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  • 5Bobbi M. 3 weeks ago
    If you're here to learn the history of Stockholm --for free, this is the place! Takes about 45-60 minutes. English text. Free toilets, free lockers. Information and artifacts are very well put together. They also built models of the town so you can really feel like you're going back in time through the streets of Stockholm.

  • 5Daniel N. 4 weeks ago
    Great place for adults and children. Beautiful reconstruction of Middle Age Stockholm’s day to day activities. The park in front of the museum offers a fine view of the river, with amateur fishermen all around.

  • 5Anastasiia R. 2 months ago
    Beautiful free museum, big and interesting, cool gift shop! You can buy a kit for embroidery of a medieval mermaid or a beast, a pattern for reenactment outfits, medieval books. Love it!!!

  • 5Brady R. 2 months ago
    This is a great museum and it's free. We were blown away at the amount of stuff here. When we learned it was free we figured it would be ok and we would be in and out in a few minutes. We spent about 2 hours inside. Incredibly informative about the history of Stockholm and its just an awesome museum. The remnants and preservation of the old wall was mind blowing. Just to be standing next to something that old is humbling. Definitely check this place out. Giftshop has a lot of good stuff as well. This is a must see.

  • 5shweta k. 2 months ago
    The Museum of Medieval Stockholm, centrally located north of the Royal Palace, was constructed around old monuments excavated in an extensive archaeological dig in the late 1970s. Part of Stockholm's city wall, dating from the early 16th century, was also found. Visited during weekdays and enjoyed 2 hours with kiddo.

  • 5Romina C. 2 months ago
    Free museum and very good content! Also a nice place to find clean WC (not an easy task in gamla Stan) and a place to rest by the water outside the museum

  • 5Rahul G. 2 months ago
    First of all they have a free entry. I visited this museum on a Sunday. There was no wait time. There was a free guided tour at 2 in English. It was great to know the history and I really liked how people of the city came forward and saved the part of history. They have parts of old city wall. They reconstructed the looks of the old city. It was really nice to see all those things along with the old items found from that era.

  • 5A P. 2 months ago
    A wonderful museum that effectively captures Stockholm's medieval past. The museum has artifacts, models both miniature and life size, and is great in general. There are audio aids for rent if you need them, and lockers are free to use.

  • 5Elisabet A. 3 months ago
    Really good museum for being free! Lockers available to put your bag/personal stuff away. Be aware that it is a bit cold there! So if it's a hot summer day then you might still want to have a hoodie with you!

  • 5The Compass G. 3 months ago
    My visit to the Medieval Museum in Stockholm was truly captivating. Stepping inside felt like traveling back in time to the medieval era. The museum's exhibits beautifully showcase the rich history and culture of that period. From ancient artifacts to interactive displays, every corner offered a glimpse into the past. The highlight was definitely the reconstructed medieval city, complete with winding streets and authentic buildings. The knowledgeable staff enhanced the experience with their engaging explanations and enthusiasm. If you have an interest in history or simply want to immerse yourself in a bygone era, the Medieval Museum in Stockholm is a must-see. The museum is free for visitors.

  • 5Dikachi C. 4 months ago
    It’s a really lovely museum. There was so much to see and the free entry was a big plus. You can get an audio guide for 30 kr otherwise it’s totally free.

  • 5Bogdan T. 4 months ago
    The entrance to this relarively small museum is free, and they have a cheap audio guide if you would like to use one. It's quite well organised and it emerges you quickly into the (bloody) history of Stockholm, Sweden and their neighbours.

  • 5Aline N. 5 months ago
    Highly recommendable! The museum is very well done reproducing typical Swedish monuments human size that you can visit including a huge boat frame. And it’s free! Ideal for kids and grown ups. Make sure you watch the short video at the beginning, it helps understand the museum and what to expect in the main room.

  • 5Nikos T. 10 months ago
    One of the best, well-preserved and interesting museums in the city! You can easily spend 2 hours inside the museum as you enter buildings, see weapons and explore how life in medieval Stockholm was. The museum was built around an original medieval wall that was randomly discovered when building an underground garage! And the best thing? It’s totally free!

  • 5Antoniu G. 11 months ago
    A very imersive experience into the medieval everyday life in the Stockholm city area. There is even a small city section reproduced, having a church, a house, a bakery, blacksmith shops among others. There is also a section for myths and legends, full of fantastic creatures which the kids will definitely enjoy (you can take pictures riding a basilisk for example). There are many things compared with their present day counterparts, for example the livestock, with animals being much smaller back then. Very educational and surprisingly great museum, I think it is enjoyable even if one is not into medieval history. At the moment we've visited, there was free entrance but it was not crowded.

  • 5Dominik T. 11 months ago
    Great place telling a great story, nicely organized. I recommend spending 1-1,5h there. Most of the exponents were discovered unexpectedly in preparation for an underground parking lot!

  • 5Jerry R. 1 year ago
    A free museum with an immense amount of middle age history. A small museum you can view in under an hour to learn about the impact Stockholm had influencing Europe. Traveler Note - Using Google maps I missed the museum as it is on the lower level. You must walk down the stairs to find the main entrance.

  • 5Aurelia D. 1 year ago
    Excellent museum with free admission. Don’t miss the English tour at 14:00, it is fun, informative and insightful. Special thanks to the tour guide, Björn for his insights ! Great museum for adults and children alike.

  • 5Deliky T. 1 year ago
    Interesting and entertaining museum-good for kids too. Make sure you don't miss the English guided tour from 1400. Unfortunately I did, but the have a lot of info on the boards. I like how they recreated the medieval town. Anyway... So happy that they decided to make this museum and not parking space, as was the original plan when they started the excavations.

