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  • 5Anne F. 9 months ago
    Loved every second there. If you're an ABBA fan or grew up listening to them, it is a must visit. If you're a person who generally loves music, it's also a great place to visit. Brings back so much childhood memories for me. Has a few interesting fun interactive sections, the narrative really let's you in on who and what makes them ABBA and how huge they were in the rest of the world. My only criticism is that they should place better direction or guidance on the flow of the whole experience. We ended up starting from the end because we went the wrong way. And had to go against the flow to get to the start point. We were not the only ones I believe. Place can get quite crowded as exhibits are pretty packed in to each other. Also, you'll revisit all ABBA songs after the trip 😊. Do: 1: Get your tickets in advance through their website. We got ours 24hours before the time slot and generally most slots were still available. 2: Go and queue up 10-15 minutes before your booked time as they let in 10-15 ppl at a time so as not to crowd the entrance.

  • 5Crankin S. 1 year ago
    Firstly grab the audio guide as it is the band talking about the exhibits and their history. It’s a fun museum full of fantastic memorabilia. I’m glad I finally got to go.

  • 5Francesco X. 1 year ago
    Very nice museum that travels through the story of ABBA, from the childhood of the four members to their legacy after they split up. There are both items typical of a classic museum, like memorabilia and costumes from their concerts, and interactive stations where you can sing or mix their songs. The ticket price with audioguide included is 270 SEK, too high in my opinion (average for other museums is 160 SEK).

  • 5Vlogger M. 1 year ago
    We love ABBA, and what a great job did they do to make this museum so special! All the details are here, from the beginning of their lives to the great succeses they made in their lives. Make sure to book in advance and enjoy the show!

  • 5Bill N. 6 months ago
    Can easily spend a couple of hours in here. Not to expensive to enter. Lots to see from the start of ABBAs journey. Really interesting to see the clothes from the day. The amount of albums they produced is incredible. Very interactive as well. You can take a virtual tour over where they used to live in Sweden. Sit in the helicopter that’s on the front cover of the latest album. If you like ABBA then it is a must do visit.

  • 5Stefan D. 1 year ago
    If you like Abba you should definitely go there. Very interesting fact and artefacts about Abba. You can also make a quiz or try your singing skills. There are also some interesting films from Abba. Definitely a recommendation!

  • 5D. 1 year ago
    A must visit for any ABBA fan! There are multiple floors and they are packed with content. From individual history of every band member to personal items. There are cool interactable exhibits- you can mix your own track or even participate as a 5th member of the band. I've visited during weekday and it was quite busy. There was a singing booth and it had a line so couldn't tried it. Photo booth didn't work unfortunately. There is also a small gift shop, but variety is quite simple i didn't find anything worth picking up there.

  • 5Darren B. 7 months ago
    Had an amazing time, there's plenty to both see and do, such as reading about each band member's life and their experiences before they joined ABBA, seeing a collection of memorabilia including costumes, their gold & platinum discs and a discography of their albums & singles from around the world. There are some brilliant interactive exhibits which were great fun and definitely a highlight! If you're an ABBA fan you'll love this experience!

  • 5Linh P. 11 months ago
    For every ABBA lover, this is a must-see! There are several floors, each of which is jam-packed with well-crafted material. From personal stuff to each band member's personal past. There are several fascinating interactive exhibitions where you may mix your own tune or even join the band as a fifth member. The exhibition also has some fun interactive features, such as listening to music and even sing certain songs. I went on a weekday and it was fairly crowded. It's jam-packed with memorabilia, costumes, vinyl/CD/cassette releases, publicity, and news. I would suggest setting up at least 2 hours to really explore the area.

  • 5Tony C. 1 year ago
    Such a great museum. Especially for ABBA and music fans. The detail here is fantastic and since I was there last in 2018 so much has been added. They’ve added a section on what happened after ABBA and the different solo projects the members worked on. The recording studio, cinema and VR experience are particularly good.

  • 5Mari C. 11 months ago
    Fun experience for the whole family. Lots of history on the members. Fun interactions such as virtual helicopter ride, singing with the group members and more. Lots of memorabilia. It is truly amazing.

