Maritime museum with a 17th-century ship Vasa Museum - Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

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  • 5Maria S. 9 months ago
    This museum houses the preserved 17th century Vasa ship that sank 20 minutes after sailing into her voyage caused by a gusty wind. Not close to the enemy, but in front of an audience witnessing her sail for the first time. It's well preserved and so surreal. They did a phenomenal job restoring/salvaging it.

  • 5András L. 1 year ago
    It was stunning, and wonderful. The boat is in an extraordinary condition. Highly recommened to see, while in Stockholm.

  • 5Adam L. 1 year ago
    A must for any touristic visit to Stockholm! It was like being in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie witnessing The Black Pearl live in the flesh. Just magnificent craftsmanship, and the details and sheer scale of the warship is unbelievable. Great exhibition full of history, with many useful and interesting facts. Try to book a guide and get on board the vessel for the full experience.

  • 5Gemma B. 1 year ago
    This was our favourite museum amongst all of those we visited during our trip to scandinavia! Amazingly interesting. You could easily spend over 3 hours here. The film at the start was a good introduction. Loads of see and learn for the price!

  • 5N T. 1 year ago
    Absolutely staggering experience. I thought I'd just spend an hour or so there checking out the ship, but the entire exhibition is completely engrossing. The entire story of how they lifted the ship is fascinating. I'd get excited every time I realised there was still a floor of exhibits left to investigate. Standing on the ground floor looking up at the ship is a brilliantly humbling experience.

  • 5Patrick A. 1 year ago
    It’s a shame we can’t see inside the ship but it was amazing to see. The idea that they made such a massive ship back then with so much attention to detail is outstanding. There’s at least 7 to 9 floors so come ready for walking. There’s a big gift shop and locker area.

  • 5Chante Jansen van V. 1 year ago
    Fascinating history of the Vasa - 333 years underwater and now the largest preserved and restored artefact. Wish we had more time - an hour is not enough if you enjoy museums. The Kvinnor exhibit was a fascinating look at women’s role on ships and business during this era. A must see when in Stockholm!

  • 5Arthur V. 1 year ago
    Awesome experience, a piece of Swedish history. If you are passing through Stockholm, have time and like museums this is definitely a must go.

  • 5Franciska S. 9 months ago
    This museum is incredible! Seeing Vasa is an amazing experience, what a massive ship it is. There are guided English tours for free and it’s very entertaining, our guide was Maija and she was perfect, very knowledgeable and also funny! I have spent over 3 hours here and I still feel I would like to go back next time I am in Stockholm! I guess we are lucky that the ship sunk after 1300 meter on the maiden voyage so we can see her in all her glory today! Amazing experience!

  • 5Costa C. 9 months ago
    An insanely incredible place that should be on everyone’s Sweden bucket list. Travel through time and see this priceless asset that has been well preserved and displayed immaculately after being salvaged from the sea. The interactive displays, panel information, free tour and explanatory video paint a picture you won’t forget.

  • 5zachary k. 9 months ago
    A great museum built around a ship with an astounding story. The ship and the exhibit of the finds of artifacts that have been found in it are well presented and give great insight to what happened to the great ship that never was. The fact that the Vasa never made it out of port mean we are left with a well preserved boat from the 1600s showing the size and detail that required great craftsmanship at the time. Highly recommend visiting if you are in Stockholm

  • 5Peter ter H. 9 months ago
    Super awesome museum. Beautiful historical artifacts and the ship itself is just mind boggling. They really let you experience life on a ship and tell you everything about the conservation and restoration process. A must when you visit Stockholm. Ooh and the museum restaurant was also very good, I ate delicious Swedish meatballs with berry sauce and potstoe mash.

  • 5A. 1 year ago
    Amazing one of a kind museum. Detailed explanations of the salvaging and history of the ship. Guests are allowed really up close to the ship and it’s beautiful details can be examined. Three levels to the museum with a beautiful cafe with nice staff and good food. Gift shop is well stocked with affordable and good quality memorabilia. Strongly recommended!

