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  • 3Phil B. 1 week ago
    This is a very imposing building, but the museum is in desperate need of updating and it is hard to know what it is all about. Large portions were closed off, presumably for renovations. The exhibition on the Arctic on the ground floor (which may have been temporary - it was hard to tell) was excellent, covering some of the issues around climate change and how it impacts cultures in the Nordic world. Upstairs, the quirky temporary exhibit on the influence of British fashion on Sweden was also unexpectedly engaging. However, the permanent exhibits - such as they are - were tired and old-fashioned. We went in because we were in the area and it was included on the Stockholm Pass, but it needs a clearer sense of purpose and some modernisation before it is worth making a special effort to visit.

  • 4aaron Z. 2 weeks ago
    An architecturally great building. Excellent presented and informative exhibits. For the current "The Arctic - While the Ice Is Melting", the presentation is impressive. However, ironically, the exhibit uses many high-energy consuming projectors for visual effects, constantly generating and releasing heat. No wonder the ice is melting.

  • 5Staša Z. 1 month ago
    The museum was amazing. My absolute favorite was the Time vault which is a part of the museum dedicated to the history of children, if you have time definitely visit it as well. The museum is really big and if you want to visit everything you need at least three hours. It has a lot of activities for kids too.

  • 4Michael N. 2 months ago
    I invite all fashion lovers to see the exhibition, which is a celebration of first-class craftsmanship and presents about a hundred clothes along with photos, films and stories about the inhabitants of the legendary atelier. This pleasure will cost 150 SEK for the entrance ticket and we will need about two hours of time. I invite

  • 4Sarah T. 2 months ago
    Fantastic building and interesting exhibition on about beautiful tourism posters from early to mid 1900's including winter Olympics. There's also big exhibit about climate change and effects on our planet. And the regular exhibits are about traditions from Nordic countries plus how British fashion and scandi fashions blend well. So bit of an odd mix of things in this museum. Cafe food excellent

  • 5Dmitry Z. 2 months ago
    It was an interesting museum. It has a rather eclectic art exhibition with some of the diametrically different artifacts. For example, they have a global climate change exhibition, and yet there is also a British clothing style in Sweden exhibit. It is a rather unique hodge-podge collection of various things. Overall, I enjoyed this museum's ambiance. Furthermore, the building itself is very grandiose and monumental. I just wish they had a large variety of exhibitions. It seemed like the building was somewhat underutilized, considering its enormous size.

  • 3Sarah B. 2 months ago
    Extremely hot inside despite it being a cold, rainy day and a normal amount of people inside. Couldn't enjoy it because I was in a rush to escape the heat. The time capsule for kids was the best part though

  • 5P. 3 months ago
    Museum about swedish culture. I only went around the free sections and was already impressed. I will return and pay for the tickets to enter the exhibitions. I was very impressed by The Souvenir Shop. The designs of their products were very classy and Chic, super tasteful. Their toliets look like sauna on the outside.

  • 5Kadir A. 3 months ago
    It was one of my favourite museums I visited in Stockholm. The design was very nice and I also learnt a lot about Sweden and the other scandinavian countries, and the development of Sweden or Stockholm during the last 100 years. It was also very interesting to see a household in Stockholm in 1940. Five stars!

  • 4Jodie S. 3 months ago
    A stunning building which celebrates Nordic life and culture. The exhibition about ice and glaciers was very interesting, with lots of interactive elements and an extensive companion audioguide. The 3rd floor was undergoing maintenance during my visit, with a large part of the space seemingly closed. Despite this, there were interesting exhibits about Nordic Britain and traditional Nordic celebrations. This section was very insightful, and introduced me to a lot of celebrations that I was not familiar with.

  • 3David M. 4 months ago
    Says it's free entry but it's not once you get there, however lots of Stockholm museums have now reverted to charging since the new government took office and changed the rules. How do you get the people into these places to understand you heritage, they just won't go so knowledge is lost

  • 4Fiona M. 4 months ago
    Really gorgeous building purpose built to actually be a museum which they explain there. Interesting and intuitive layout with a good combination of Swedish history in the context of the wider world. Very well curated.

