Theme park with rides & live shows Gröna Lund - Amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden

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Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden



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4.20 (20087 reviews)


  • Highlights
    • Toilets
    • Play area
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Restaurant
    • Bar on site
    • Good for kids
    • Family friendly
    • Live performances
    • Wheelchair-accessible lift
    • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance


Frequently mentioned in reviews: food (6) crowded (6) people (6) Stockholm (6) amusement (7) staff (7) ride (7) place (7) Great (7) great (10) rides (26) park (26)

  • 5Lars M. 1 year ago
    We had a lot of fun at Gröna Lund. A lot of fantastic and exciting rides.

  • 5luciano p. 6 months ago
    Such a great amusement park with rides for every age. Very friendly staff and several type of food options available. Icarus is my favorite ride. Really recommend it!

  • 5Monisha r. 8 months ago
    This amusement park is situated in Ostermalm near to the outskirts of the stockholm backwaters.You can reach here via tram, bus ,ferry or a bicycle.This place is present around 4 km from central station.We went during a weekend.Only dry rides are available.Apart from that there are concerts which occur at timely basis.Ticket booking can be done in 3 ways.Either you can take ticket for the rides,or you can take ticket alone for concerts or you can take ticket for both.Ticket booking can be done in online. You will get 2 free jetpass which means you can go for the rides without any long queue.You are free to choose the rides for jetpass. The view of the stockholm from the eclipse,insane,monster and ikaros were magnificent creating unique experience for the rides.A day is not enough to complete all the rides.Apart from jetpass rides,you have to wait in a long queue for other rides.The duration of the ride is about 2 to 3 minutes.Photos will be taken for specific rides where you can select your favourite and get it for price. Initially it will be crowded at the entrance.You have to wait till the time.Automated Lockers are available for prices.Restrooms are well maintained. There are restaurants,shops,play area and ice cream parlours in and around the park.Some of the restaurants will be opened on timely basis. Apart from that there are many rides dedicated for kids.There will be technical maintenance check at a particular time interval for all the rides daily. There were limited number of outdoor dining area.It can be increased so that more number of people and sit and dine in during Crowded times. We had really a good time in stockholm and had frequent adrenaline rush in the rides.

  • 5Daniëlle Van Der K. 7 months ago
    We were there with Gröna Lund live. What a great setup that is. It was crowded. But everything was well arranged. Also a nice small park. Nice that the attractions continued to run during the concert.

  • 5Сиана . 7 months ago
    Great organization. Very good place. Too crowded but ma y options to have fun. If too much people, they close the place and if you are tourist, you risk to miss it.

  • 5Robert P. 6 months ago
    The rides and atmosphere are brilliant, but it must be said that it was the staff who made my day. Everyone so charming and helpful. I lost my wallet early on in the day, and the people working on the jetline coaster were saints - even remembering me when I came back on the ride and encouraging me to go to the guest services and ask if it had been handed in - which it had been! My faith was restored in humanity. Thank you!

  • 5Jack K. 9 months ago
    Probably my favourite theme park we visited on our Nordic road trip (beating out Tivoli Copenhagen and Liseberg) A really great ride lineup and a real charm to its small compact design

  • 5Brian H. 6 months ago
    September 2022 • Incredibly well-rounded theme park with tons to do! Recommend buying tickets online prior. We had a ton of fun here!

  • 5Gal F. 7 months ago
    This park is absolutely magnificent, it's so well kept, all rides look clean and work so efficiently, staff are very nice, this park is filled with beautiful flowers! The restaurant was also wonderful, this is absolutely the best theme park I visited, oh, and it's suitable for a wide variety of ages.

  • 5Nanci F. 7 months ago
    The park has great structure, the toys are fantastic with a variety of options for all ages. Various food and drink options. It features concerts by great bands and famous singers almost every night. On top of that, you still enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city. As it is a park that only works in the summer, it is always very crowded, but the queues are worth it. Through the Gröna Lund app, you have all the information about the park and do almost everything online. I loved.

  • 5Tina M. 11 months ago
    Such fun in the morning midst of Stockholm. Great rides, great prices and staff is happy to be there. They were excellent during the pandemic, wish they still had the same system of only selling am and pm tickets to prevent overcrowding. Can be super crowded during popular times, it's a small park by American standards. Recommend for a great time, especially when they have concerts.

