• 5C. 2 months ago
    Friendly restaurant even though we’re the only customer at that time. Food is superb and tourist friendly.

  • 5GAD B. 4 months ago
    Excellent authentic bar, great food!! I could stay here all night long.

  • 3Yokohama my soul t. 10 months ago
    (Translated by Google) I heard that hormones are delicious and visited. I ordered Hormone fried rice and Ichiban Shibori medium bottle. Dish was boiled duck ham and dried sardines. Horumon is a miso-flavored type that is topped with cabbage and cooked in pottery. Is sweet miso a place where tastes are divided? I think a little less sweetness would go well with sake. The fried rice was delicious. It seems that the white hormone is delicious, so I would like to make it the next task. (Original) ホルモンが美味しいと聞き訪問しました。注文したのはホルモン・チャーハンに、一番搾り中瓶。付け出しは鴨ハムと切り干しの煮和えでした。ホルモンは味噌味でキャベツが乗って陶器で煮焼きするタイプ。甘めの味噌は好みが分かれるところでしょうか?もう少し甘さ控えめのほうが、お酒には合うと思います。チャーハンは美味しくいただきました。 白ホルモンが美味しいらしいので、次回の課題としたいと思います。

  • 5�. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) I was curious about this review, so I went to dinner for a trip. In March, it was two days before the defense was opened, so I think the business hours were from 16:00 to 20:00. When I entered a little before 6 pm, I had two sets, but it was full in no time. The white hormone that was in the word of mouth is really delicious! No, they are all delicious! I want to go to Takayama again for the purpose of this shop. (Original) こちらのクチコミで気になったので、旅行の夕食にうかがいました。 3月、まん防があける2日前だったので、営業時間が16時から20時だったと思います。 18時少し前に入った時は2組みえましたが、あっという間に満席になりました。 クチコミにあった白ホルモン、ホントに美味しい!いえ、どれも美味しいです! このお店目的にまた高山に行きたいです。

  • 4�. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) I came to Takayama with my parents. Usually a day trip, but this was my first stay. The hotel doesn't have dinner, and my parents aren't very good on their feet, so I chose this izakaya nearby. There are quite a few recommended menus. The recommended menu is white hormones!? I asked for both salt and sauce. Shimodo's mother and wife are tea. My father and I make a toast with draft beer and start eating. First pickled cucumber. Half of it is skewered and it looks like pickled vegetables and has a nice crispy feeling. The salad my mother ordered was a simple salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage, but it looked like highland vegetables and was the best tasting tomato I've ever eaten. When summer approaches, we order vegetables from Nagano Prefecture, but I was surprised at how delicious they were. The shopkeeper said that salt is recommended for hormones, but the result is that the sauce is good in our house. This was also delicious with cabbage, chives and plump hormones (laughs). If you order okonomiyaki, it takes 40 minutes to come out. When I saw that it came out, it was a thick okonomiyaki and it was hot. It's probably 3-4 cm thick. This volume will make you hungry. After that, I was full with whole dried squid and yakisoba that Myebi-san ate. I also wanted to eat pickled steak and tofu steak, but I'm already full. It was a feast. (Original) 両親を連れて高山に来た。 いつもは日帰りだが初の泊まり。夜ご飯がないホテルで、足があまり良くない両親なので近場で選んだのがここの居酒屋です。 おすすめメニューがかなりある。 おすすめメニューは白ホルモンとか⁉️ 塩とタレから選択とあり両方頼んでみました。 下戸の母親と嫁さんはお茶。親父と私は生ビールで乾杯し食べ始める。 まずキュウリの1本漬け。 半分が串に刺してあり浅漬けのようでパリパラ感がいい。母親が頼んだサラダはトマト、キュウリ、キャベツの単調なサラダながら高原野菜のようで今まで食べたトマトの中でも最高の美味さ‥。 夏に近くなると長野県から野菜を取り寄せたりしますがびっくりの美味しさでした。 ホルモンは塩がおすすめと店主が言われましたが、やはり我が家ではタレのがいいとの結果。キャベツ、ニラとプリプリのホルモンでこれも美味しかった(笑)。 お好み焼きを頼んだら出て来るまでに40分。 出て来たのを見たら厚いお好み焼きでホクホク‥。厚さは3,4センチはありそう。これだけでお腹が張ってくるボリューム。 あとマイレビさんが食べた丸干しイカ、焼きそば等でお腹一杯。 他に漬物ステーキ、豆腐ステーキも食べたかったのですが、もうお腹一杯。 ご馳走さまでした。

  • 5�. 2 years ago
    Wonderful local pub opening til midnight! Don’t miss hobayaki here

  • 4a. 3 years ago
    Unsuspecting little Izakaya restaurant / bar, all in Japanese which adds to the authenticity, we managed to translate with the owner using google translate, big dishes on cook your own hot plates, we had the pork and chicken dishes and enjoyed it!

  • 5Angus W. 3 years ago
    Amazing food

  • 5Duan L. 3 years ago
    The food and service warms the heart. Price is reasonable too.

  • 5Lesley “Lel” F. 4 years ago
    Excellent izakaya. Local, happy staff and welcoming. Good food - cook your own pork, beef, chicken with onions and vegetables. Also great salad and french fries!! You can tell a good izakaya by the way it shows itself to the world. Thus one has lights outside to invite customers in. And they are happy customers!

  • 5�. 4 years ago

Call +81 577-34-0955 Open on Google Maps


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  • Offerings
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    • Food
    • Alcohol
    • Small plates
    • Late-night food
  • Atmosphere
    • Cosy
    • Casual
  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair-accessible seating
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Dining options
    • Dinner
  • Service options
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