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Japan, 〒506-0026 Gifu, Takayama, Hanasatomachi, 5 Chome−14-2 駅前新トービル 1階




+81 577-35-0688

Rating on Google Maps

3.30 (168 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Saturday: 5 pm to 12 am
  • Sunday: 5 pm to 12 am
  • Monday: 5 pm to 12 am
  • Tuesday: 5 pm to 12 am
  • Wednesday: 5 pm to 12 am
  • Thursday: 5 pm to 12 am
  • Friday: (Mountain Day (Observed)), 5 pm to 12 am, Hours might differ


  • 3Mike V. 4 months ago
    No great food

  • 3Jakey L. 6 months ago
    Very near Takayama station, within 2 minutes. I like the atmosphere here and ok overall food taste are ok... I would recommend to improve the food quality for higher ratings. Food : 3/5 Drinks : 4/5 Service : 4/5 Price : 4/5 Ambience : 4/5

  • 5joey t. 7 months ago
    Like the privacy feels when dine in this restaurant. Each group of customer have their own private room. Reasonable price. Good food.

  • 2fusako k. 9 months ago
    (Translated by Google) The taste of the food was normal, but the meat of the garlic steak rice was hard and left all the pieces of paper! ️ The taste of rice was delicious ❗️ (Original) 料理の味は、普通でしたが、ガーリックステーキライスのお肉は、固くて紙切れづ全部残しました‼️ライスの味は、美味しく頂きました❗️

  • 4Max M. 11 months ago
    Overall tasty food and reasonable prices. Private atmosphere

  • 4�. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) All the restaurants in Takayama City were lively during the Obon holidays, so I walked around for 30 minutes and entered the Uomin in a private room with measures against corona. I have used it several times on business trips, and there is a sense of security from snacks to meals, and my daughter was satisfied. (Original) お盆休みで高山市内の飲食店はどのお店も賑やかでしたので、30分歩き回り、コロナ対策もあり個室の魚民に入店しました。 出張で数回利用しており、酒のつまみから食事まで安心感もあり、娘も満足していました。

  • 5�. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Entered around 18:00 on Friday 😹 I confirmed the clerk of two female staff 😊 It seems that I had dropped the item with the employee ID card and the key to my house, and I am grateful to you for immediately delivering "Your lost item, right?" 😣 All-you-can-drink 1 hour one-on-one game ⁉️ Start ...‼ ️ All-you-can-drink is completed in 45 minutes, and you can order 2 dishes per person 😆👍 I drank a lot 😄 It feels like the drink will arrive immediately after you press the ping pong, seriously ((((゜ д ゜;)))) It takes too long for the image of a drink shop in Tokyo to come out. .. .. This store was very good, considering that 😄 I was very excited ⤴️ 😆 I will go again 😹 (Original) 金曜日の18時頃に入店😹 二人の女性スタッフさんの店員さんを確認しました😊 社員証と自宅の鍵がついた物を落としてしまっていた様で、「お客様の落とし物ですよね?」と直ぐに届けて頂きベリー感謝です😣 飲み放題1時間一本勝負⁉️スタートです…‼️ 45分で飲み放題終了で、お一人様2品の料理を注文との事です😆👍 メッチャ飲みまくりました😄 ピンポン押してから直ぐに飲み物が届くと言った感じですよ、本気(マジ)((((゜д゜;)))) オイラは、都内の飲みほのお店のイメージは1杯出てくるまで時間がかかり過ぎですね。。。この店舗様はとても優秀でしたよ、それを考えると😄とてもテンションが爆上がり⤴️しました😆 また、行きますよ😹

  • 4yoko k. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) While looking for hot pepper, I made a reservation for all-you-can-drink because it was a private izakaya. A little later, I got a polite phone call from the store to confirm, which left a good impression. In the shop, each seat was certainly separated, but the upper part was connected, so I could hear voices well. Also, the nearby group was talking loudly and it was noisy. If this wasn't a private room, I think I would have been worried because it's time to say this. I think the food was delicious. Average. Orders are made from a tablet, and I think the food was served quickly. More than that, the clerk's response was good and I was able to use it comfortably. Thank you very much. (Original) ホットペッパーで物色中、個室の居酒屋ということで、飲み放題で予約しました。 少し後にお店側からの確認の丁寧な電話があり、好印象でした。 お店は、確かに席一つ一つが区切られていましたが、上部は、つながっているので、声はよく聞こえました。 また近くの団体さんは大きな声で喋っていてうるさいくらいでした。 これで個室でなかったら、こう言う時なので心配になったと思います。 お料理は美味しかったと思います。平均です。 注文はタブレットからするタイプで、お料理提供も早かったと思います。 それ以上に店員さんの対応がよくて、気持ちよく利用できました。 ありがとうございました。

  • 5Aleandra E. 4 years ago
    delicious food and worth the price

  • 4Jorgen J. 4 years ago
    The food is great and the service is swift and correct. Prices are reasonable

  • 1Victor Ferrero B. 6 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Disgusting, disgusting. It is the worst Asian food restaurant I have ever been to. The stiffer fish could not be. The tasteless sashimi and cut in any way, the hard and inedible chicken. The smashed makis. (Original) Asqueroso, repugnante. Es el peor restaurante de comida asiática en el que he estado jamás. El Pescado más tieso no podía estar. El sashimi insípido y cortado de cualquier manera, el pollo duro e incomible. Los makis destrozados.

  • 4lagoon t. 6 years ago
    Izakaya chain which serves up alcohol, bar food, and a variety of sushi & Japanese staples like fried chicken, gyoza, fried rice and so on. Individual cubicles for privacy to make merry. There's usually an additional per person charge where they serve a small side dish.

  • 3k m. 6 years ago
    The interior looked very high class and plush with wooden floors and "private rooms" and shoji-screened doors. Prices were reasonable, but the sashimi were not as fresh as I expected. A little disappointing!

Call +81 577-35-0688 Open on Google Maps


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  • Planning
    • Accepts reservations
  • Amenities
    • Wi-Fi
    • Toilets
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Smoke-free place
  • Offerings
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  • Atmosphere
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  • Highlights
    • All you can drink
  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair-accessible seating
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Dining options
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    • Dessert
    • Seating
  • Service options
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    • Takeaway

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