  • 5VLAJKO P. 5 months ago
    Great big building in Djurgarden in Stockholm.... This museum bring you nordic history and culture and life people in north... It's always quite, not so much people around and inside this museum... You can slowly walk from one to another sculpture and read that history if you interested in it... Or you can take some nice picture... This year they have 150 years anniversary... All recommendations for visit

  • 5David W. 7 months ago
    I recently visited the Nordiska Museum in Stockholm and it was a truly fabulous experience. The museum is located in a picturesque, old part of the city, and the building itself is a beautiful sight to behold. Inside, the displays and exhibits are incredibly interesting and informative. I was able to learn so much about Scandinavian culture and history. I especially enjoyed the section on the Sami people, which included artifacts, information, and interactive displays. Additionally, the museum had an excellent cafe and gift shop. On the whole, my experience at the Nordiska Museum was wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and educational day out.

  • 4Arosha W. 11 months ago
    Been here before and enjoyed visiting again. It's all about Swedish culture and life. You can explore the changes that have happened over the years. There are Very good exhibitions too.

  • 5Alejo R. 1 year ago
    Fantastic piece of art, the building is majestic. Its a little weird the organization of the exhibitions but just walk through and enjoy. Awesome place, customer service is great and the gifts at the store are unique.

  • 5Brian H. 1 year ago
    August 2022 • Beautiful museum. My favorite section included walls and walls of posters, documenting tourism in Scandinavia. Lots of great exhibits here!

  • 4Sebastian R. 1 year ago
    This Wednesday morning we changed base camps, leaving our beloved Hotel Skeppsholmen for another pleasant hotel in Stockholm, Villa Källhagen on Gärdet. Once installed in our room we decided to use the bikes offered for free by this hotel to go around the island with a stop at the Nordiska Museum to see the exhibition "Nordens Paris". It presents the contribution of the prestigious department store Nordiska Kompaniet (NK), dressing the wealthy Swedish women of the 20th century.The precise construction of their dresses was described in detail via radiological images. I recall having visited their cozy dressing facilities with my mother in the early 1960's for trying on a new party dress. Besides producing their own models they served as importers of clothes from the famous Parisian houses with which they shared training programs. When fashion became more easily accessible through mass production, this venerable institution slowly died off and the whole structure of the NK department store changed. An interesting piece of history that was well laid out in this exhibition, worth visiting for anyone interested in high end women's clothing.

  • 5F. 1 year ago
    Museum of life in northern countries. Several exposition showing fashion along years and life style. The building was finished in 1906 after s period of construction time of 19 years. The building itself is an attraction, it is huge, its main hall has 120 m length. The building was supposed to have 3 times its current size. In the entrance, there is a huge statue of king Vaza. Officers of the museum are very kind, toilets are available and clean. There is a little restaurant inside with mani option for lunch and coffee. In the hall, there are place for those who bring your own food with a woven to warm up little dishes. There are locker in the underfloor near the toilets.

  • 3Alex M. 1 year ago
    Strange contemporary objects in otherwise historic displays tend to break my immersion. Not a bad value for the money. Apartment from the 40ies and the fisherman burial display were quite nice.

  • 4Sunil K. 1 year ago
    Nice place. Arrangement of earphones plus iPhone(which they provide, borrowing charges included in the ticket). Key-in the number written besides the poster to hear the description thereof. It’s quite inspiring to hear the motive behind the placard. The whole idea of publishing the posters was to attract the tourists to the Nordic countries with one condition the poster should convey single idea whether it’s printed on a billboard or a matchstick.

  • 5Camila Garrido S. 1 year ago
    Regarding all the bad reviews for me was an absolute yes to do in Stockholm. The ticket was only 140kroner and with it I could visit 5 different exhibitions. All of them very different from each other. You can get in touch more closely with Swedish culture. If you are really into museums it is must do!

  • 5Dominika N. 1 year ago
    Definitely one of the best museums we’ve ever been to. We spent 4 hours here, including a coffee break. The building itself is beautiful and the exhibitions were top notch, especially Paris in the North.

  • 5Martin K. 1 year ago
    Came here for the first time during the 2022 Kulturnatt Stockholm and really enjoyed it. The building alone is worth seeing, because it's stunning. The exhibitions were very interesting, too, and I'll certainly be back, because it wasn't possible to see everything in one evening. Certainly a Stockholm must-do.