  • 5Jason W. 1 year ago
    Stumbled across this museum as we were walking near the park in front of Parliament, and very happy we did! It's free admission, and you probably need about 45mins, which is the perfect size museum for me. Inside you'll find uncovered medieval artifacts of Stockholm from hundreds of years ago, which gives you a good sense of how much life has truly changed. Would definitely recommend a visit!

  • 5Rafał K. 1 year ago
    Great museum for adults and for children ! Entrance is for free. There are many interactives things, you can walk in to old house and feel like in medieval times ! Maybe museum is not that big but definitely you won’t be bored and also it’s in great localization for more sightseeing

  • 5Deniel G. 1 year ago
    An absolutely amazing museum. A must see if you are visiting Stockholm. It is completely free, wheelchair accessible right in the heart of the city. I will let the photos to speak for themselves

  • 5Marina G. 1 year ago
    Fantastic little museum that introduces visitors to the history of Stockholm. Great reconstructions and nice display of local archaeological finds. Open on Easter Sunday and it's free. Great place to bring kids or to use up an hour and a half during your visit to the city.

  • 4Juljan D. 1 year ago
    Not the largest collection, but it's pretty great and free. Large reconstructions of houses and archeological finds on display. Worth a stop. There are lockers to put your stuff in.

  • 5Joanna C. 1 year ago
    I couldn't ask for more from a museum with free entrance! It gives a medieval vibe and the dolls there are very realistic!

  • 5Dina G. 1 year ago
    ▪️Free entrance 🆓 ▪️ You can pay in entrance 20 krones and your kid, together with you in hobby room can create a flag 🚩. With a lot of stuff. ▪️ Not big museum. One hours or maybe 1:30 minutes it's absolutely enough. ▪️ Nice souvenir shop. Toilet and locked cabins for stuff.

  • 5Daniela H. 1 year ago
    Great place to learn a bit of Swedish history for free. The museum is under the Bridge (I could find it at first sight). Inside you can find ruins of a stone wall dating from the 16th century (the museum was built around it) and a lot of archaeological findings. Also it explains who founded Stockholm, and the previous capitol cities before that. The history of King's and Queens, a bit of the viking age. So much fun!

  • 4MakeUp S. 1 year ago
    A nice museum without an entrance fee. There is a whole small village in there that is designed in a way that really makes you feel like you are walking to your baker to get bread to feed your family in Middle Ages

  • 5A. 1 year ago
    Museum is free for all and is absolutely fascinating. If you want to understand the cultural heritage of Stockholm and Gamla Stan especially, then this is the place to go definitely. It gives you an in depth understanding of what Stockholm was like during the Medieval period and also a short and brief understanding of what life entailed during that period of time. It also offers a fascinating insight into people's homes in the past and how they lived as well as models of the old town and battles which took place. Definitely worth a visit and expect to spend between 1 to 2 hours in there!

  • 5Collins S. 1 year ago
    A very nice museum that is free to enter and explore. Located just infront of the Parliament, it provides an amazing description of the history of Stockholm with a medieval model town. A must visit if you are in the area. Can be completed in under an hour.

  • 5Hannah Swain L. 1 year ago
    So glad I finally visited this! It focuses on the area from about 1200—1520s, so the founding and early days of Stockholm. Lots to see, with engaging exhibits and interesting details. All signage is in Swedish and English. Spent about 2 hours and tried to look at everything.

  • 4Παύλος �. 1 year ago
    A nice, downtown museum with free entrance.

  • 5a. 1 year ago
    Small, but nice

  • 5Job S. 1 year ago
    It would be awesome for a museum that's not free. However this museum is free and that makes it a deserving 5 stars. A very interesting look in to the history of medieval Stockholm!

  • 5Shahriyar S. 1 year ago
    Free entrance. Helpful stuff. Many interesting facts about old culture and traditions of Swedish lands.

  • 5Dr. Michael Kohlberger, BSc M. 1 year ago
    Free admission. Has open air exhibits as well as archaeological finds. Very good job at recreating the medieval environment and telling important Swedish historical events.

  • 4Daphne K. 2 years ago
    Not too big, with a nice mix of artifacts and models for a more experiential vibe. You learn a lot just wandering around and reading the descriptions.

  • 4Simon G. 2 years ago
    Not a big museum, so perfect for a 1-2h visit. They have made a good tour with what content that they have. Free admission with a 30 SEK audio guide option (multiple language).

  • 5Magnus O. 2 years ago
    Pretty museum about Stockholm during the middle ages, placed where medieval remains were found some decades ago as they were digging a car park for parliament. Interesting information in English and Swedish, and also things to see for kids. Free entrance. As it's underground, it can be difficult to find - follow the signs. Friendly staff

  • 5Michela Z. 2 years ago
    A little treasure in the heart of Stockholm. It's free! And you can get an audio tour for just 30 sek. Outside of it, you can enjoy the sea sitting in a cute little park, watching the busy roads of the city.

  • 5M. 2 years ago
    It was a bit of a search, the museum is underground, under the bridge. Very well done, nice impression of life in the early days of Stockholm. It you read all the signs (in English or Swedish) you can be busy for 2 hours. There are lots of things to see, they made replicas of shops, houses, church, soldiers. A bit of an open air museum vibe. Free lockers for bag, free toilet, free museum!

  • 5Deep P. 2 years ago
    Go if you want to see mediaeval time history in a beautiful and creative way. Entry fee: Free Time to visit: 1-2 hours(normal curiosity) Carry water bottle Locker and washrooms available Mini store for books and souvenirs The museum depicts people living, their jobs, homes and mundane activities. Its creatively created with details on minute stuff. Their are details written on every observable place. Their is a scene illustrated which reminds me of red wedding in game of thrones, probably George Martin might have taken inspiration from their. Photo attached.

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