  • 5Liz D. 1 year ago
    The best place ever. Was here in 2013 and loved it then. When i knew i was returning to Sweden from Australia to visit my friend down the south, we decided a trip to Stockholm was vital and the Abba museum was first on our list. Well it was even better the second time. We spent nearly 2 and a half hours there reading and watching things an participating in the fun activities . Highly recommend. We even decided to stay in the hotel attached to it. Wonderful.

  • 5Lucie C. 10 months ago
    I swear, this is the best thing I have done when visiting Stockholm, I have no regrets. It's such a funky little museum - I was in awe seeing all the iconic original costumes worn by Abba as well as all the cool photo opportunities we had. The Abbatar experience was also fun, getting to pretend you were in the band. It's a very interactive museum, with a guided audio tour and lots of things to do. There were also lockers to keep your stuff in when walking around the museum.

  • 5Stephen A. 11 months ago
    This was my first choice when I was in Stockholm for the day, and I wasn’t disappointed. Go early (10am when it opens) to beat the crowds, and to take people-free photographs. Book online to be just waved in. The museum explains the four growing up, first musical performances, meeting each other, the romances, the Eurovision Song Contest (1974), those magical singalong songs, the breakup of the band, and their activities since (films, shows, etc.). The museum is filled with stage outfits, the lights, records and gold discs, memorabilia and mementos. There is a recording studio, a cinema, you can even perform yourself. Of course, exit is through the gift shop. You walk in, but you’ll dance out. Truly it’s excellent if you like ABBA!

  • 5SIMPLE L. 8 months ago
    I grew up listening to Abba. Visiting this Museum was such a wonderful memories for me. They have such a wonderful collection ranging from clothes to cars, guitar and their personal belongings and other stuffs. You can even buy a good collection of T-shirt, badges, and other souvenir from the shop. If you are Abba fan then please do visit.

  • 5Mark H. 9 months ago
    This is a wonderful museum telling the history of the band Abba. The exhibitions are amazing and a great tribute to a great musical group. They do a good job telling the story of the members and then showing their time together and their post Abba works. There are a lot of interactive areas to let you song, dance and also a virtual giggle flight in a helicopter flying over the Archipelago’s showing where some of their hits were written. If you have some time while in Stockholm and enjoy music you need to visit this place.

  • 5Paolo A. 9 months ago
    What a cool museum! You need to love the ABBA world to fully appreciate it! I recommend you to book your spot online at least the night before your visit. When we visited we had to wait for 1 hour because we hadn't book online and the spots were all taken.

  • 5Barbara H. 7 months ago
    Just amazing. Totally enthralled. Worth the money. Easy get to by water using public ferry, short walk from the fun park. Other museums close by. Good visitor facilities, lockers, toilets, cafe. Need plenty of time, so much to see. Buy tickets to ensure access and arrive 10 minutes before scheduled time.

  • 5Nurseit N. 1 year ago
    Loved every minute spent in this museum as an Abba fan. The staff, the virtual tour, the collection and the story - all is great. The shop outside has exclusive souvenirs of high quality. Inside the temperature is nice and not very crowded. Lockers are good. Totally recommend!

  • 5Roland V. 5 months ago
    Loved every minute spent in this museum, every ABBA fan must visit it. The staff, the virtual tour everything is great. Recommended to book your ticket in advance. Lockers are good. Totally worth it

  • 5B. 2 months ago
    I walked in as someone who generally liked ABBA, and I walked out as a super fan of them. The museum does a really good job at not only portraying their life and accomplishments as a band, but also walks you through each of their individual lives before, during, and after ABBA. Their creative process, the development of their style and writing, how their videos were recorded and much more are also explored here. It is all scattered in a very creative way throughout this museum.

  • 5w s. 1 year ago
    What a nice museum. 2 hours for an informative tour. Parking nearby but easy access with public transportation. The gift shop is also very nice, lots of great ABBA stuff for the fans.

  • 5Jutta Lachenauer (. 1 year ago
    An amazing spot to go if you are addicted to music. Intersting to dive in the different Songs of ABBA. Inspiring introduction to ABBA voyage and the Arena in London.

  • 5Matt S. 1 year ago
    Super well put together museum with a huge collection and neat activities throughout.

