• 5Simone W. 5 months ago
    I had a really nice time at Bar Rabbit Hole - it's a very comfortable, relaxed place. The bartender is very willing to make whatever cocktail you ask him to do (or if you suggest an ingredient he will make a cocktail with that ingredient). I asked for something with pear in, and he made me one of the most delicious drinks I've had. He also has proper absinthe, which I enjoyed a lot.

  • 5�. 5 months ago
    とても気さくなマスターさんが営業されており、初心者にも入りやすいお店です。こんな感じのお酒で、という感じのオーダーでも対応してもらえます。 ボトル裏に値段が書いてあったりと明朗会計なのもいいです。 外国の方や常連の方入り混じって来店されているので、硬い雰囲気で緊張ということはない良いお店です。 チャージがありますが、チャームも出てきます。 カウンターでカクテルが出来上がるのを見るとわくわくしますね。

  • 5�. 8 months ago
    (Translated by Google) In order to come to this store, I will take a hotel in Takayama. The master's voice and knowledge are impeccable, and I look forward to listening to his poop. Salty dog ​​is recommended. Grapefruit uses ruby, so it's a very bright pink color and the taste is great! (Original) この店に来る為に、高山でホテルを取ります。 マスターのウデも知識も申し分なく、うんちくを聞くのも楽しみです。おすすめはソルティドック。グレープフルーツが、ルビーを使っているのでとても鮮やかなピンク色で、味もサイコーです!

  • 5flair s. 11 months ago
    高山でオーセンティックバーといえばここ以外はないでしょう。 事前調査では二階席は特殊な貸切なのか、カウンターメイン8席ほどのお店です。レパートリーが豊富で、リキュール一式に加えて一部ワインもありそうな感じです(ちょっと頂きました)。 素敵なチャームに始まり、リキュールもマリエンホーフを始めとして辰巳蒸留所のジンも豊富です。面白いのが下町ならではの隠れた古いリキュールが頂ける場合がありまして、ウニクムの旧ボトルやサザンカンフォート・プルーフという今ではまず飲めないものまで。時代による味の変遷を楽しむことができます。 またアブサン・ウォーターはお店でも特殊な扱いなのか、儀式を行ってくれますので是非楽しんでください。

  • 5�. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) As a friendly master, I had a really good time. It was my first experience at BAR, but it was really nice to be here. If you tell them your taste, they will make a cocktail that suits you, and if you say dark and light, they will adjust it afterwards. I will come back when I go to Takayama. (Original) 気さくなマスターで、本当に楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。BAR初体験でしたが、ここに来て本当に良かったです。自分の好みを伝えれば、それに沿ったカクテルを作ってくれますし、濃い薄いを言えばその後調整もしてくれます。高山に行った際はまた伺います。

  • 5Stevo R. 1 year ago
    Really cool bar. . Owner is very friendly and knowledgeable amazing selection . Nagase san is a really cool regular .

  • 5Victor A. 1 year ago
    Very good place!! Totally recommended

  • 5Tomer P. 3 years ago
    Very nice place to end the day .... very nice owner who knows how to use the best alcohol that the place has to offer .... very nice atmosphere .... there is a cover charge of 850 yen , but that cover a small dish with snacks and chocolate and seasonal fruit...Great little place that I would highly recommend !!

  • 1Alex D. 4 years ago
    850 yen JUST TO GET IN.

  • 5�. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I'll come back to you once in a while. It is a nice shop. (Original) たまにおじゃまします。 素敵なお店です。

  • 5Linley J. 6 years ago
    Awesome cocktails. English menu provided plus barman also showed us a more detailed cocktail book. There is a small cover charge but that covers a small desert to go with your drinks. Small and intimate bar. Recommended

  • 5Jacob M. 6 years ago
    If you are looking for a quiet, casual establishment to enjoy a glass of wine, a top shelf spirit, or a pairing of out of this world small plate of skillful delicacies, you are sure to enjoy the Rabbit Hole. I am traveling on vacation from Okinawa and was only looking for a quick night cap. Jun, the owner, was an absolute perfect host. Good price with outstanding atmosphere. I highly recommend a visit.

Call +81 577-36-3501 Open on Google Maps


  • Amenities
    • Toilets
  • Offerings
    • Beer
    • Food
    • Wine
    • Alcohol
    • Spirits
    • Cocktails
  • Atmosphere
    • Cosy
    • Casual
  • Highlights
    • Great cocktails
  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Service options
    • Dine-in
    • Delivery

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