was good and so was swim up bar. There is a children's part with slides but the jets are set too high for the kids so needs looking at. This used to be one hotel with the occidental next door. The spa, indoor pool and shop and a very small crazy golf are the occidental and the stage is better there. You have to pay for drinks and food in the occidental. The Bocca bar is not free but this is ok. There is a bar between the 2 hotels so can get free drink from here and take to other hotel. Should be one hotel. The lights don't stay on when in toilets. The animation team worked hard but they were the main entertainment. The list for what is on is on reception desk and outside dining room. Only saw the one on reception desk when we were going home.

  • 1Irena D. 11 months ago
    It's servise good hotel it's good food wery good but some staff it's rude and just want money from tourist spa it's wery bad when I just came to hotel I get tint my eyebrow people want overcharge me I paid but I was not happy she not put color .Also I havesesion with photographer Ali name his did nice photos but I paid 90 pound .It's really wery expensive .Haven't got any price in shop in spa just always ewrybady saying good price .Rubbish country rubish people I ask for receive from my photography session his not givet it's good price .Now body advice go to this hotel

  • 1Zlatina N. 8 months ago
    This is some parody, of four stars hotel.The only good thing for me is a beach, nothing else. The rooms are decent, but needs renovation. The food isn't tasty, every day the same things. The products are not fresh ,no variety There isn't glasses for a drinks, they serve in paper cups for coffee and tea. If you ask for normal glasses, they said that don't have enough. The problem is general in management . It's not value for the money, at all. Totally disappointing. Definitely not recommend.

  • 1Няма . 7 months ago
    Hello to all future visitors of hotel ‘Marhaba Club 4 *’ ! I was at the hotel from 21st to 28th July 2022 with my Mum. This was my birthday present for her. After looking through the photos, published on the hotel web site, we chose to go there. The troubles began from the very beginning: instead of our booked /and paid/ room with a sea view, we were given a room with a view towards the roofs. Thankfully, this was fixed later, BUT: 1. The food they offered was very bad, often undercooked or stale. 2. Service /if any/ depended on the tips. 3. We were harassed by the beach security for three consecutive days. The story is as follows: Day one: At 7:30 a.m. we spread our towels /in signal colours/ on the sun loungers to reserve our places at the beach.  Later, at our arrival at the beach, we found out that our towels had disappeared. A crazy search followed which ended up with finding the towels under an umbrella. We considered it an accident. Day 2: Again, at 7:30 a.m. we spread the towels to reserve our places at the beach. Two hours later, we discovered that our towels had disappeared again. We referred the matter to the beach security man who told us to wait for 5 minutes. These 5 minutes turned out into 3 whole hours. After this long waiting he returned with the towels telling us that he found them in the beach bar warehouse. Day 3: The towels disappeared again. The security was notified again. At the same time our neighbours at the beach told us they had seen how in the last three days early in the morning the security man was taking and carrying away our towels. At our attempt to clarify what they saw with him, he began to shout at us. Eventually he did not confess and our towels permanently disappeared. Our next step was to ask the representative of the organizing company for assistance. No result! Although we had already paid for our places at the beach /price included in the vacation package/, by paying additionally we spent the last two days enjoying the beach. This was our real vacation! Moreover, we never received the breakfast from the last day of our all-inclusive excursion. This celebration of my Mum’s birthday was ‘unforgettable’ and well paid by me. We were lucky to be back home. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL!

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