  • 5Susan H. 10 months ago
    Amazing experience! Love how condensed the park is so you're never far from a ride. Great selection for tiny tots, big kids, and adults alike.

  • 5Kärnan Fanboy (. 1 year ago
    Amazing park. Definitely better than expected. I really like how compact it is. The pricing outside the entry price is fine and the park is well kept and clean. The operations at all of the rides were really good so even though many people were in the park I never had to wait in line that long. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Stockholm.

  • 5Praveen J. 1 year ago
    Loved the Dad n Daughter Day out enjoying all the rides, fortune wheels, family friends competing games, of course the food and candy or toy stores are amazing too! Don’t miss the best Cotton Candy ever in Stockholm:) NOTE: Plan to find a Parking well in advance else nearby parking it the most expensive in Stockholm:(

  • 5Daniel C. 1 year ago
    Great little amusement park situated near most of the big museums in Stockholm (Vasa, ABBA, Nordiska). The rollercoasters are fun, and the lines are quite short. If you go on the tower rides, you can see most of the city.

  • 5R. 1 year ago
    Very compact park, with great range of attractions for many ages. Beatiful as the sun sets down. Monster feels like a great addition to the park. Ikaros was amazing as always. Great staff too! No complaining, just the restrictions making the queues longer. See ya next year!

  • 5T. 1 year ago
    Amazing place with fantastic staff. There is food for almost all palettes and rides for every soul. I have never heard anyone unsatisfied with their visit and I can understand why. If you can you should definitely visit during halloween when there are multiple houses of horror with amazingly scary people inside.

  • 5ulia u. 1 year ago
    A great place to visit while Halloween!👌💃

  • 5Shah R. 1 year ago
    Great place to spend some time with the fam and enjoy rides/ food.

  • 4Jens B. 1 year ago
    Top notch! Great corona adaptions. Calm, kind and customer focused staff. Only down side is that its a bit difficult to move from one side of the park to the other with a stroller. And they haven't done much about that for, several decades? 😅 Also, when the restrictions go away, it will be too cramped to move about (with a stroller) again..

  • 4Anni S. 1 year ago
    We've been here in summer, despite the idea that it may be super crowded, it wasn't. Sure, we had to wait some minutes here and there, which is normal, but I expected it to be much longer. Had some fries there, those were fine. Loved the House of Horrors, even though I didn't see much because we rushed through. :-D All in all - very nice experience.

  • 4Alekseyy T. 1 year ago
    Luna Park Gröna Lund in Stockholm is Sweden's oldest amusement park and amusement park. It was opened in 1883 on the island of Djurgården. Most of all, the rides will be delighted, of course, by children, but adults also have something to see here. Haunted house, roller coaster, Ferris wheel, laugh room, shooting galleries, go-karts, Viking ship, shooting gallery, lotteries, candy stalls ... Of the typically Scandinavian attractions, many prefer the "Merry House": you need to make your way to it along a staircase that spreads out in different directions, and to leave it - on a rug sliding down. Visitors also love the Broom ride, based on the books and films about Harry Potter, on which the whole family can hover in the air on brooms. Of particular note is the "Eclipse" carousel, opened in spring 2013. This 120-meter-high attraction has 12 seats for two placed on 3-meter metal chains. The maximum rotation speed of the carousel reaches 70 km per hour! This, by the way, the world's tallest carousel offers an excellent view of the Swedish capital. In addition, the Gröna Lund amusement park often hosts concerts of various jazz, pop and rock performers.

  • 4E. 1 year ago
    Top two amusement park in Sweden. It is small but they really has filled it up. During COVID-19 limited entrance which of course is good for the queues in the rides. Plenty of food options for the whole family. The only thing missing is that 5 star ride that takes your breath away.

  • 4Sz P. 1 year ago
    We loved it so much! Amazing place, exceptional rides. I was very sad, that the “Monster” was out of order on that day and the day after when we were in town. That’s why I have to give 4 stars all together. You have to book your rides in advance on the webpage in order to avoid extremely long lines. Alltogether it was a very pleasant experience for our friend group.

  • 4Frida J. 1 year ago
    Älskade deras nya attraktion men covid-säkert? Skulle inte tro det. I loved their newest attraction, but is the park safe in terms of covid? Not one bit. I know they've adapted it but people aren't keeping any distance.

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