  • 5Jennie W. 10 months ago
    Fascinating museum! Went when I was younger and from I remembered it was just a big old boat but I was gladly proved wrong! There are a lots of interesting facts about the boat. Tagged along on one of the guided tours which offered a lot of interesting information. Didn’t manage to see the film but I am sure that would provide even more interesting facts! Definitely worth a visit!

  • 5Carlyn M. 9 months ago
    Perhaps the coolest museum I've been to, the Vasa Museum was built around a Viking ship that was buried in the Swedish Channel for 330 years. August is a good month to the visit Sweden. Swedish summers are pleasant compared to other parts of Europe.

  • 5Paul S. 9 months ago
    Top 3 things to see/do while you're in Stockholm. Great place to spend a few hours. One of the only preserved ships from the 1600s, the sheer size and quality of this is extremely impressive. Well worth the cost for entry. Compared to its Viking Ship counterpart in Oslo, Norway...I would have to say this museum is even better. (Even if there are roughly 800 years separating the 2)

  • 5Holly B. 9 months ago
    The Vasa is so amazing. I went to the museum 8 years ago and then again a couple of weeks ago. This second time I took more time to read about all of the history and scientific discoveries they’re making as they do all they can to preserve this incredible ship. This museum is so much more than just an incredible ship—it’s full of rich history, including some impressively progressive views for the times 100’s of years ago. Really amazing history. The ship itself has an immense amount of detail—and the design—all the symbolism and the intricacies are really incredible. What I love is that this museum is continually changing and they’re continuing research and work on every aspect. It’s definitely my favorite museum in Stockholm out of the many I went to and I look forward to going again someday to discover what new things they’ve learned.

  • 5Philip H. 9 months ago
    Very impressive exposition. The Vasa was a warship that sank 1628 on her maiden voyage just outside Stockholm (or in Stockholm by today's standard) and was recovered after 333 years in 1961. In this museum you can see the original ship that could be recovered and rebuild to 98%. It is impressive and very interesting and you can easily spend a few hours here. There are regular free guided tours in different languages that you can follow or just walk through it at your own pace. I very much recommend this museum to anyone who is in any way interested in history and/or ships.

  • 5F. 9 months ago
    This is the place one wouldn’t mind to come and see again, no matter how many times one has been to it. The story of the ship bring buried in mud on the sea bed and salvaging it after 333 years is just amazing!! The museum is modern with many exhibits on display not to mention the main attraction the ship itself which is so big and well preserved. A unique opportunity to see the 17th century ship and its technologies!! Recommend!!

  • 5Daniel L. 7 months ago
    Cannot recommend this place enough. The story of the Vasa is incredible - from its build, it’s sinking, and it’s recovery hundreds of years later. We’ll worth doing the guided tour (it’s no extra cost) as well as taking a couple of hours to go round the museum in your own time. Didn’t do the film but I’m sure it’s decent. I’d take 3 - 4 hours to take it all in with a break in the middle. We also ate at the cafe which was good. Nice food and friendly service. Topped it all off with a magnet from the gift shop. Great stuff.

  • 5Vitali A. 7 months ago
    Really loved the museum. Absolutely worth the money, the ticket I think was around £10-15. The ship has a very interesting story. Make sure you watch a full video in the first room, to understand the history before you go to other sections. It has 6 floors with different objects from the ship and different stories, as well as the different views of the ship. 6th floor has an ice view of the front from high above. For obvious reasons you can’t get inside the ship, only around it. But it’s really lovely to learn and follow the whole story of this ship. It’s like a movie with its own story. It’s only 20min walk from the main harbour or about 30min walk from the old town. It also has a nice shop where I got a cute Vasa Stockholm fridge magnet. No spoilers ;)

  • 5N'nette V. 3 months ago
    This has to be one of the best museums I have ever been to. It is truly something to behold and I cannot recommend it enough! It brings to life our past from the high seas in a way I could never imagine. I would skip the combo ticket for the other museum though unless you are really interested in diving. Side note they will limit the amount of people at the museum due to preservation efforts so I would recommend going right at opening or buying tickets in advance.

