A-KLASS HOSTEL - Hostel in Sunyani, Ghana

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SUNYANI-FIAPRE, Sunyani, Ghana




+233 20 633 4972

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4.60 (46 reviews)


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  • 5Courage E. 3 years ago
    I had the opportunity to visit this facility yesterday and it was so impressive. Regina, Mr Asamoah, and their colleagues at the reception were so loving. What else can I say? Students residing in this hostel have no reasons whatsoever to refer or trail in such a higher level of serenity. Regina and your colleagues... you do all... Kudos!! Thumbs up to A-Klass!!!

  • 5mona lisa t. 1 year ago
    Warm, excited and receptive people and environment. Very beautiful and safe

  • 5Patrick Mensah K. 1 year ago
    Cool place tho but security might be a problem!

  • 5Bobson A. 1 year ago
    A-Klass hostel is a nice place to be….they have excellent customer services and wonder facilities

  • 5X-LENS M. 1 year ago
    I was amazed about how I was received. I never knew we have such hostel in Sunyani. A-Aklass is a place to be. No size

  • 5Aklass O. 2 years ago
    Call them on +233 20 633 4972

  • 5Adwoa O. 3 years ago
    The security is very good they even help disabled people with a ramp and to top it all of the room facilities are extraordinary

  • 5Theresa G. 3 years ago
    The most affordable and well-furnished hostel. Just come and spy k3k3 and enjoy the serene atmosphere .

  • 5Godson B. 3 years ago
    When it comes to neatness, security and ultra modern facilities, thhere is no where to go than to visit this hostel. I sent my niece there and neither I nor she regrets this decision. I would recommend to all.

  • 5Desmond G. 3 years ago
    Wow, finally sunyani has gotten first-class hostel.

  • 5Bonsu D. 3 years ago
    This is the best hostel in sunyani.There is a saying that experience is the best teacher and I have indeed experience it . Best security and conducive place for learning.

  • 5Oscar G. 3 years ago

  • 5Bedford O. 3 years ago
    Fantastic Report from a nephew i sent there. I highly recomment to students schooling in the area

  • 5Ambra B. 3 years ago
    Very beautiful and homely hostel which caters for your protection and needs

  • 5dennis obeng a. 3 years ago
    Cool Environment for Student

  • 5brooklyn o. 3 years ago
    It is a home away from the security is the best I highly recommend it

  • 5John B. 3 years ago
    Very cossy place looks nice good place to study and learn I reccomend it highly

  • 4Mike G. 3 years ago
    Good place for students

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