$ Casual joint for Mexican street food La Neta City - Mexican restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden

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Barnhusgatan 2, 111 23 Stockholm




08-411 58 80

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4.40 (3921 reviews)

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  • Friday: 11 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday: 12 to 9 pm
  • Sunday: 12 to 8 pm
  • Monday: 11 am to 9 pm
  • Tuesday: 11 am to 9 pm
  • Wednesday: 11 am to 9 pm
  • Thursday: 11 am to 9 pm


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  • 5Michal I. 9 months ago
    Best tacos i had so far. So much meat so it was hard to hold it. GREAT 👌🤜🤛

  • 5Paula P. 3 weeks ago
    Some Mexican friends recommended this place and ♥️👌 totally worth it. We found it quite randomly and had to queue upon arrival but we enjoyed this tacos so much! The price is great, very affordable for the city. They cook them in the moment right there and you can serve yourself the sauces you like. I’d recommend taking different ones and giving them a go. All were fantastic!

  • 5Rafael S. 11 months ago
    Ok this is the best Mexican restaurant in stockholm no doubt about it.. original recipe. Amazing just amazing

  • 5Pontus T. 2 months ago
    A friend convinced me that this place served traditional and authentic Mexican food and I was quite skeptical, but in fact it was truly authentic! 😲 The tacos, tortillas and quesadillas are extraordinary.🏅 I devoured my plate in less than six minutes and wanted more! I highly and warm-heartly recommend "La Neta"..... Excellent kitchen with excellent employees serving excellent food!!

  • 5Louis D. 1 year ago
    Amazing Mexican food right in the center of Stockholm, I warmly recommend to taste the mix !

  • 5victor n. 9 months ago
    My gf and I loved it. You can try a lot because of small portions. The waiters are friendly. The food was very delicious. If we would live in Stockholm, we would visit it more often. I can hardly recommend it for everyone.

  • 5adeline l. 3 months ago
    The best taqueria in Stockholm that we’ve come across - great range and friendly staff. They’ve got the right sauces that you could choose from for the right level of spice / hot. Seating is more like a canteen, hence casual. No complaints though - taste wins over every time!

  • 5Jordan P. 5 months ago
    La Neta is a great place to go for some authentic Mexican food in the heart of Stockholm. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are good. The self serve salsa bar is a great touch, and the environment is fun and festive. The food is flavorful and well-prepared. Overall, La Neta is a great choice for a casual night out with friends.

  • 5Felipe Alejandro Gutiérrez (. 10 months ago
    Great tacos, they are very genuine. It's exactly the same experience as eating tacos in Mexico. Make sure to try several types of tacos.

  • 5Yannick R. 7 months ago
    Very authentic tacos close to downtown Stockholm. The place has a very hole in the wall feel with a set up similar to what you would find in taquerias in Mexico. Once you've collected your tacos, make sure to add salsas, cilantro, onions and pico de gaio to them. Hot sauces available throughout the restaurant as well.

  • 5Juan L. 5 months ago
    SUPER COOL and authentic Mexican food in Stockholm!!!! Tacos, quesadillas and some other things can be found at La Neta! La Neta is a Mexican slang expression that means The truth. I had tacos al pastor and a chorizo quesadilla, my wife had two quesadillas with rajas..

  • 5Shabazz S. 5 months ago
    I only have one thing to say. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! Visited with my friend and ordered the special for the day and the customer service, the efficiency and the authenticity of this place is unmatched. The vibe is pure Mexico, and this is compounded by the fact that the workers are Mexican, the music is Latina and the decor is too. Speaking of the food, only a native could cook food like this. The flavours were astounding and as a picky eater, I honestly could not recommend this place anymore. Come here to try their Quesadillas and Tacos! Also special props to the lady at the till when we visited, a lovely and kind soul!

  • 5Henrik R. 8 months ago
    There is thing when you see a line of people around the corner waiting in que to order food, then it has to be something special about the food right? :) I live in a mexican household, we do allot of cooking. However the only thing we do sort of miss, is to get good corn tortillas in Sweden. So everytime I'm in Stockholm (7 hours away from my home) I usually get 3-5 kg of tortillas to bring home. La Neta deserve a 5 star rating, they brought good authentic Mexican food to Sweden, its tasty, its hot, its made with care. :)

  • 4Håkon Kvalø L. 6 months ago
    We visited La Neta during pretty busy hours at a saturday evening. The food is uncomplicated and tasty. I did like the chicken best of the different meat tacos I tried. There is condiments and topping for you food around the restaurant. Large bowls and spoons that everyone touches are not very hygienic. Several of the salsas were also empty. As this is finger food, there should have been more hand sanitizer around the restaurant. The app/qr has some issues and limitations. You cant customize or do much changes to the order. If you would like to do so, you need to place the order, then talk to one of the employees to do changes. This felt quite unnecessary. Beer is not an option in the app either, but this could have some other reasons. Overall a good experience. Good value and pretty tasty food.

  • 4Aditi V. 2 months ago
    Had a plate of vegetarian tacos. Seemed very authentic and the taste was great! There is a separate section with different sauces and toppings which is super nice. Although the seating situation can be improved.

  • 4Daniel D. 3 months ago
    Fun little restaurant that was tucked away on a side road. Seating both inside and out. Lunch menu was a choice of 2 tacos and a drink. I had a chicken and bacon as well as a pork taco. Was good as a quick bite to eat, very flavourful, but scarce with the guacamole!

  • 4Robert I. 4 months ago
    This was a mixed bag. I really liked the food, but the seating areas weren’t great. In the end the food won my over though. Four stars. This is a Mexican place with tasty tacos on the lunch menu. You get them natural and can pick between different types of salsas and add ons. From mild to hot. Price is nice, food is really good and they do offer Mexican beverages, which is fun. And the portions are large. You won’t leave hungry. The only downside is the seating area. This place is not built to be a restaurant. It’s a small space that’s popular. Expect it to be pretty crowded.

  • 4A H. 9 months ago
    cheap food but very tasty. i was hungry so i forgot to take a picture before eating. just want to add that the same restaurant franchise is also located in Östermalm that one is much better

  • 2Anna G. 1 year ago
    Ordered through Foodora, tempted by the good ratings but was really disappointed with the food I received. I really like Mexican food but the food from this place is simply not good. Ordered mix tacos and campechana and didn’t like it. Even the guacamole was not properly spiced.

  • 1marjan k. 1 year ago
    The food looked delicious but super salty and awful. I don’t get it why it has such a high positive review. The cashier also could’t speak English, so we couldn’t ask for explanation or sth. I had to sip on my coca cola to have my lunch. Also sitting outside is a mistake, you can’t get rid of giant bees and seaguls

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