  • 5Jimmy M. 2 weeks ago
    Fantastic museum, very clean and well kept. Lots of clear and interesting information about the all aspects of this incredible vessel. I was impressed by the massive amount of original trinkets and artifacts on display. We spent a good couple of hours exploring and learning all we could. Price was about right when you consider the proceeds got to the continued restoration and upkeep of this historic symbol of Swedish history.

  • 5Matteo M. 1 year ago
    Stunning museum offering a great experience and a glimpse into the life of this majestic warship. Really well-designed and definitely worth a visit if you are in the city. All the work they're doing to keep this piece of art intact is simply beautiful.

  • 5Haider Al A. 1 year ago
    The Vasa will just wow you ... one of the best museum as they got a true treasure

  • 5N. 1 year ago
    So much has been wirtten about this place already, I'm just gonna add some pictures. Definitely worth the time for anyone. Do see the introduction film beforehand though. It explains a lot and gives depth to your visit.

  • 5Jet S. 1 year ago
    I really enjoyed my visit here. Being able to see the Vasa up close is a remarkable experience. The detail on the aft section of the ship was incredible. There are sections off to the side of the ship dedicated to showing what was stored in the ship and a small theater that illustrates the history of the building, sinking and recovery of the Vasa. Tickets cost between $17-$22. There’s also a gift shop.

  • 5Mike van der Eerden (. 1 year ago
    The museum is set up in a beautiful way, giving you great sights at the ship but also a lot of backstory of the time when the ship was created. The video is in multiple spoken languages but (from what I've seen) always with English subtitles.

  • 5Sheau W. 1 year ago
    Incredible experience! The museum provides a lot of history and information about the ship. There’s different levels in the museum for you to view the ship. You can spend an hour or 2 here, buy ticket at the gate.

  • 5Prince J. 1 year ago
    Good experience Relive the history Well vast museum with detailed intricacies

  • 5april e. 1 year ago
    We spent over three hours in there. There was so much to see and everything was interesting. Really well done museum. I highly recommend.

  • 5Chris V. 1 year ago
    A majestic warship! Totally worth to pay a visit if you are in Stockholm. The museum is designed in such a way that you can see the warship from different angles and levels, with information about every part. It is easily accessible for a wheelchair as well. Make sure to also watch the introductory video before starting the tour!

  • 5K. B. 1 year ago
    The Vasa ship is very good shape considering the fact that it is more than 300 years old. The ship is like the Black Pearl from Pirates from Caribbean. The museum is very good place to find out about sailing in the Baltic see. Price ticket is 170SEK (in 2021) for adult. Entrance for 0-18 years old is free.

  • 5John L. 1 year ago
    A very modern museum so everything is thoroughly well designed to be able to get the possible views of every part of the ship around which it is built. There are different floor levels for each deck of the ship, and the 'Dock' where the ship is moored. Accessible lifts to each floor make it easy to manoeuvre a wheelchair round the whole museum. There is an audio commentary to take around with you to explain the necessary information, and the story behind the ship's failure to get out of the bay. A simply superb experience and highly recommended.

  • 5Riccardo Morandi B. 1 year ago
    I believe the only museum in the entire city that you cannot miss! I recommend to watch the little movie at the cinema just to get an overview of the history of the museum!

  • 5Jani H. 1 year ago
    The history of the Vasa ship is very interesting. This museum has managed to show many sides that not only this particular ship has but also how was life on the ships on that era.

