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  • 5Felicia S. 1 week ago
    Fun for adults as well as children. Especially enjoyed the Gaming Exhibition and all the interactive activities. Kept us occupied for 5 hours. Would highly recommend!

  • 5A. 4 weeks ago
    A must see if your interests revolve around technology. AI, gaming, smart cities, ecology and many more wait to be discovered. Huge props for the many interactive points.

  • 5Michael G. 1 month ago
    I took a Bolt scooter to get here from downtown Stockholm, without checking if the museum was within its range. I only found out that the answer was "no" like 500m past its border so I had to walk it all the way back to drop it off, then 15 minutes the rest of the way to the museum. And of course my phone was dead so I couldn't buy a ticket. But anyway, all of that is just "me" problems. I wandered around the museum campus (beautiful, by the way - the sculpture garden and park path outside were very nice) until I found the museum cafe which, against all odds, was open, and allowed me to sit inside and charge my phone for a while. So I finally eventually got inside the museum, which was pretty empty on a Sunday evening, which just meant I (a grown adult) had plenty of room to frolick around and play with all the toys, it was delightful. The creepy virtual reality metaverse thing was especially entertaining. Definitely this place is aimed more at families with younger kids, but I still got a kick out of their whole City of the Future exhibit. Highly recommend a visit if that's your demographic, the children must be enlightened

  • 5Hanna S. 1 month ago
    Amazing museum. During my last visit I spent there approximately 5 hours and it wasn’t enough 😅 Expositions are very interesting and interactive. You can play with almost all items. Also I recommend to everyone take part in a quest on third floor. It is really fascinating experience.

  • 5Cris W. 2 months ago
    Whilst in Stockholm we visited the Tekniska museet which we walked to, from the city centre. This 5 floored museum is perfect for a good few hours. Each area is well themed ranging from mining to learning how photos worked, and everything is hands on. Most things are translated into English, and you're also never too far away from a coffee area! The highlight for us was moving the ball with your mind, genius!

  • 5Ajay K. 2 months ago
    A must-visit for both tech enthusiasts and curious minds alike. An exhilarating fusion of gaming wonder and space exploration! The Gaming and Mars Exhibition at Tekniska Museet is a thrilling experience that immerses visitors in the world of gaming technology and the mysteries of Mars. A fascinating blend of interactive exhibits that will leave you awe-inspired and entertained. Don't miss this extraordinary showcase!

  • 4Alia J. 2 months ago
    They desperately need an update of some areas. Quite a few things were broken. But overall it is fun and interesting. It is more suitable for kids in general but adults can enjoy it too

  • 5Ryan H. 3 months ago
    This museum was so much fun even being slightly more on the expensive side of museums ✨ There was so many different things to interact with, you couldn’t really go wrong and I could’ve spent the whole day playing the arcade games if I had the time! I extremely enjoyed the chest unlocking addition in the telegraph room that involved a bit of figuring out - took me 20 mins 🙌🏻 and there was even a dance machine!!! My inner child was thriving! 🥰 Highly recommend visiting!!!

  • 5Marius M. 4 months ago
    Had a great experience at the museum. The kids found many interactive and interesting exhibitions while the adults could also learn new things. The restaurant is also appropriate, with a decent choice of food at decent prices. The whole arrangement is really well suited for a family visit and not only.

  • 5Darren P. 5 months ago
    Easily one of the best museums in Europe. Especially good for kids of all ages. Tonnes of things to see and do, with lots of interesting variations around the complex.

  • 5Natalia Ema A. 6 months ago
    Fantastic place! Great exhibitions. Even found my old cell phone (Sony Ericsson w810i - best phone ever. Still have it, still works), learned new things, saw bunch of old and loved the interactive area. Measured my grip strength, played Space Invaders, too bad the movie about moon was in swedish, because even though it was for kids, I'd love to understand all of it. I recommend this place fully.

  • 4Onanong W. 6 months ago
    It was fun day with a little adventures and see things from generations to generations, old time and new day even in advance to future. This is second place that I impressed when was in and see inside, not just the look, gonna go again. 😊

  • 5Ivana M. 6 months ago
    I loved this museum best best so far for me !! I do recommend to everybody to go ! Not so far from the city with buss ! Just hopefully your not gonna wait for bus on snowy days like me and my friend (never gonna come) 👾😁 (Uber,bolt options) Especially lot of thanks to the very nice stuff ☺️ cheers to you girls and guys !

  • 5Raphaël L. 6 months ago
    Probably one of the best technic museum we have visited in Europe (and we have done a few) . The only negative thing would be a lack of criticism for the impact of technology in certains exhibition but the kids do not care and had so much fun !!

  • 5Igor I. 6 months ago
    Fantastic place! Great interactive experiences, really cool historical objects and lots of fun things to do. Plan to spend at least 3 hours here, probably a lot more if you're with children (or still have that inner child in you). Videogame exhibition on top floor was especially touching, jerked a tear out of me.

  • 5Per L. 10 months ago
    Incredible place a lot to see and test both for children and parents/ adults. Some parts was a walk down.memory lane. Clever done with a lot of interaction.

  • 4Martin O. 1 year ago
    Great museum, with educational and still very interesting and interactive exhibits. We did not have enough time to go through it all. We’d like to come back some day. The restaurant, however, is a rip-off. Expensive, and small portions

  • 5Mario R. 1 year ago
    Tekniska Museet is an exciting and socially relevant museum of science and technology. Their exhibits are regular winners of international recognition. Visitors are treated to hundreds of interactive experiences where they learn while having fun. An excellent place for kids of all ages. The food court and social spaces are excellent to hold meetings and retreats. The new Vizdome will be fantastic. I can't wait to see it. 😍

  • 5J. 1 year ago
    Great museum for kids, teenagers, and adults! So many rooms and exhibitions to explore and most of the exhibitions are interactively designed which not only is fun for kids, when you, e.g.m can design your own zero-emission city of the future. I especially liked the hall about future cities and renewable energy.

