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  • 5B. 1 week ago
    amazing place steeped in history and science. Great to visit say I saw it. another one off the bucket list.

  • 3Luke P. 4 weeks ago
    We visited the museum on a Saturday evening. For a paid attraction, the gallery space felt kind of small and cramped with the crowd, which affected the viewing experience. The way the museum chose to display its exhibition, choosing to focus instead on artifacts donated by nobel laureates and their story was also kind of strange, as the museum's name is not Museum of Nobel Laureates Artifacts and Stories. Furthermore, the choice to also rely on electronic display tablets, instead of written displays, also affects the experience as only one person may use the tablet at any one time. This is not to say the experience was not enjoyable, but for someone who visited without a tour, the experience did feel underwhelming. So manage your expectations before visiting. There's also a souvenir and bistro here, with a very nice plaza at the front.

  • 4Yusuf K. 1 month ago
    Located in the middle of the old town aka gamla stan in front of a beautiful square. Not many interesting thing in there but learning the history and the ceremony of the Nobel prize was cool. Definitely attend to a guided tour. Its both fun and learning.

  • 5Michael G. 1 month ago
    Was in Stockholm for the weekend, and being an academic, I had to make the pilgrimage. I arrived just in time to join a group tour of the place (no extra cost); the live audio was conveniently broadcast to portable headsets they lent out, allowing me to roam and explore while still hearing the guide. I was delighted by all the living and interactive exhibits - especially all the old physics and chemistry gadgets, which I adore. I did have a harder time connecting with the literature prize winners' exhibits, but maybe that's just because I'm a zoomer with too short an attention span to have read a book, ever. Only thing that was missing imo was a nice place to sit and watch the rotation of the Nobel Laureates' biographies on the ceiling carousel. I'd gladly have sat there for all 6.5 hours to see every one of them.

  • 5Ajay K. 1 month ago
    The museum's design and presentation are impressive, incorporating interactive displays and multimedia elements that make learning a delight for all ages. It manages to strike the perfect balance between education and entertainment, leaving visitors both enlightened and entertained.

  • 4Balkrishna S. 1 month ago
    It’s located in the centre of old town. The building looked quite impressive from outside. Our walking tour guide briefly explained to us about this museum and advised us to visit later at our own convenience. Due to shortage of time, we could not come again. Maybe next time.

  • 5M. 2 months ago
    Very informative and interesting place with info about all Nobel laureats, educational movies and examples of inventions. If you want to join a guided tour, I'd recommend to book ahead the time slot. If you've missed a spot, you still can listen to detailed free audio guide (the museum has free wi-fi). Nice souvenir shop with a variety of options.

  • 4A. 3 months ago
    It’s a real experience of history where you will know more about the world that has evolved through the years. You will READ a lot! So be prepared to, and enjoy all the fields. The coffee shop served a nice coffee and the place is definitely cozy. It's for readers lovers!

  • 5Nicholas M. 4 months ago
    What really made this museum experience amazing for me and my friend was the staff, specially Stephanie! Her explanation and insight into the historical significance of the collection of objects immensely increased our understanding of the importance of the Nobel prize.

  • 5Micodio M. 8 months ago
    Really enjoyed the visit. You should do a guided tour since the museum is not that big. The guided tour gives you way more background information. At Christmas times a christmas market is directly in front of the building and also very cute.

  • 5Sara Al M. 11 months ago
    Now, this is the place you just don’t skip when you are in Stockholm. I mean it would be a sin. The free tour in the museum is informative and fun! We definitely learned a lot and my teens enjoyed every minute of it.

  • 5John C. 11 months ago
    Very cool place, would definitely advise one of the tours (call ahead to find out times as it looks like it's once every 2 hours or so - approx 11:30, 13:30, 15:30 etc). Kid friendly room with activities - lots of details of the banquet and noble prize award ceremony. Great info about the founder.

  • 4Amit N. 1 year ago
    An excellent way to recap on modern human history. Every shelf, window and video is a story of human progress over the last 130~ years... And makes for a wonderful hour of reading & contemplation. Way too much importance (and shelf space) is given to the cutlery and clothes worn to the dinner - but it is a museum and i guess such things provide visual aids. Do take the time to sit in on a few short documentaries about the lives and achievements of the winners.

  • 5Adnan H. 1 year ago
    An incredible museum providing history about the prize that has been awarded over the past 100+ years in the specialisms of physics, chemistry, literature, peace and medicine/ physiology. Over the past 50+ years, there has also been the award in economic sciences, awarded by the Swedish Central Bank. The museum provides interactive briefs about each of the winners, and there are also displays of items donated by certain winning individuals, with a story about the object. Guided tours are available in English. A student discount is available on tickets.

  • 5Panagiotis V. 1 year ago
    Amazing experience ! The museum offers student discount and free guide tour. This building encompasses the knowledge and wisdom of the greatest people of the last two centuries. From Albert Einstein to Pablo Neruda and from Heisenberg to Camus. Totally recommended!

  • 4Lucie C. 1 year ago
    Great museum. You have to pay to get in but they allow for a student discount. It is quite small for the size of the exterior building, but you could easily spend an hour here. The cafe was also nice, they have a nice selection of speciality teas which were very tasty.

  • 4Nijhum B. 1 year ago
    I love this museum so much.Many used things of Nobel laureates are here.Their inventions and works are also in this museum. All winner's history people can know in one place.There is one shop where one can buy notebook,magnet, pen, t shirt etc as souvenir.There are locker also,people can put their things in the locker.

  • 5Roshni C. 1 year ago
    It is perfect if someone is interested in Noble Prizes. They have several artifacts donated by the winners and stories and complete timeline of each year. This was in my bucket list since I was a kid and am so glad I did it.

