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  • 5D P. 1 month ago
    A wonderful place with cinemas, shops, restaurants, cafes etc

  • 1Howard T. 1 month ago
    There are 3 things you will not find in Sweden: free public toilets, coin operated laundromats and decent food halls. Compared to the food halls in Lund, Malmö and Göteborg, this one is an improvement only because the other cities set such a low bar. The floor at street level has a few fast food joints with your usual kinds of pseudo Asian fare and pizza. You can find all the junk food you want without ever leaving Stockholm's main train station so why come here? Downstairs are vendors selling meats, fish, cheeses etc. that look just like any deli counter at a budget supermarket. I passed on the fish restaurant. It had a limited menu and the fish looked more aged than the cheeses. This market only seems to draw tourists who don't know really know what a good market looks like judging by all their 5 star reviews. I know I am going to upset a lot of Swedes, but I will say it anyway. For a real 5 star market head to Copenhagen.

  • 4lilla f. 1 month ago
    Nice place with many food places inside. Also many small shops with things one can't usually find any where else. I ate at Hellbergs, game meat. Burger made of minced game meat very good. Good service.

  • 5Paola Pratz A. 2 months ago
    Lovely place to buy all kind of food (delicatessen and gourmet)from different places around the world. Pasta, wines, spices, meat and cheeses, and a large variety of chocolate, tea, marmalade, organic oils and don't forget traditional swedish candies. It's a must see in Stockholm.

  • 5Aigar V. 4 months ago
    This is great indoor market. There are plenty of good options for eating. Fish dishes are recommended.

  • 5MC de L. 6 months ago
    This market is truly a must visit. Inside of the building on the basement floor is something for everyone. Pick your favourite place and have a seat. I stopped at FiskeLäget and the staff were super friendly. They shared stories and explained all the flavours of the food. Definitely give them a visit if you can!

  • 5I am Q. 7 months ago
    Hötorgshallen is a market hall in the center if the Stockholm city, at the market place called Hötorget. Hötorgshallen is on two floors. There are some restaurants and a chocolate boutique at the entrance floor. On the lower floor you will find lots of different small restaurants that serve wine and beer. There are many fish shops where you can buy fresh seafood and fish. Here, you can also find lots of charcuterie selling sausages and cold cuts from Italy, Spain, France and... . There are also several cheese shops as well as a tea shop. In the middle of the hall you will find a large shop that sells nuts and dried fruit. All the different colors and scents create a very inclusive atmosphere. If you are around, seeing this hall is a must.

  • 5Rakesh C. 8 months ago
    A shopping and eating area across 2 floors where you fill find many fresh meat, grocery, vegetables shops along with small cafes and restaurants offering dining in.

  • 4M. 10 months ago
    Liked the ramen and general ambience..

  • 5Ibssy B. 10 months ago
    One of the best markets I've been to, I highly recommend trying the fish soup and the chocolate with tea/coffee near one of the entrances (photos attached). Unlimited refills for fish soup, and limitless bread and salad makes this one of the must go to places to eat in the whole of Stockholm! The chocolates were superb, not too sweet, very flavoursome, incredibly friendly staff and gave us free samples of chocolates and Truffles! Highly recommend visiting, one of the highlights of our visit to Stockholm! For the fish soup: Flavour = 9.5/10 Atmosphere = 8/10 Customer service = 8/10 Value = 10/10 Overall = 9/10 For the chocolate and tea/coffee: Flavour = 9.5/10 Atmosphere = 8/10 Customer service = 10/10 Value = 9.5/10 Overall = 9.5/10

  • 4Rute A. 10 months ago
    An amazingly large food market, with food from all walks of life. Two stories of choice, deli, fresh meat and fish, sweets, prepaked food, almost anything you can think of. Some of the stores have little eat in areas where you can have a quick meal. However i did find this option a little on the expensive side.

  • 4Amanda M. 1 year ago
    A fun place to wander around and explore! Not all of the shops were open but it was still fun to look around and see everything. There are also so nice restaurants tucked away and I was excited to see bibimbap!

  • 5Steve P. 1 year ago
    Absolutely amazing Reuben sandwiches and very good value.

  • 5Mons A. 1 year ago
    Loved it! Will go again. Many great and delicious options. You have to select a place that has tables if you want to eat there, else order to go. Also, if you purchase in a rest. you can ask for the toilet key instead of paying for the toilets.

  • 3Edith A. 1 year ago
    The meal at Ramen Tokyo was nice, it was a first time for me but the egg tasted salty and a bit too much in the soup too. I'm not sure if that's the way it's prepared but I enjoyed the experience of trying chopsticks for the second time.

  • 3T. 1 year ago
    A food court that offers a variety of different cuisines. Not the place you go for a fancy dinner, but the place you go if your entire family wants to get something different. Shared dining area between the restaurants.

  • 5Patrik M. 1 year ago
    A great place if you like Danish sandwiches. Don't forget to order a Tuborg and a schnapps as well.

  • 5J P. 1 year ago
    One of the better food markets in Stockholm with a variety of restaurants and grocers. A place adored by locals and tourists for their diverse range of Swedish foods and exotic ingredients. If you're a tourist passing by I highly recommend to go downstairs to Kaijsa's Fisk and order the fish stew a.k.a "fisk gryta".

  • 5Per Olof P. 1 year ago
    A piece of art. Fish, cheese, meat and more so beautiful exposed.

  • 5Marc Q. 1 year ago
    Great choice of international food and snacks! Loved it! Check opening times as it closes early.

  • 5Evan S. 1 year ago
    Awesome place to visit for freshly made ingredients. Too quality restaurants. Popular place!

  • 5Mathias R. 1 year ago
    If you are into deli's or want high quality food, do check this out. I was surprised how much they are able to fit under the same roof. It is also very nice to have lunch there.

  • 4E. 1 year ago
    Classic old food court. Well worth a visit.

  • 4Nadim S. 1 year ago
    Large eating hall with several eateries available, serving all types of cuisine.

  • 5oskar j. 1 year ago
    Wonderful market and a good selection of places to eat around here. Movie theater is great and in an easy location in downtown Stockholm. Great shopping for pretty much anything nearby too!

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