  • 3A Y. 1 year ago
    Suitable for kids. The 69 bus to come here can take a while. But it opens until late, so is good to schedule after day attraction sites. Caught up by the brain wave mindball game for a while. Is fun to try!

  • 5Kreso S. 1 year ago
    Love it. Kids oriented but grownups can also find entertainment. I love the mind ball game. Do try.

  • 2M A. 1 year ago
    Nice, but it is not fully built in May 2022. maybe in the future will be complete and better. However it is good for kids, rather than adults

  • 4Anthony B. 1 year ago
    Restaurant served tasty meatballs with mashed or boiled potatoes! The new displays on a carbon free city were impressive, but a large portion of the museum is currently being changed over and has no displays. The super human displays were also very interesting if you like human biology. The the museum is open until 10:00 p.m. most evenings.

  • 4Nirupa P. 1 year ago
    Great museum. They had some amazing 3D gaming experience and plenty of information on the transition of gaming. The restaurant/cafe was ok. We got the chicken meal with apple dessert. Chicken was over cooked and lacked flavor. Dessert was great.

  • 5Santa K. 1 year ago
    It's amazing! It is interesting for all ages. So much to see and do. There are things you can touch and smell. I will not describe the exhibitions because there are too many. The mining exhibition is my favorite.

  • 5Rohan P. 1 year ago
    Nice place filled with technology and fun for kids. They have cool VR stuff and games too. It's good they want to promote energy conservation and importance of it.

  • 5S. 1 year ago
    What a great museum with or without kids! Many different exhibitions to explore and a good lunch restaurant in the building. Warm recommendations!

  • 5Per H. 1 year ago
    One of best museum in Stockholm. Have new exhibitions lot. Kids like it, many to see, play, experience. Good restaurant. Highly recommend.

  • 4Tommy L. 1 year ago
    Nice museum with a lot of stuff to do for both the young and older people. It could be a little more details and information on some areas and possibilities to improve by having some interactive areas in the more reading and informational areas to attract the younger ones. A lot of DIY appears in the world now, I think that should've been presented. But overall, recommended to visit.

  • 5Vadym K. 1 year ago
    It is amazing place to visit, children will enjoy it as well! A lot of interactive objects, huge spaces, interesting exhibition. But pay attention that you can spend here a lot of time! Forme, with a family it was 4 hours there

  • 5Ala A. 1 year ago
    an interesting museum to visit, has many exhibitions and kids laps. also there are many demonstrated machines for the visitor to try. Mega Mind exhibition has interactive games. currently they have hyper human exhibition which is highly recommended to visit. they provide guides every our for these exhibitions, it is in swedish, but you can ask to be in English if you ask beforehand. there is also a restaurant which is good enough.

  • 4Basuraj S. 1 year ago
    Its a pretty decent place to take your children for an eventful day. If you don't have kids, there might not be too many things to indulge with. Moving to Mars was a very informative exhibit and VR games are a "must-checkout".

  • 5Benita V. 1 year ago
    One if the most favourite museums. Interesting, full of new and modern things ! Best recommendations.

  • 5Vinny K. 1 year ago
    Fantastic family visit. Lots for kids and adults to enjoy. Well worth the visit

  • 5Sergey G. 1 year ago
    Very interactive and fun. Kids enjoyed the visit. However, it will be great to have some classical experiments (the technical museum in Munich has opposite issue)

  • 4Mattias W. 1 year ago
    Good exhibits and enjoyable for all ages. We went with our kids ages 1 and 3, and 3-year- old had a blast. 1 year old had fun though he thought the pasta was the high point.

  • 3Nielsa de J. 2 years ago
    We found much of the museum catered just to children, there was not very much of interest to us, which was a shame. Many of the interactive elements were inactive (some due to COVID), others did not live up to their potential. The exhibition about (Swedish) games was the most interesting, but overrun with children of course.

  • 5Kiano D. 2 years ago
    There was actually not only 1 part in this museum, but 4. You can visit 4 different parts in here where you have 4 different objects they talk about in the technology. All of this was in only 1 ticket, which is wonderful. It was it's visit worth!!

  • 5Lotte G. 2 years ago
    Lovely museum with lots of playful interactive activities for kids and just as many interesting exhibitions. We all loved it. Nice restaurant as well and friendly staff. We spent 4 hours!

  • 5Jose Oriol Lopez B. 2 years ago
    Not as great as the one in Barcelona but more fun for under 6 year old kids

  • 5C. 2 years ago
    Interestingly I’ve read multiple times that you have to wait long waiting times if you did not reserve a ticket on your own online. Today I went to the museum with my girlfriend and saw quite a long waiting queue. We decided to grab some food at the nearby restaurant… Even though it was a Sunday when we came back there was literally no waiting queue anymore. The museum is incredible - we highly enjoyed all the current themes in the museum. BUT (!) it is quite cold inside. Probably bring a jacket. 😄👍🏽

  • 5Paula G. 2 years ago
    It's great for the kids as they can learn a lot by playing. They can go to an special area, it's a playground where they can enjoy climbing, running, and so on.

  • 5Hadia S. 2 years ago
    Super great place you need to visit

  • 4Márcio S. 2 years ago
    Moving to Mars - Really nice pieces they do have there. Still a bit small demonstration considered the size of the place, but perfect for a day with the kids.

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