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8MQ7+V4C, Sunyani - Berekum Rd, Sunyani, Ghana



+233 35 202 4393

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4.10 (2547 reviews)


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  • 5De G. 8 months ago
    The waiter was great and offered a very good service. The environment was serene and very tidy. The food was also affordable.

  • 5Kwame A. 1 month ago
    I've only used their restaurant but this is one of the best if not the Best hotel in Sunyani.

  • 5Henry P. 3 months ago
    Good customer care. There is still room for improvement. Keep motivating staff to give their best. Staff must also show more loyalty to management.

  • 5Elsie Emelia Y. 5 months ago
    Excellent customer service. Very nice and spacious room.

  • 5Charles A. 4 months ago
    I was there for a business meeting and their international conference center is amazing, what an edifice in that far away from the capital. I recommend to people who want to have a meeting in the middle North of Ghana. Good morning

  • 5Maria H. 8 months ago
    Stayed here for 10 days and it was excellent, the food was 100%, the staff at poolside bar and cleaning ladies were so friendly and couldn't do enough for us, I would highly recommend it for visitors.

  • 5Felix A. 7 months ago
    Eusbett is a very nice place. Their services are simply awesome. They have a very spacious conference centre and a neat environment.

  • 4Nii Amah D. 8 months ago
    A welcome drink would be highly appreciated. Check in was quick and WiFi works well. Dinner was quick and the rooms comfy.

  • 4Sheriff T. 6 months ago
    Beautiful serene gardens and great conference facilities for large and small conferencing. Haven't used the lodging facilities since i was here for just a conference. But i will not be surprised to discover it will be a comfy place to stay. Great food too.

  • 4Don V. 1 year ago
    The best in Sunyani. Last time I had been here was 2006 and the place is always changing to the better. Eusbett is very good on all levels. Food is nice, rooms are neat, service is very good. An overall good place to stay.

  • 4Mercy Smart A. 4 months ago
    Great value, friendly staff, caters to ask your needs. There's a spa, clinic, business centre several restaurants and bars. Best choice when visiting Sunyani

  • 4Rick D. 2 months ago
    Sunyani's premier hotel. It's a very big hotel and also has a large conference center. I did stay one night here, but also ate here on a number of occasions. Breakfast was very good & offered table service or buffet. Generally meals can be eaten in the dining room, or in a pleasant outside area. A very good menu selection. Staff are generally very friendly & obliging. Reception charged my phone when I stayed overnight. Through the day light refreshments, such chicken & quiche can be purchased. There's a pool area. My only complaint was that sometimes meals weren't delivered together if dining with a guest. Also drinks, such as beer was more expensive than other places, and that would be ok if they gave a glass, but often it was just a plastic cup. Overall though, dining here, particularly in the evening, is very pleasant.

  • 4Paul selorm A. 11 months ago
    The rooms are great. Hands-down the coolest hotel I have been to (don't take my word for it, I am still a novice traveller). My room had a few problems with internet connection and inadequate lighting. The room got too dim at some points of the day. But they have other great things going for them.

  • 4Samuel A. 1 month ago
    That the best hotel so far in sunyani. The services tooo are good. For the them to open a restaurant before the hotel is really thoughtful of them .

  • 4Elisha M. 10 months ago
    Share more about your experience Classic facility with well planned layout. Professional staff and a good place for relaxation day/night. Security consciousness is high, preferably this place should be number one choice for business and pleasure travelers.

  • 3Obed O. 1 year ago
    A beautiful hotel that needs maintenance and an upgrade. Had a deluxe room with issues with bathroom - shower door broken, couch stuffy and need cleaning, burnt out lights, carpet need professional cleaning etc . Suggest you do a thorough inspection of room before settling in.

  • 3Benedicta D. 1 year ago
    One of the nicest hotels in Sunyani, I visited the Hotel when I was on vacation in sunyani and had an overall satisfactory experience. They serve delicious food and have beautiful features, however, the waiters are quite slow and so I didn’t like eating at the restaurant.

  • 3Kwasi Adu M. 1 year ago
    I had heard a lot about the hotel, but was honestly underwhelmed with my overall experience. I think the hotel does OK more as an event and outdoor centre, but does not really excel with its conference package services. A lot of the rooms I entered are really really stuffy. Which is a bad sign for such a big hotel. I had to change my room after sometime because I just couldn't breathe in the room. Their preparedness for our conference meeting was sub par. For three consecutive days, the place was always not setup a few minutes to the meeting. Also, their customer service for such a big hotel needs a lot of work. Services should be delivered with more friendly gusto. They need to be flexible to accommodate changes, because you just can't do away with request for modifications to packages. Any hotel knows that.. The experience wasn't all bad, as the front desk are quite friendly and supportive. I just think the hotel needs to do much much better.

  • 3James L. 4 months ago
    I only ate at the restaurant here, didn’t stay in the hotel itself. The buffet options looked fine enough, but I went with ordering from the menu - which may have been a mistake. In the 7-8 times I ate here during my time in Sunyani, the food consistently came to the table 45 minutes after the order. I ordered the exact same thing every time and I was never sure if it would come out the same each time. The staff was very nice when they saw me on a consistent basis, but it took until the last two meals for them to get my order exactly right, which is only a big deal because of my allergies. It also took a long time to get their attention if I needed them. Otherwise, a fine restaurant. Good ambiance inside, decent air conditioning.

  • 1Nancy Agyei N. 11 months ago
    We went to the reception to book a room, they gave us one of their annex as thats the best room for couple, we got in, starting from the corridor it was stinking, same as the room. They don't change the bedding, don't clean the room properly, dirty towels, so unprofessional. The cleaner hangs the cleaning dirty cloths in the corridor and it stinks.

  • 1Vincent A. 10 months ago
    Water leaks everywhere. Couldn't reach the front desk to report. Went there and the guy at the desk totally ignored me. I thought it was just me. Talked to my two colleagues and the head Easter soaking from the shower head to the roof all over the place. Sane response from the front desk. How did this hotel win the national award?

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