  • 5Marc P. 1 year ago
    I must say this was one of the most impressive and interesting museums around seamanship and shipbuilding I have visited so far. The museum is modern and engaging. The ship (Vasa) is just impressive and perfectly maintained. It will keep everyone from all age groups fascinated. Entry is free for everyone below 18 years of age, which is a nice feature for families. Make sure to also visit the gift shop and the many other places around the museum.

  • 5Keith W. 1 year ago
    A very enjoyable post Covid trip to a much loved museum. Although we have been many times before there is always something new to see. This time it was the exhibition on the sculptures - very informative and inspiring. Of course the ship itself is awesome brooding in the subdued lighting. Perfect! The restaurant, although busy was great with friendly and relaxed staff. Food selection is excellent and reasonably priced. Great views out onto the water. What would make a great museum better would be more detail into the technical aspects of the ship and sailing in general. This could be reflected in the shop selection. Minor quibble about one of my favorite parts of Stockholm.

  • 5Renee 0. 1 year ago
    Complete and utterly amazing museum. The salvaged wreck of the Vasa is mind blowing. The museum itself is spacious and well-set up. We had a great afternoon and made sure that we bought the book with the story of the Vasa so we can look back when we are back home again.

  • 5Jean-Baptiste J. 1 year ago
    Best museum ! My girlfriend admitted it was the best museum she has ever visited. And she is a fond of history !!!! The story of the ship is explained very well (free movie and audio-guide) and gives an interesting point of view of XVII century's society. Interesting and entertaining. Congratulations !

  • 5Waldemar K. 1 year ago
    I recommend visiting this place. The ship is impressive.

  • 5Teodora I. 1 year ago
    One of the places that I recommend to be seen in Stockholm 👍 Nice atmosphere and historical feel from old time’s 🛖⚓️ Here you can understand a lot about Swedish history 🤓

  • 5Ameen D. 1 year ago
    In Stockholm? Looking for some museum and history attraction? This warship museum is amazing, the tour is well marked and super interesting, the stations tell the story of the Vasa. There is a short movie in the beginning that I don’t recommend missing as it gives a context to the whole tour.

  • 4Lari K. 1 year ago
    Astonishing really. Classic must visit place in Stockholm. Great walk around the museum too.

  • 4Kenn A. 1 year ago
    Fascinating story and ship, in an very modern museum. Spent a couple of hours here, and quite some time in the excellent store..

  • 4Austin R. 9 months ago
    Visited here our first day in Stockholm. Was super cool to see such a large ship on display inside. It really takes you by surprise when you first walk in! The amount of details in the ship is amazing. And to think how old it is and how long it spent underwater… Bought tickets on site and didn’t wait in any line. My only complaint is the lighting. It seems very dim which makes it difficult to see the details and interior. I don’t know if it’s due to the preservation but brighter lights would be more beneficial. Even adding some lights inside the ship would make it easier to see inside when you’re looking through the open areas. I like how there’s several different levels to see the various angles. It wasn’t too crowded inside which was nice and there was a lot of history and reading on other parts. All in all, it was a great time spending a couple hours here and I recommend it to others!

  • 4Richa T. 1 year ago
    It’s a great museum to see the actual ship. It’s so huge and humongous n is maintained well. Plus the history around it is explained in the audio guides and movie. But if you are not a museum person n just wanna do it to cover it, then you might find ticket expensive.

  • 4Jonathan F. 1 year ago
    Nice Museum. It's great to be able to see the real boat and not a reproduction. The audio guide is really great :D ! It gives life to the visit. It's only my opinion but I think it was kinda expensive. (17€ / adult ) You can see the whole gallery in 1 hour. 😶😶 Nice but enough for me at this price.

  • 3Rohit S (. 1 year ago
    A bit weak for the price + needs organization Interesting if you’re into ships. The ship itself looked cool for a few mins and then we were over it. The related exhibitions could use some organization. We had to try hard to get the full history and story behind the ship with the info available inside the museum. The price tag of 170 kr is the reason for the 3 stars; if it was 50, this would be closer to 5 stars.

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