  • 5Tia T. 1 year ago
    What a party!!! I love ABBA so obviously we had to go and see and dance. There was so much information about the singers and tons of music. Highlights include: many of their original costumes and a virtual reality helicopter ride to the island they wrote their songs at. I did the audio tour narrated by ABBA but could've gone without it. Still a super cool place and would go again!

  • 5Matthieu A. 1 year ago
    Amazing museum very well done, pleasant moment.

  • 5Gemmy van E. 1 year ago
    Very beautiful and interactive museum! We had a lot of fun!

  • 5& Carmen S. 1 year ago
    If you love ABBA, then visit the museum it is great to see costumes and albums, literally everything from ABBA! We loved all of it! Good to know there are also rooms available if you want to stay in Greece! 🇬🇷 The restaurant in it is also great! Just a MUST see!

  • 5Monica H. 1 year ago
    I learned a lot about the band while i was here and the whole family enjoyed it. Even the teens! There were some interactive things to do which made it more fun.

  • 5Kenn A. 1 year ago
    Extremely cool museum if you are just a bit interested in ABBA, we used hours reading about, listening to and looking at ABBA related stuff... Yes, it ain't cheap to get in, but none of the museums we visited in Stockholm was, so it may be more of Swedish thing.

  • 5Marc P. 1 year ago
    The museum is nice and very well made with lots of fun ways to interact or listen to audio information. It's not huge so one hour is enough to visit but it's well worth it when in Stockholm. Upon exiting you will pass through the gift shop with some small souvenirs for sale.

  • 5KEVIN P. 1 year ago
    Nice place to visit on a rainy day entrance 250 sek online or 260 at the door ...everything you need to know about ABBA plus more takes between 1-2 hours to take it all in.... if you like ABBA its a must.

  • 4David M. 2 weeks ago
    Great nostalgic tour back in time for all is oldies who grew up with ABBA. Great info to read and learn the history of the 4 of them where they came from, how they met and built the band all the way till the unofficial split. Great display of costumes, records, replica offices, cars, get in the sound booths sing your heart out, become the 5th member on stage with the avatars .. great experience. Only negative was they didn't offer me the audio guide tool told me I had to use my mobile which drained my battery, small white audio devices are available ask for them, other than that great 6 hrs :)...oh don't forget to pull out the drawers under the mama Mia model where you can see all the plans and drawings 😉

  • 4R. 1 year ago
    We enjoyed the museum. Nice story about ABBA, their members, the crew and management, the history and projects. Off course enough music and music related, but also about the outfit, sound and lighting. Nevertheless I think the price is a bit high for what is offered. A price of 150 SEK would be more appropriate.

  • 4Mike B. 1 year ago
    Cool museum, even if not necessarily an ABBA fan. Plus they even have a whole section dedicated to Mama Mia! with dresses and artifacts. It was a good time! Be aware that parking is very limited, and can be a walk. Take local transport if able.

  • 4Victor G. 1 year ago
    Really cool experience. If you have time while you're in Stockholm you should definitely check it out! Cool interactive parts of the exhibit and you learn everythibg about them from before they were a group to after their split.

  • 4David T. 1 year ago
    Nicely presented exhibit. Costumes were amazing

  • 4N. 1 year ago
    A must do for ABBA fans… But also interesting for husbands that tag along :-) Also, never been to a pink men's room before... until now!

  • 3Laurence R. 9 months ago
    It's got some amazing memorabilia but the site is too small and it doesn't explore the breakdown in the members relationships. It's that that made songs like Knowing Me, Knowing You so special. You have to buy tickets in advance. Truthfully the Beatles Story does the job of telling a band's history much better.

  • 3Nelyubin V. 11 months ago
    Quite an interesting museum dedicated to one of the most legendary musical groups of the 20th century. It's an interesting exposition. Unfortunately, I had higher expectations. For such a high price, I would have liked to see more unique exhibits and interactive things.

  • 3Raghad S. 3 months ago
    Was a nice collection to see but I expected much better and more organized display for such a musical outstanding heritage. The documentary film shown was very poor and boring and most of the shown videos can be better edited. The museum is a nice 60 min to 80 min to spend on a cold day. If you re visiting the city for short stay...better go see other attractions.

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