  • 5C C. 1 year ago
    Fantastic building and architecture. There are free lockers to store your jackets and bags. After using the lockers, there is a walk through area where you can watch an introduction short video about the building process as well. A great section in the museum about Swedish History and Culture as well as other temporary exhibitions. Nice restaurant too!

  • 5Ruth E. 1 year ago
    Amazing! Super interesting all their shows but my favorite was the Swedish traditions, it shows quite well what are the celebrations in Sweden! Highly recommend.

  • 5Rohan P. 1 year ago
    Nice journey throughout this Nordic culture and history. A must visit if you are in Stockholm

  • 5Mikado R. 1 year ago
    I was rea fascinated to learn about the traditions of the Nordic countries. Amazing exhibitions. Really helpful staff. Amazing food served at tje museum caffe.

  • 5Per H. 1 year ago
    The best museum! Family and child friendly. Many to see, will take whole day. Highly recommend. Difficult to find car park outside.

  • 5Tanya L. 1 year ago
    Its a nice museum with friendly team and interesting shows! We visited Nordens Paris- exhibition about couture in Stockholm of 20 century. Very educative and interesting! Details are amazing. Loved it.

  • 5Aleksandra P. 1 year ago
    I went for exhibition called “Nordens Paris” and it was worth seeing. The building itself is stunning, the exhibitions are well designed. The museum have prebooking for this exhibition so it is not too busy there and gives time to look at everything

  • 5Sevil �. 1 year ago
    Not as popular as the Vasa Museum but it is amazing! Especially the living in arctic exhibition. Also, don't forget to visit the shop for nice souvenirs.

  • 5C. T. 1 year ago
    If you want to see and experience the nordic life, this museum is a great place to visit in Stockholm. There are some parts of different theme that explains how people in the northern area lived.

  • 4Shifaaz E. 1 year ago
    Worth a visit if you're interested in Nordic history.

  • 4Lars G. 1 year ago
    Its hard to be objective about exhibitions, but the venue is magnificent. The exhibitions are quite big, but no real effort has been made to make the subject interesting for those who normally would find it uninteresting. Good storage for clothes, nice restaurant. Got a feeling that the rooms were more interesting than the things in the rooms.

  • 5Hannah Swain L. 1 year ago
    Museum focused on Swedish life, with different exhibits exploring different areas and time periods. Well documented in Swedish and English with free audio guide - loved that the guide didn't read descriptions but gave more info. They also have occasional new exhibits, so worth checking the website. The building itself is gorgeous, lunch was very good, and the gift shop has a nice select of items. One of my favorite Stockholm museums.

  • 5Todd S. 2 years ago
    Lost track of time in this amazing history and testament to Nordic culture!

  • 5Casilda Aulia R. 2 years ago
    The building was magnificent. You can experience the Nordic people’s life in 15s. I went to this museum on Thursday, so it wasn’t packed with too many tourists.

  • 5Zeyad S. 2 years ago
    If you want to know more about the Scandinavian culture, traditions and the Nordic history, then it's your best place

  • 5Anne S. 2 years ago
    If you are not familiar with Nordic design and Swedish tradition this is the best way to take it all in in a short amount of time, great displays and it has a free audio tour if you want!

  • 5Dimitris B. 2 years ago
    Very nice experience, very interesting and impressive sights, 👏

  • 4C C. 2 years ago
    The Museum has been divided into different zones presenting the daily life of the nordic people in different historical periods. I love the section showing the colourful and character national clothing.

  • 5Miguel V. 2 years ago
    Really nice museum to learn about the Nordic story. Definitely a museum to go if you are in Stockholm. Stunning outside and inside. Here some you have some pics from that day:

  • 4Paulina M. 2 years ago
    I think it is an interesting place if you want to understand the nordic culture better. There are very interesting permanent exhibitions about their Swedish proud ideas and inventions. However, if you have already lived or experienced their culture, I think it can be a little bit boring. I really like the fact that they added indigenous cultures and they explained how they were exterminated by European colonizers. They show a more holistic approach on that subject. I think it is like a one-time visit museum. Good job!!

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