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Australia Fair Shopping Centre, Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215, Australia



+61 7 5591 4744

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3.40 (967 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Friday: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Monday: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Tuesday: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Wednesday: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Thursday: 7 am to 7:30 pm


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  • 1Ashley Z. 1 month ago
    So terrible,keep waiting for 20mins ,they so rude! Take away happy meal, without any fries!!! What in the world !

  • 1peter m. 2 months ago
    After waiting in line for almost 10mins, while 3 staff members attended to one customer, I asked if anyone else was serving, I was told that one of their registers was not working, (the one that was working was not in use), & no one else was being served (apart from the customer that had 3 staff), & I was not the only person waiting to order. Extremely poor customer service, so I definitely will never return, poor form Australia fair Maccas

  • 1Rebecca M. 2 months ago
    Cold food, couldn't eat half of it. no flavour in milkshakes after asking for chocolate. No syrup or butter given for hot cakes. When asked for it staff said nothing and just shrugged and gave me syrup. Won't be going back, don't recommend it to anyone

  • 1Goddo G. 2 months ago
    Normal food as expected from Micky D's. But was the slowest fast food experience. I sat down watched orders pile up and sit on the bench and then wait another 10mins to call them out to collect . All we wanted was drinks ..

  • 1Mr T. 3 months ago
    Third world McDonald's have better Hygiene standards than this place, Went this morning ' Bacon n Egg McMuffin meal dealaroonie 🤝 🤢, The young lady who took my order was taking great delight in rubbing her fingers all over the top of a soft serve ice cream cone Whilst preparing it for some unsuspecting Punter to consume, Whilst looking out at everyone waiting for meals like Linda Blair from the Exorcist ☠️🤯

  • 1Tao A. 4 months ago
    Don't come to this store the service is worst I have ever experienced. Staff aren't friendly and the staff couldn't be bothered in working. They all need to be replaced, for new staff that want to work. Gives the Francis a bad reputation.

  • 1Li San O. 5 months ago
    Ordered a Happy Meal today and one of your male server did not include fries in our order. My children went up to him and he said he did put the fries in and refused to give them the small fries. I had to go back and ask him again and he said he put it in but he will give one to me anyway as if he was doing me a huge favour. I paid for it!!! His arrogance and attitude was appalling. Other people around me also noticed his horrible attitude. You need to educate your staff better.

  • 5Rone h. 5 months ago
    The guy working this morning by himself was doing a fantastic job. It was quiet busy & he had to do everything by himself. He still was polite & calm

  • 1Eugene H. 6 months ago
    2 young men at counter took a while to take lady’s order and she said, “ If you were incompetent it would take this long and then one of them calls the manager after one of the staff went and had a moan to the manager, & then this mngr comes out saying to the lady you called my staff member incompetent. Well his cs was whack because she didnt say that and I said well shes been here 3 minutes and your staff still havent taken her order” His excuse is it gets busy and I said if it takes that long you got 20+ persons waiting to get lunch and some have to get back to work, then I said hire more staff or train them better. This young “up himself” manager says to me Im not getting served because I was rude yet he came out to deal with the lady and from his view she was ruder than me. Maybe its because Im colour. Just take a look at the Asian lady her post. I agree, its the worst Maccas trained & staffed establishment of McDonkies ever. Customer service goes a long way. But you gotta have cs first at the front counter. ABSOLUTELY USELESS & worst run NcDonkies Ive been to in 61 years.

  • 2B. 6 months ago
    NO Seniors Discount & Service Very Average ! ..and this is my Banana Bread lightly toasted, NOT !

  • 4Jasmine W. 11 months ago
    The bacon and egg muffin was just thrown together but tasted great. Caramel latte seems like they need more practice making them as the one at McDonald's ashmore tastes way better. But still good.

  • 3John B. 11 months ago
    Sausage n egg mc muffin ok Coffee was bad but still drunk it x2 coffees and x2 mc muffins just short of $20 getting expensive 😩

  • 1Watcha b. 1 year ago
    False advertising at McDonalds Ashmore !! Add says if l buy quaterpound meal deal l get glass !!! Didn’t get it - I fact l ordered 2 meal deals and was not told out of glasses —- got out of car and walked into store - still advertising in store - spoke to Felicity manager — says she is not responsible for store still advertising and basically implied it’s not her job to advise staff to advise customers when ordering and expecting glass with meal deal ——- SO WHO IS RESPOBSIBLE FOR FALSE ADVERTISING IN STORE AND LACK OF COMMUNICATION TO CUSTOMERS ??? WHO IS RESPOBSIBLE?? CLEARLY THE MANAGER HAS NO DUTY OF CARE TO CUSTOMER

  • 4Felix K. 1 year ago
    There’s seats but weird, they only do take aways. Burger’s pretty much standard. The kids enjoyed it.

  • 1Grant B. 1 year ago
    I attended the Australia fair McDonalds in southport for lunch today while on my allocated lunch break from work. After receiving my meal 15mins later, I have opened my burger to eat only to discover it swimming in so much sauce it was inedible and literally broke in my hands. I have taken the burger back to the registers and showed the manager. He agreed that there was a way too much sauce and that it was unacceptable to do that to a customers food. Instead of replacing my meal they were very quick to hand me back my money and get rid of me. Special thanks to the employee and manager for ruining my lunch and lunch break. Disgusting customer service.

  • 2Chris J. 1 year ago
    Not fast. Not fresh. No like ordering online either. Australia has great barrier reef. Not miccedees.

  • 1Amber G. 4 years ago
    OUTRAGED!!! I opened my fillet a fish burger on the 20.12.2018 at the Australia Fair McDonald's to find it has black mold spots on the bun (See picture attached). When taking the burger back to the front counter and asking for a replacement, I was told it is normal for the burger to go black when cooking it. I was then refused a replacement burger and told I the as the customer was in the wrong and to sit back down with my mold burger which also had 3 staff members fingers after their examination. I will ensure that I take this matter further as I am concerned for the health of other consumers along with the lack of customer service over a cheap $4.00 burger.

  • 1Demon W. 4 years ago
    Worst McDonald’s ever, Mcdonald staff play game with me coz I’m a Asian they made me drove 3 times drive thought this McDonald counter , and told me I have to order it online but the app told me read out my four digit code, at the end they told me they can’t do it , I have to get in to order. Absolutely terrible Service. When I try to order inside the store the manager ask me to move my car as well coz I’m parking in the pickup spot, which no sign at all. So I move my car and get in again , I got in and went near the counter for serve they start moving away from me, make me feel they didn’t want to serve me, I was in the counter for about 1 mins waiting , I even have time to took a photo of 4 girls 2 mangers when I was waiting next to the counter they were chatting in front of me.

Call +61 7 5591 4744 Open on Google Maps


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