  • 5Jurica M. 1 year ago
    Right in the centre of Old town. And what a wonderful experience! Modern interactive! I advise strongly to visit during guided tour, about 30 minutes

  • 4Edward P. 1 year ago
    Ask if there's a free tour guide! We had a free tour guide and you should ask the schedule from the font desk! The museum wasn't so big - I kinda expected more. There was a play room too where you could try play with different objects. One thing that I really liked tho was the movies/clips about those who won the noble prize and their journeys. I could spend hours watching it as it's very interesting and fascinating. I think the museum should know/experiment on how to tell the story better. Tip: the buildings just outside the museum seemed trendy and loads of ppl took photo of it.

  • 5Francesco X. 1 year ago
    The building overlooks the main square of Gamla Stan district. The Museum covers different aspects regarding the Nobel Prize: the highlights of Alfred Nobel's life, the selection process of the candidates, hours of videotapes and a lot of memorabilia from past winners. With the entrance ticket, that costs 130 SEK, is included a free audioguide but also a free guided tour.

  • 4Erkin N. 1 year ago
    There are interesting items inside but I was expecting a little more. You can see some personal items donated by Nobel prize winners or their families such as Einstein's letters. The brief tour in English was good. In general, very worth the visit but I hope they will expand the museum in the near future with more interactive items and stories.

  • 5Ted M. 1 year ago
    The museum highlights award categories of Physics, Peace, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Chemistry, and Economic Science. The displays are fantastic. It's a must see place.

  • 5Muhammad A. 1 year ago
    Exceptional place, very well presented and displayed.

  • 5Keith J H. 1 year ago
    They are only allowing 110 people in the museum at a time. We waited 1 hr to get in. So if you are going get there early. Very interesting.

  • 4Árpád F. 1 year ago
    I liked it. A bit too much info to read, I would enjoy more physically exhibited objects or interesting facts about the winners' ideas and research.

  • 5Darshan M. 1 year ago
    Incredible knowledge source of the Noble Laureates and their inventions. Nicely presented artifacts. Very courteous staff and would suggest to go for the small 20 mins guided tour. Children are given a very intuitive activity which they will enjoy

  • 4Sihang L. 1 year ago
    Not very big but quite a cool place to know how Nobel laureates are selected and how creative/funny those people are. You’d better follow a museum guide. A nice place for a one-hour tour.

  • 4Leon H. 1 year ago
    An interesting museum. I learned a lot around the nobel price but it was still a bit boring and it is probably not for everyone. However, it was fun to go through the nobel price winners of the last decades and try to recognise a few people you might know.

  • 4Giga C. 1 year ago
    Very inspired by the visit. Highly recommended to use the listening gadgets and find out more about the inventions, history or Alfred Nobel himself. The lack what i had from this Museum was impossibility to see all the Prize holders in one space, and museum can definitely be bigger than it is now.

  • 5Iksan M. 1 year ago
    One of the modern museum in the world. Here is the best place to learn the works all the Nobel Prize winners. I really love the interior design.

  • 4Georgios I. 1 year ago
    Interesting as far it regards Mr. Novels life

  • 5Chris V. 1 year ago
    An excellent exhibition! Totally worth to pay a visit. You can find information for every Nobel prize winner, as well as interesting information about the ceremony.

  • 3Job S. 1 year ago
    Very interesting, but I do think the museum is a bit overpriced for what it offers. It is quite small and 130kr is a bit expensive for it's size. The tour lady was very knowledgeable!

  • 4Zareen K. 1 year ago
    Yeah baby! My experience to this place was awesome!

  • 5Sandra S. 1 year ago
    Really interesting. We spent 3 hours here. Plenty of interesting things for kids too.

  • 3Kostas P. 1 year ago
    I would prefer to offer more happenings for visitors.

  • 4Dominik T. 1 year ago
    Check videos about laureates, their belongings related to the prize. Learn, how does ceremony look like. There could be more interactive exhibitions. I recommend to install app and take headphones.

  • 3Mikołaj N. 2 years ago
    I'm disappointed. I expected to see some interesting facts about noble price winners, but major part of the exhibition was about the ceremonies (food and style there), and way smaller about the winners

  • 4Lars M. 2 years ago
    A little disappointed. I expected to learn more about the previous winners and what they did. But the mueseen is mostly about the ceremony, which is interesting but not comparable to Nobel price winning reasons in physics or chemistry. But pricing is good. You can find all the winners and their story but it's only a small part of the mueseen.

  • 5Nina A. 2 years ago
    Today it opened again! It was closed for a year. I am so happy it Open Again! Place to be inspired by the Science. You can see original letters from Einstein and belongings of many Nobel laureates. We can see the path of so many inovations!

  • 5Bin J. 2 years ago
    Nice museum 👌

  • 4Zakauddin A. 2 years ago
    A historical place to witness all the great legends who did vital contribution for the society and our planet earth. Nobel museum is definitely a tribute for their achievement and hard work. Tourist comes form all around the world to witness this magnificent beauty.

  • 4Cécile J. 2 years ago
    We went mid-October 2020 during the Nobel Prize Award... This week the museum is free, and for that very reason, it is also full. There was a one-hour long line outside as we tried to access the first time. The museum is quite small, and still there is ample material inside, including films about winners, experiments for kids. We stayed there for a good hour. (and the museum shop is nice too). Another plus: the museum is located in the old town, which is worth strolling in. About social distancing: same as in the rest of Sweden at the time: wearing a mask was NOT an obligation but they limited the total number of persons inside. Entrance to the shop was limited to 4 persons at a time.

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